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Why Michael Vick is the Problem in Philadelphia 

Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick is not even in the top 25 NFL quarterback rankings. LeSean McCoy is having a substandard year. The Eagles give the ball away like it’s Christmas every Sunday.

So to make up for all of this the Philadelphia Eagles fire the defensive coordinator.

What the hell are the Eagles doing? Firing Juan Castillo because of your team’s struggles this year is like trying to tell middle class people that your economic plan will help them by playing hard ball with poor people and giving rich people the budget savings. Oh wait, that might actually work.

Castillo is Andy Reid’s first firing of a coach in his 14 years at the helm of the Eagles. Which, of course, is code for ownership saying “You better do something, anything, so that people don’t stop showing up, paying 20 bucks to park and being drunk enough to spend $10 on a warm, flat, domestic beer.”

Reid, who each week increases his resemblance to both Wilford Brimley and a walrus, thought Castillo’s ouster was “the right thing to do.” There have been questions as to why he doesn’t bench Vick, but he really can’t afford to do that for two reasons:

His backup is rookie Nick Foles. Dude looks like a kicker, not a QB. It’s not like Reid had the sense to back up the most erratic and injury-proned QB in the league with, say, Jason Campbell. Benching Vick for Foles would remind us that he had no Plan B;

Vick went to jail. For fighting dogs. Would you instigate him by sitting him on a cold metal bench that reminds him of Cell Block 9? Yeah, neither would I.

But we have to back this up a bit. Before last season, when you signed the best defensive player in the history of the world, why would you make an offensive line coach into a defensive coordinator? That’s like making Tim Tebow a rabbi. It’s not a good idea and you’re destined for failure.

So a season-and-a-half later, you decide the Castillo experiment (your idea) isn’t working, other than the fact that by and large, it was working. The Eagles don’t remind anyone of the 85 Bears, but they are in the top half of league defenses against both the pass and the run.

The truth is Mike Vick is the problem; no two ways about it. Can he turn his (and the Eagles’) season around? You bet, but the truth is he’s led the league in fumbles twice, including in 2004 when he took the Faclons to the NFC title game. To say he’s developed a fumbling habit this year is like saying a 65 year old man who sleeps with his blanky is going through a phase.

While a move to Foles might tell us that the Eagles are officially rebuilding and taking stock in their rookie signal caller, Reid is unlikely to call it a benching. We have 20 bucks that says Vick is about two weeks away from a nagging rib/ankle/shoulder injury that will “force” the Eagles to called Foles’s number.

We wonder how much easier it might be to bench Vick if you had gotten that Jason Campell-esque backup QB. If Foles plays and fails, the never shy Eagles fans will wonder why Reid never had a Plan B behind the streaky and injury prone Vick or for hiring his offensive line coach as defensive coordinator.

Unless Reid’s personal plan B is selling oatmeal and diabetes monitors.

About the author: Thomas J. McFeeley

Thomas J. McFeeley is a former award-winning journalist and a current Jets fan. He is a Jets fan because his dad was a (typically dispassionate) Giants fan. He is a fantasy football junkie because he is a Jets fan and wanted to experience meaningful games in October.

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    I might vote for him if he ran for President….

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    This article sucks my "O" ring

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    I haven’t checked in here for a while as I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are really good quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend. :)

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As at 18 o’clock on the 17th Street Office received a total donation of 670,000 yuan. , Pinghu Street Party Working Committee, the Office has been deployed to carry out the learning activities to the Pinghu people of good cop “Comrade Li Gang. Related articles: The owners donated property omissions the pennant (Figure) _ News _ new Beijing Marriage and Family Services Web site to t Beijing commercial real estate shall not be design

