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2013 NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Don’t Look Now but Here Come the Panthers 

With most of the NFL with the bye week behind them it’s almost time to start talking about the playoffs.  Teams like the Giants and Lions will look to start hot out of the gate in hopes of bettering their playoff chances.

See where your team stands in the Week Ten NFL Power Rankings:

1.   Denver Broncos     —

I’m not going to move the Broncos down after their bye but they’ve got a really tough schedule coming up so we’ll see what happens.

2.  Kansas City Chiefs     —

It’s not always pretty but the Chiefs always find a way to win.  Their defense is crazy good and there’s no arguing with 9-0.

3.  Indianapolis Colts     +1

T.Y. Hilton responded to the loss of Reggie Wayne by hauling in three touchdowns in a three point win against the Texans.

4.   New England Patriots     +4

Let’s not act surprised that Tom Brady finally blew up last week.  We all know it was bound to happen and we all know it was long overdue.  If he can keep playing at this level then a lot of teams are going to be shaking in their boots.

5.  San Francisco 49ers     +1

The ‘Niners sneak into the top five due to the Seahawks and Saints both struggling.  Their five game win streak will be put to the test this week when the red-hot Panthers come to town.

6.   Seattle Seahawks     -1

There is an argument to be made that the Seahawks should have lost their last two games.  They’re finding ways to win but those games should never have gotten that close.

7. New Orleans Saints     -4

The Saints are now only one game up on the streaking Panthers and they should really start watching their backs.  It would be in their best interest to dispose of the Cowboys this week.  Us Giants Fans would appreciate it too.

8. 2011 NFL Draft Carolina Panthers     +4

Okay the Panthers are officially legit.  Their defense is nasty and Cam Newton is an animal.

9.   Cincinnati Bengals     -2

The story this year for the Bengals will always be Andy Dalton.  The loss to Miami wasn’t ideal but in the end their fate will be decided by how well Dalton plays down the stretch.

10.  Detroit Lions     —

They stay at 10 after the bye and have a good chance at streaking into the playoffs with both the Bear and the Packers banged up severely.

11.  Dallas Cowboys     +2

Yes the Cowboys are still atop the NFC East but they have no reason to feel confident.  They are among the most inconsistent teams in the NFL and they’re only at 5-4.

12.  San Diego Chargers     -1

Philip Rivers probably had his worst game of the season and the Chargers were still a yard away from taking home the W against the Redskins on Sunday.  Keenan Allen is a legitimate force on offense and the defense has really been stepping up.

13.   Green Bay Packers     -4

Every Packers fan is living their nightmare right now with Aaron Rodgers down with a fractured collarbone.  With the team already banged up this is the last thing they need.  Especially with the Bears and Lions charging.

14.  New York Jets     +2

The Bills game in two weeks looks like the perfect situation for the Jets to pull a typical Jets move.  Follow up a big win with a bigger loss.

15.  Arizona Cardinals     —

Their defense isn’t an issue but with a tough schedule coming up they’ll have to hope Carson Palmer can stay alive in the pocket long enough to throw the ball somewhere near Larry Fitzgerald.

16.  Chicago Bears     +1

The Bears’ win over the Packers was great for them for three reasons.  One: they beat the Packers.  Two: Aaron Rodgers got hurt.  Three: they beat the Packers.

17.   Baltimore Ravens     -3

The loss against the Browns may have been a deal breaker for them playoff wise.  If that turns out to be true then the Ravens will be the second team in as many years to miss the playoffs after winning the Superbowl the year before.

18.  Tennessee Titans     —

Hey everyone remember Chris Johnson?  The Titans were able to capitalize on CJ2K’s monster game and if he can keep it up it would add a whole other dimension to this offense.

19.  Miami Dolphins     —

Defense was the name of the game in the Dolphins win against the Bengals.  Cameron Wake delivered a highlight reel hit on Andy Dalton for the game winning safety and it might have been the play that got the Dolphins back on their feet.  God knows they needed it.

20.  Cleveland Browns     +1

Jason Campbell played well again and the Browns got another good win under their belt.  Now they’re at 4-5 and sticking it to anyone who wrote them off after the Trent Richardson trade.

21.  Philadelphia Eagles     +3

I think it’s fair to say that the Eagles have made up for the points their offense failed to score against the Giants.  Nick Foles is officially in the record books right next to Peyton Manning.

22.  Washington Redskins     +7

We’re finally starting to see the RG3 of old and it’s no coincidence that the Redskins are now starting to win.  Now if we could only get this whole team name situation squared away.

23.  Buffalo Bills     —

The story this year has been EJ Manuel’s inability to stay on the field.  This defense is for real and if they had their quarterback at the helm week in and week out Buffalo would be in a different category.

24.  Oakland Raiders     -4

Well that was embarrassing.

25.   Atlanta Falcons     -3

Matt Ryan isn’t at his best, the run game is non-existant, and there are crucial injuries on both sides of the ball.  I’m not one for excuses but the Falcons certainly haven’t been dealt the best cards this season.

26.   Houston Texans     -1

After the scary moment with Gary Kubiak collapsing on the sidelines the Texans go on to lose the game and move to 2-6.  The only thing they have to look forward to now is two games against the Jaguars in the next five weeks.

27.  New York Giants     —

The Giants got no help from anyone on their bye as the Redskins, Eagles, and Cowboys all won.  With the Raiders coming to town to start the second half of the season the Giants will look to get on a roll quick in the historically weak NFC East.

28.  St. Louis Rams     -2

After losing Sam Bradford for the year the Rams have lost two in a row at home.  They weren’t great with Bradford but they’re just bad

29.  Pittsburgh Steelers     -1

They got blown out by Tom Brady and the Pats but Ben Roethlisberger is an animal and deserves everyones’ respect.  He’s getting no help from anyone and still keeping his team in games every week.

30.  Minnesota Vikings     —

You have to wonder where the Vikings would be without Adrian Peterson.  Something tells me it wouldn’t be pretty.

31.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers     +1

They had a chance to secure an enormous win against the Seahawks and they blew it.

32.  Jacksonville Jaguars     -1

The Bucs almost beat the Seahawks so they deserved a bump up from the last spot.


About the author: Ben Thaler

Ben is a die hard New York Giants fan who lives and breathes Big Blue. He plays in about 4-5 fantasy football leagues a season and uses his knowledge of everything NFL to craft dominant teams year in and year out.

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