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2013 NFL Draft Rankings | Defensive Tackles 

Sharrif Floyd

It is quite clear that there is a ton of talent at defensive tackle in this 2013 NFL Draft class.

Whether a team is looking for a potential 34 nose tackle, or a one gap, three technique stud, they are available.

Having a defensive tackle that can make big plays is crucial, but so is utilizing them properly. Often we see too many Dana Stubblefield/Dan Wilkinson misuses that hurt the defense.

Regardless, here are the 2013 NFL Draft class defensive tackle rankings.

1.  Star Lotulelei, Utah

Big, physical specimen that will be ideal as a five technique in a 34 defense. Not an exceptional pass rusher, but a stout run defender.

2. Sharrif Floyd, Florida

Quicker than he looks, having very good hands that allow him to get in and disrupt the backfield. Won’t be a stat machine, but can be an asset as a 43 undertackle.

3. Sheldon Richardson, Missouri

Another quick tackle that has no problems getting into the backfield to cause problems. Solid wrap up tackler and strong lower body.

4. Kawaan Short, Purdue

Stout run defender who could bolster a 34 five technique spot almost instantly.

5. John Jenkins, Georgia

Huge presence who can eat up double teams as a nose tackle at the next level, preferably in a 34 defense.

6. Jonathan Hankins, Ohio State

Not as big as John Jenkins, but still gets low and plays hard when he’s on. Inconsistent at times, but still could be an asset in a 34 especially.

7. Bennie Logan, LSU

Quicker defensive tackle who could excel as a three technique under tackle. Not afraid to get into the backfield and get to the quarterback.

8. Slyvester Williams, North Carolina

Big, physical and fast. A player that’s rising and has shown quickness to go along with his strength. Inconsistency makes him a fringe first round talent.

9. Jesse Williams, Alabama

Came out of a 34 defense in Alabama and excelled against the run. Should be a stout 34 five technique.

10. Quinton Dial, Alabama

Another strong Alabama defensive tackle/defensive end that can hold eat double teams and make an impact as a five technique.

11. Akeem Spence, Illinois

12. Kwame Geathers, Georgia

13. William Cambell, Michigan

14. Damion Square, Alabama

15. Montori Hughes, Tennessee-Martin

16. Josh Boyd, Mississippi State

17. Brandon Williams, Missouri Southern State

18. Chris Jones, Bowling Green

19. Baker Steinkuhler, Nebraska

20. Jordan Hill, Penn State

21. Kapron Lewis-Moore, Notre Dame

22. Brandon Moore, Texas

23. Everett Dawkins, Florida State

24. A.J. Francis, Maryland

25. Brent Russell, Georgia Southern

26. Cory Grissom, South Florida

27. Jared Smith, New Hampshire

28. Anthony McCloud, Florida State

29. Larry Black, Indiana

30. Dave Kruger, Utah

31. Stacy McGee, Oklahoma

32. T.J. Barnes, Georgia Tech

33. Joe Vellano, Maryland

34. Izaan Cross, Georgia Tech

35. Kaleb Ramsey, Boston College

36. Kurt Taufa’asau, Wyoming

37. Anthony Rashad White, Michigan State

38. Aaron Tipoti, California

39. Nigel Nicholas, Oklahoma State

40. Rob Lohr, Vanderbilt

41. Darius Smith, Miami (Fl.)

42. Jorge Wright, West Virginia

43. DeQuinta Jones, Arkansas

44. Neal Huynh, Ohio

45. Donovan Carter, UCLA

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