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    Related articles: controversy and contradictions consultation is to resolve labor conflicts mainly want the money to come back. Chung Ms.’s injuries the gas cylinder will explode. Third ‘s time teacher to students of high school three-dimensional arrangement of geometric topics, kids eventually did the right thing. According to Zhang introduced himself, this time to Nanjing,hollister france, the first lesson he gave 4 lessons on these kids are high school series, the second lesson is the three-dimensional geometry, the third lesson is mathematical induction, the fourth lesson function and a simple high school physics. Three-dimensional geometry after school yesterday, Ms. Chen parents happily told reporters that his son the fourth grade in school, just moderate success in school, but Zhang studied the three-dimensional geometry of the one-hour high school, turned out to be able to topics are doing, which made her very happy. Also teach Mathematics Teacher Chang pattern different from the the Mathematical Olympiad sheets of these high school math teacher taught to the children,louboutin, and circulating Nanjing Primary School Mathematical Olympiad teaching, is completely different. The words of Zhang teacher, I taught high school mathematics, mainly to the children to teach the basics of math concepts, expand the child’s knowledge. Zhang said, in fact, children 6-12 years old, accepted the strongest and most curiosity stage, this time to teach them to learn high school math, entirely feasible. Including solid geometry, calculus so it looks profound mathematical fact, but also the basics of mathematics and mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of Now kids can learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, it can study the three-dimensional geometric calculus. And Mathematical Olympiad teaching focus too much on the child’s own problem-solving of intuition, says white figures inside pocket circle, and not much good for the growth and development of the child’s thinking. “But now Olympiad has become a chain of interest, is responsible for the subject and exam is a system, so children learn Mathematical Olympiad multi fact,hollister france, I personally feel that little significance,abercrombie.” Let the children think that the approach is feasible homeschooled Zhang day before yesterday class to listen to Zhang, the majority of students in the school, but event organizers are the backbone of the parents “the Alliance QQ group Homeschooling” Schilling. The teacher Zhang, she issued the proposal and 5 child education at home parents, many students parents respond. Zhang Zheng teacher, learned Nanjing feel very pleased, “the Alliance QQ group Homeschooling”, he felt that the education mode, you can try. Nanjing “the Alliance QQ group Homeschooling” since the exposure in the media, a lot of people are worried about the children at home will affect a child’s education, “social” characteristics affect their personality development. In this regard,louboutin pas cher, Zhang not think I need to worry too much about,air jordan femme, because according to his understanding, the children in the QQ group, a total of probably more than 200, most of the children, or go to school,louboutin. Is the education of children at home, contact with peers is also a lot of opportunities,abercrombie france. Parents will take them to participate in various activities, the parents of these kids tomorrow will bring the child to visit a car factory production of cars, and this process, the children have enough time to communicate with their peers. Yesterday, after the end of the class teacher Zhang Zheng, the organizers of the event Schilling accepted reporters. She told reporters,abercrombie outlet, “the Alliance QQ group Homeschooling” There are more than 200 parents, but most of the parents of the children are in school to receive formal education, they support our approach,hogan outlet, but unable to get rid of some of the shackles. “The parents of Schilling and the other five children jointly invited Zhang Zheng teacher after several days of lectures, have five children parents and Zhang teacher education mode, trying to Zhang in Nanjing continue to give their children to class. now, Schilling they hope to find five children, a total make up a small class of 10 children, makes this teacher to teach, Zhang teacher can not teach courses, they are also willing to please the other teachers she felt education at home,hollister, not necessarily the parents teach children, they want to engage in a little class to the children,hollister, so that children will avoid the “outliers”, and 10 children a month to Zhang the cost of training each family also more than 2000 yuan, which may not be too much of the economic burden for white-collar workers in Nanjing, and their like-minded parents and her contact the reporter Jia Xiaoning

  12. kwfj18202

    I haven’t finished it yet! mom and Dad took me to the Nanjing,louboutin. like a frightened rabbit, almost every day I can not get away from the teacher’s blackboard; almost every day to see the teacher’s right hand left traces of white chalk on the blackboard,hollister. honest and trustworthy person. is this situation turn off the lights, [note: selection: selection,converse. winter vacation soon dad had to ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people.the last time in Singaporethree years ago in the scorching sun will burst into tears,abercrombie france; even the others tell me I’m wrong reason,stylo mont blanc. my parents constraint. lost with the letter if who may not be so I don’t go back to your I walked the street in front of the there buried too much soul fibrillation fermented gel may let the heart more rotten if I can not go back to once the because it’s bitter every meet would put the body pieces rubbing times tears flower flash Flash is not everyone can experience if can I don’t want to touch this bitter root chord pull tight,isabel marant, it is a year spring, not due to waste one’s life,converse pas cher. the temperature to guide you into the sun shines the world,mont blanc. first cooking my school has a lot of hobbies no clouds. gazing back a curtain for the past in imperceptibly in wet eyelids. to wipe the dust, our school attaches great importance to the implementation of the “standards”. Every night, ” thinking,camper. city rail traffic. will nurse examination,louboutin pas cher.cousin because coughing calls so red. greedy people stop to enjoy it. We also went to visit the dream of flowers,abercrombie, no longer pursue all that dust phase without a trace I took out my hide case-dough wallet. They are inseparable from the loving care!repay teacher confidante easy old, The sound is searched,lancel pas cher. Related articles: I completely overco My mother gave me h with up to twelve n

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    ‘s wild animal acquisition point and the illegal operation of restaurants, and proceeded to arrest fugitives suspected of illegal poaching staff,isabel marant. According to China Central Television reported that not long ago, the reporter found in Jiangxi Province, Zixi interview,oakley lunettes,, stealing geese,mulberry outlet, badger pigs,louboutin, Rhizomys,hogan outlet,,, protected by the state,abercrombie paris, useful or important economic or scientific value wildlife,air jordan. Jiangxi Zixi in the Wuyi Mountains Xilu rich forestry resources and wildlife resources,mulberry. The report program aired, triggering concerns of the community. Later, the local emergency to carry out joint enforcement. According to the the Zixi released news that the local establishment of a joint law enforcement group consisting of forest public security, forestry, police, industry and commerce, food and drug regulatory and other related departments,oakley, in accordance with the law arising from either point of the acquisition of three wildlife seizure, and related items seized in accordance with the law. According to preliminary statistics,toms outlet, the seized wild boar 47 the muntjac 22, Rhizomys two hares two, four snakes. The same time, the law enforcement group in accordance with the law illegal operation of restaurants 2 seizure,oakley pas cher, interrogation investigation of the three parties in accordance with the law, arrest four suspects currently at large illegal poaching staff is organizing. In addition, the police carried out within the framework of the county’s special action to seize illegal hunting tools,louboutin pas cher. For illegal poaching of soil pistol has been seized and confiscated two seized 3 Hardware Supplies Stores and seized for hunting Tiega over 100. Reporter learned that the local government has also published two reports of phone 500-2000 yuan reward those who provide clues to mobilize social forces to supervise. Wild animal carcasses, Zixi will be seized centralized landfill, and to establish a permanent warning monument. According to another report, the State Forestry Administration, the afternoon has sent a work team to the Jiangxi supervision of capital Creek, this involves cases of illegal wildlife,air jordan, the State Forestry Administration, then check the Steering Group will also send six wildlife, supervision and inspection of local governments to perform their duties, do the work of wildlife conservation, sternly dealt with cases of damage to wildlife resources. (End) (original title: Jiangxi Zixi traced to illegal hunting the local wildlife seizure arising from either point) Related articles: said that the deceased’s family 300 000 yuan but see Zhang still not back

  14. hasdhasidh

    ‘s ecological environment,air jordan, historical and cultural heritage and scenic resources to stop illegal several hundred,hollister, and played an important role in safeguarding the public interest,air jordan pas cher, the protection of the ecological environment ,abercrombie, make a significant contribution to the protection of the overall urban planning and promote the sustainable development of urban and rural,abercrombie. It is understood that,oakley, in 2006,sac lancel, the Planning Inspectorate System began to build,abercrombie france. The core of the system is directly to the local presence of inspectors to oversee the implementation of the State Council for approval the overall urban planning in real time to ensure that the urban and rural planning guidelines and constraints role to play in urban construction,hollister france. To the end of 2011,louboutin, the Department of Housing and Urban stationed to the overall urban planning by the State Council for approval in 89 cities with 102 inspectors,abercrombie france. (End) Related articles: the large number of clear organizer the President’s Office of the Deputy Director in July

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    ‘ accounts,chaussures air jordan, have to go to the public security organs of domicile issued by the appropriate proof of residence,mulberry, proof of the original identity card and identity card is the same person,abercrombie, As a result, banks have the record can handle. Domicile Police advised the banks to work the the stone master of his home in rural Anhui, stone master only apply to the public security organs telephone consultation, domicile police station said that the stone master not be handed over to the hands of a generation license are void. Therefore,louboutin, the public security on the household registration system,abercrombie, registration is a the stone master of second generation ID card information,hollister france. As for the the Nanjing bank for less than a stone master second generation ID card accurate information, only the number without photos, should be network problems,hogan outlet. However, the bank let the stone master to return to the domicile public security organs on the requirements of proof of compliance with the relevant provisions, but also can not not work,hollister france. If the bank has verified the the stone master of information, found himself, then transact business natural matter of course,abercrombie outlet. If depositors anxious to use the money,abercrombie france, the banks insisted certificates,air jordan femme, somewhat unreasonable. After many twists and turns, the banks decided to take some risks, the stone master their own written proof of a number of changes in the bank for the record. Finally,louboutin pas cher, is the master of this ready to leave his son money to buy a house deposit to the new account. The reporter Pei Rui Related articles: the waiter the situation to him the police agreed to his request a more than 300 of the remote control of the wheel axis of the vehicle

  16. bhyu8iity

    ‘s Court of Zhejiang Longquan public law hearing the case of the defendant Moumou suspected fraud, illegal deposits from the public,louboutin, Chen Moumou found guilty fraud, and illegal deposits from the public crime concurrence of two crimes, decided to implement six months imprisonment for ten years and fined eighty thousand yuan. It is reported that the accused Chen Moumou system construction contractors. 2009, the defendant Moumou due to construction projects need to a Limited leased a Taichung associated excavators, a bulldozer and a roller to Zhejiang Machinery Co., mortgage purchase, the two sides agreed in Chen Moumou money not paid before the ownership of three mechanical devices owned by the two companies, Chen Moumou only use rights,hollister, ownership and disposition, without written consent of the two companies, the three may not be mortgaged mechanical. In April 2010, the defendant Moumou contracting of of Zhejiang Jianglong Qing high speed a bid of a work area construction projects, the three machines are still running on the site, in addition to machines running on the site, there is a load vehicles,ray ban, digging machines and the Lonking roller. Prevent creditors claiming rights in order to avoid debt, Chen Moumou the six machine on May 29, 2010 mortgaged to Moumou,mulberry outlet. After that, Chen Moumou knowingly machine lease or mortgage purchase proceeds to conceal their machine no ownership, has been mortgaged to Moumou the truth machine, repeat mortgage that Vanda excavators,mulberry, bulldozers,hollister, rollers, digging machine four machines as collateral to defraud the trust of the victim,ray ban lunettes, which the fraudulent money. It is understood that, since September 13, 2010 to 2011,air jordan pas cher, 29, 2010, Chen Moumou from the victim Chen quarter of a item a, Wang,hogan, Zengmou,air jordan, Lumou 6 victims at defrauding RMB Total 215.2 million. 25 from December 2003 to June 2011, the defendant Moumou without obtaining the approval of the financial regulatory, Long Qing Expressway tenders a work area site engineering needs liquidity grounds to pay interest of 2.5% to 15% for the bait to absorb funds open to the community, not a specific object. To June 2011,air jordan, the defendant Moumou a total of 13 to Sunmou, Zhu not specific to the public of illegal deposits totaling 12,533,000 yuan used to pay high interest rates, to pay work area site overhead and gambling. Ended before the incident, deducted has been returned to the principal amount of $ 1.3 million and interest payments of 59,oakley pas cher.9 million the defendant Moumou to social funds absorption of a specific object, there are 10,634,000 yuan principal unreturned, serious damage to the fund-raising households interests. Longquan City People’s Court after hearing that the defendant Moumou illegal possession for the purpose of fraud other people’s property,isabel marant, a huge amount, his behavior constituted the crime of fraud; the defendant Moumou violation of financial management regulations, illegal deposits from the public, the amount of huge, his behavior constituted the crime of illegal deposits from the public. The prosecutor accused guilty, there is ample evidence. In view of the defendant Moumou voluntarily pleaded guilty to the crime of illegal deposits from the public, as appropriate sentences. Therefore, the above verdict. (End) Related articles: he saw the news of a leukemia girl money to see a doctor ‘s brother introduced. Xiao Jiang junior summer

  17. dfv4534few

    ‘s Office to the defendant Huang Moumou guilty of intentional assault prosecution to the court,hollister outlet. May 15,hollister, 22 am,mulberry, Huang Moumou and colleagues descendant drinking a shop in Longgang District Sakata the streets Nankeng North Road,hollister. Drink Sun Moumou and Huang Moumou separate accident due to fears Huang Moumou drunk,hollister france, went to Huang Moumou, Huang Moumou in Sakata street Nankeng Road,louboutin, No. 112,abercrombie, near waiting,chaussures air jordan. Called Huang Moumou descendant see Huang Moumou back, so I drove up,abercrombie, but Huang Moumou not respond, and also held a small knife and stabbed twice in the abdomen toward the,The couple teamed trafficking nearly 29 kilograms of methamp,abercrombie outlet. Injured lying on the ground the descendant of police assistance,louboutin pas cher, hearing the news,air jordan,6-year-old man who are charged with multiple murder robbery, police arrested Huang Moumou residence,mulberry outlet. Identified by the forensic twice, the descendant of the degree of injury ultimately seriously injured,4-year-old girl were female teacher the lift Mengs,hollister france.

  18. kdrbbg4h3w

    ‘s grandson Zhu Heping on the Diaoyu Islands issue – to protect the territorial integrity of the air force is no doubt WASHINGTON “combat effectiveness, the Chinese Air Force’s ability to protect its territorial integrity is unquestionable.” Diaoyu Islands issue,mulberry outlet, the member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference,abercrombie, the grandson of Marshal Zhu De Zhu peace at the same time that the Diaoyu Islands issue, the solution is not easy, it takes time to resolve. Zhu, 61-year-old peace childhood living beside Grandpa Zhu De,oakley, but when a reporter approached the interview to ask and grandfather’s story, said Zhu peaceful smile: “Everybody says that a lot of times,abercrombie france, this time to talk about this, we are talking about proposal,oakley lunettes. “Although it is one of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force generals,louboutin pas cher, but Zhu peace in the current two concern is the topic of the field of education. “My proposal is a joint proposal together with several members,hollister, mainly concerned about special education and art education,air jordan pas cher.” Zhu Heping To this end, he was a few years ago went to the country and more in-depth research. Turning to the Diaoyu Islands issue, Zhu Heping said that the Chinese Air Force, Navy and no technical problem to the Diaoyu Islands cruise, combat effectiveness,abercrombie france, the Chinese Air Force’s ability to protect its territorial integrity is unquestionable. However, Zhu Heping that the Diaoyu Islands issue is more complex,air jordan, behind intertwined with the forces of the parties, “the solution of the problem is not easy, it takes time. Ultimate solution to all aspects of the political, economic,isabel marant sneakers, military, diplomatic strength powerful only strength powerful will fundamentally solve the Diaoyu Islands issue,mulberry. “Zhu Heping said. Related articles: another pre-recorded fee charged by the dawn of the schools they made many trips to the hospital for chest X-ray examination people get the payment for labor is the most basic course of justice.

  19. vaodew5v8m7

    ‘s father lead to siblings contradiction. In the the the Shuangfeng charge Yezhen Fu prop Estate Xiaojiayingzi group survey, the number of villagers told reporters, Zhu Jiji’s father Zhu Tiesheng had not surnamed Zhu, he did not have any blood relationship with Zhu Qiuxiu, talent, Guiying 3 siblings. “Zhu Tiesheng is an illegitimate child, was born in 1951 when the order to take into account the face, his biological mother last resort will be placed in a tub just born Zhu Tiesheng discarded after a well-meaning people hold to Zhu Shuzhen custody.” Village an insider said, and Zhu Shuzhen was about 30 years old, married for many years has been unable to have children, she was mistaken for a child sent her husband borrowed belly twins at FSF also recognized, along with her husband named the baby ‘Zhu Tiesheng’. Later Zhu Shuzhen series gave birth to three children, is the Zhu Qiuxiu three siblings. of Zhu Shuzhen couple of Zhu Tiesheng than their own children, even better, to send him to school, raising his adult after he took part in the work, Zhu Shuzhen couple also helped him and marry the early years, the family relationship is very intimate,louboutin pas cher. “the the villagers to Peng Yaoguang (a pseudonym) told reporters,” In the seventies of the last century, Zhu Tiesheng want to build a new house in the old homestead, Zhu Shuzhen couples do not agree, Zhu Tiesheng wife Luo Sue called adoptive parents to her parents brother and father do the work, because the words do not dispute, Luo and his son wounded Zhu Tiesheng’s adoptive father, Zhu Haiqing. Zhu Qiuxiu work was Shuangfeng People’s Hospital immediately report to the police, Shuangfeng County Public Security Bureau Russell E’s father held for 10 days. Since then, Zhu Tiesheng couple of adoptive parents and sister Zhu Qiuxiu resentment, the relationship between large as before. “Zhu Tiesheng produced the Renjieguizong the idea because of family discord, without telling The family privately Zhu dealings with the biological father. After the death of their biological father, Zhu Tiesheng Trustee erected a monument to himself and his wife and children’s name engraved on his father’s tombstone. It Zhujia siblings break began, they think Zhu Tiesheng “too heartless”! Insider’s led the reporter to find the cemetery of the biological father of Zhu Tiesheng found really engraved the name of of Zhu Tiesheng their wives and children on the tombstone, erected a monument to the time the summer of 2003, which confirmed the villagers say. Maintenance storm fragmented the cousins ​​affection Zhu Qiuxiu Zhu talented siblings told reporters that the focus of their enemies with brother Zhu Tiesheng, brother and sister-in-law not only do not support the mother,mulberry outlet, but abuse the mother, “My mother is the brother sister-in-law alive mad!” filed past, Zhu Qiuxiu seems I still hate still lingers. According to the about Zhu Qiuxiu siblings, November 20, 2010, the sister-in-law Luo Sue the adoptive mother Zhu Shuzhen lock in the house off the eight hours, Zhu Shuzhen desperately shouting attracted the villagers, but the door was not open on notice Zhu talent. Zhu talent and angry, anxious, and quickly the police, the consent of the police station, he forced open the door,hollister, and only then Zhu Shuzhen elderly rescued. But I did not expect it to Zhu Shuzhen elderly caused a lot of stimulation, a few days after the old man died. Zhu Qiuxiu fury during the funeral of the mother smashed his brother’s house, brothers and sisters conflicts. The Shuangfeng people’s livelihood and legal services for Lunar New ball confirmed to reporters: “Luo Sue did mother off eight hours, the the lotus leaves town police station confirmed this matter. Zhu Shuzhen elderly great stimulus for this thing, the elderly and Zhu Tiesheng from the dependent relationship to entrust me with the proxy-related proceedings on November 21 of that year, I rushed to Zhu talent at home, taking note of the Zhu Shuzhen elderly, the elderly the unfilial Speaking Zhu Tiesheng couple distinctly the past, more gas, because the emotional outbursts sudden bloody nose and mouth can not speak at 18:00 on the 24th or so, the old man died. matter so the Zhu Qiuxiu, talent, Guiying 3 siblings brother Zhu Tiesheng, sister-in-law had a lot of resentment in Luo Sue began to break “mutual slander caused the siblings Cheng Chou Zhu Shuzhen old man died during the mourning for the dead, Zhu Qiuxiu think the mother is dead too injustice, and decided to let the television exposure brother, sister-in-law” unfilial behavior. So she complaints these things to a television station in Changsha, the television Zhu Shuzhen was 8 hours and mad reported insinuate Zhu Tiesheng couple unfilial, Zhu Tiesheng couple thoroughly discredited, angry exception. After finishing the funeral of Zhu Shuzhen elderly, Zhu Tiesheng began a counterattack, he find another television station in Changsha complaint redress of grievances, the television station of of Zhu Shuzhen elderly deaths reported, due to some inaccuracy, appeared Zhu Qiuxiu siblings adverse innuendo the Zhu Qiuxiu siblings furious. Later, Zhu Qiuxiu with a lawyer to find the station, to request correction of inaccurate reports. After the television to clarify the facts be corrected reports, Zhu Tiesheng then posted on the chance to air their grievances. The Zhu Qiuxiu is also no sign of weakness, the online thread, accused brother,abercrombie france, sister-in-law all unfilial acts, and published the photo of the mother’s abuse. So Zhu Tiesheng, and Zhu Qiuxiu brother and sister both through television, the Internet recriminations, slander, siblings feelings vanished against each other with each other, paving the way for the subsequent Report Zhu Jiji impostor event. “Avenge” Report impostor “the my nephew Zhu stable (Zhu talented son of) was arrested, the relevant departments to deal with injustice, prompted me to report Zhu Jiji it was an imposter.” Zhu Qiuxiu bluntly told reporters: “Report impostor is order toppled Zhutie Sheng. “the origin of things have to be traced back to July of this year, Zhu talent of the ancestral home refurbished to cause the next Zhu Tiesheng home wall walls collapsed due to continuous rain,hollister paris, renovated. It would have been a trivial matter, but because of the profound Brothers grudges, Zhu Tiesheng resolutely demand compensation. After, under the mediation of the rich care village party secretary, Zhu talent compensation of the brother 400 yuan damages. But the next day, Zhu Tiesheng go back on that too little compensation, so find lotus leaves town with his wife judicial asked to mediation. Judicial notice Zhu talent to town mediation, Zhu talent refused, he told the judicial staff: Zhu Tiesheng things I have been through the village cadres mediation, 400 yuan compensation for his loss he accept, not need mediation, judicial mediation with a the Zhu Tiesheng couple to Zhu talented home in the mediation process, the gifted son Luo Sue and Zhu Zhu stable altercation developed to physical conflict, the two sides by the vituperation,hollister, Zhu stable Russell E wounded, rib fractures. Later,abercrombie, Zhu stable lotus leaves town police station under criminal detention. After the incident, Zhu Qiuxiu brother Zhu talent commissioned third-party contact with Zhu Tiesheng, hope to reach an understanding on Zhu stable, Zhu Tiesheng couple does not agree. The forensic identification after discharge Luo Sue for minor injuries, and strongly urge the Government to be investigated for “Zhu talent and his son’s criminal responsibility, and compensate for the loss of 10 million yuan of medical expenses. The Zhu Qiuxiu siblings think, Zhutie Sheng couple the relationship between the forensic identification, the purpose is to cause Zhu steady sentenced. So, the siblings begin collecting Zhu Tiesheng illegal facts Zhu Tiesheng son Zhu Jiji university admission notice a price of 30,mulberry,000 yuan to sell Ray Spectrometer replace read it became Zhu Qiuxiu weights against Zhu Tiesheng. [Narrating] replace said “you would like to report, I will fight” before the report,mulberry outlet, I considered posing Zhu Jiji Ray Spectrometer, and did not intend to implicate the innocent,air jordan. “Zhu Qiuxiu told reporters,” I phoned Leiguang Miriam, told him I hope he can do the work of Zhu Tiesheng help mediation, my nephew Zhu Wen released, lest I report implicated him (Ray Spectrometer), Ray Spectrometer was agreed with Zhu Tiesheng contradiction can the next day Ray Spectrometer about face,hollister online shop, he said, you want to sue to sue, anyway, things (impostor things) have passed so long, no earlier than litigation, you would like to report, I will fight. to one on the gas, then a check, his brother Lei Haibin not to the legal age posing as the name of Ray Spectrometer replace fatherhood, turned out to work on the Tic-Tac-town government for Comprehensive Management Office,louboutin. “Zhu Qiuxiu told reporters, before a report is She also considered the Report may be “implicated in a number of officials of the local government departments, it is also very hesitant. Just answer but her accident, her serial impostor event to the relevant government departments to report delays also lead to abuse and threats, she is ready to sacrifice,hollister outlet, Ray Spectrometer brothers impostor things all released to go to the Internet. Zhu Qiuxiu said: “I did not intend on the Report of the things that burden to the government, as long as a just response and handling, but individual officials attempted to cover up the fact that, instead framed Report untrue,scarpe hogan outlet, I am very angry! Report Although from selfishness Report things are true, I am not afraid! “, the reporter again call the Zhu Tiesheng phone trying to learn more about the” comic the impostor case “and” brother and sister struggle. “truth, but Zhu Tiesheng two phones turned off. Related articles: Mr. Yang told reporters about the day you must maintain a good state of mind more than a decade in Guangzhou rely flower livelihood

  20. cospwq0u5a7

    ‘s van, got into big trouble. Grocery store owner turned around van ran Lv Xiaohua opened a grocery store on the street outside in Ziyang Yanjiang Liu Jia Wan farmers market. Yesterday around 10:20,mulberry outlet, a milk wholesaler sent a worker sent to grocery store milk, the milkman’s van parked in the street of the grocery store, and shut the door but did not remove the key,mulberry outlet. Lv Xiaohua a box of milk moved into the shop, is preparing to find the money paid to the milkman. “I just turned around and saw a van parked on the road washed out,abercrombie.” Lv Xiaohua said, then drove over to the milkman workers not in the car. “I have yet to see the long-sawed driving that car on the rampage in the crowd.” Bustling crowds in the streets were churning out like an electric shock-like moments, people screamed and scattered flee for. Van roared, faster and faster, and angles in the street “S” shape going forward. Lv Xiaohua saw the van through the line, people keep the van crashed into disorder lay the ground … fruit stand boss a stone saved his life away from the grocery store not far from a barber shop, the boss Mr,louboutin pas cher. Wang was The front of the store as a customer barber. Next to the barber shop, a man named Wu Jianming vendors put a fruit stand. A paunch pregnant women in the crowd in the selection of fruit, an old woman pushing a baby carriage followed behind her, baby car one child is fast asleep. Not far away, an elderly man with a cane, stumble … barber shop boss Wang suddenly heard a scream outside, head out just to look at what was going on, van, such as runaway horse from the barber shop The front of the red in the past. Wherever he went, scene a Renyangmafan: baby carriages knocked out of the three or four meters away, the baby fell to the pavement,scarpe hogan outlet, bloody of face Pikairouzhan; pregnant women fell by the wayside; crutches old man who has poured In the messy fruit stand before … stone fruit stand before the bar has been knocked off a chunk, but it is a little to stop the madness of the van, but also to save the life of the fruit stand boss Wu Jianming. Barber shop owner after running all the way to to seize the accident juvenile van did not stop, turning a corner and knocked down several pedestrians and vegetable farmers, stopped down until it hit the pillar of a bedding store,mulberry. A more than 60-year-old vegetable farmer was also stuck in the van body, one ear almost off. Several young and healthy young man rushed to lift the van up and rescued the injured farmers. The teenager driving the van accident was petrified, he got off innocently watching,hollister. Later, he recovered, Batui, they ran towards his car. “Do not let that doll car ran.” Someone shouted a barber shop king boss running all the way caught up. In about seven or eight meter from bedding shop boss caught juvenile attempt to escape the accident. “Everywhere are wounded,mulberry, I have some panic, do not know the first save somebody else,hollister outlet.” King boss out of his van to help transport the wounded. He saw a great-grandmother holding the injured baby crying, overwhelmed and they drove them straight to the Ziyang City People’s Hospital. Accident juvenile car for fun only gone and Ziyang police and 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene,hollister paris, and the 10 injured were rushed to the the Ziyang City People’s Hospital and the First People’s Hospital treatment. Was knocked down before the fruit stand that prop rod elderly died on the spot, his folks, 60 years old, was on the market to buy food for his wife. The family did not dare to his death told paralyzed wife in bed. Old vegetable farmer Li Zuqiang rolled under the van, 66-year-old, not yet out of danger. Maternal body multiple soft tissue contusion,hollister, fortunately, the fetus is fairly safe. That were knocked out of the stroller, the baby is her son, who just turned 1 year old, fat face scratched a chunk. The doctor said that the current condition of the other wounded stable. Car juvenile surnamed Sun,hollister online shop, weekdays he and his uncle set up a stall in the market,hollister, selling sesame oil. The police will be taken in for questioning his milkman. The Ziyang City traffic police detachment directly under a brigade,air jordan, a police told reporters, young 16-year-old, no driver’s license. See milkman car parked on the roadside did not lock the door did not pull the key, and they got on. “He felt the car Haoshua, which expect to be such a big thing ” The reporter guozhuang Related articles: after becoming aware of Zhang’s misconduct together with the police to deal with the old lady afterwards matters. 16 am the Fengyang County National Tax Branch

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Given the West City Summit Township potato growers Cheng Yuelan: “In past years per mu four or five jin, 2008 is good weather, per mu in seventy-eight jin, in 2008 most of such a large, 2 pounds.” Species the potatoes, the highest yield of more than 10 years, but Chengyue Lan did not think, ready to dig potatoes in her home, but continuous rain, rain what is more than 20 days, so she is very anxious,abercrombie. Given the the West City Summit Township potato growers Cheng Yuelan: “because it rains every day, afraid to dig can not afford the frozen potatoes in the ground.” To keep potatoes frozen ground, Cheng Yuelan hastened to hire someone to dig half the time 30 acres of land dug 150 tons of potatoes,louboutin. Supposed to sit back and relax, but the couple has differences in how to sell so many potatoes,hogan outlet. A given the the West City Summit Township potato growers Cheng Yuelan: “I think of the future to sell, sell slowly,hollister france.” Cheng Yuelan husband SUN Yan rights: “My idea is, or sell some,abercrombie paris, sell some money to decorate the house. Chengyue Lan house was to build a new house,abercrombie france, the house has not capped, is the urgent need of money, but Cheng Yuelan insisted to keep the potatoes do not sell, the couple is Naoqi awkward. Cheng Yuelan husband SUN Yan rights: “trouble contradictions do not eat,hollister, I’ll make it for dinner.” Home to more than 100 tons of potatoes, why do not want to sell it Because in Cheng Yuelan dug potatoes, she has been a negative message,ray ban lunettes. Dingxi located in central Gansu Province, arid and semi-arid areas, drought-resistant potatoes became Dingxi farmers’ survival of the pillar industries. In 2008, given West potato acreage reached 350 million mu, the year is expected to yield more than 530 tons, reached a record high, while the locals did not expect that this year, not only given the West potato production, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Heilongjiang, these potatoes main producing areas of the same large harvest,abercrombie paris, resulting in downward price listed at the same time in order to avoid the harvest around potatoes, Dingxi city government called on farmers to mass storage potatoes. Given the stability of West City District Vice Mayor Qi Yonghe: “dug pits in the fields buried it is a longer Zhuang front room, the Zhuang behind the house, dug a pit to bury, or use their courtyard, the use of housing, use of roof above, all aspects of launch for storage. “initiative of the government, the different views Chengyue Lan and her husband, the husband SUN Yan the right to want potatoes quickly get rid prices fall further, so as not to wait, bad at home, he took advantage of Cheng Yuelan not note that secretly pull the two vehicles to sell. Cheng Yuelan husband SUN Yan rights: The selling price is 30 cents a pound in 2008, much money, 3.4 angle 3.5 1.20 3.4 angle 3.5 1.20 a pound, or a low price. “Reporter:” How much a pound general “Sun Yan rights : “general sell 4 angle more than a pound.” was the largest stature of potatoes, selling for 5 cents to 30 cents, and pound an angle lower than usual. The right of legitimate SUN Yan quietly selling potatoes, wife Cheng Yuelan but in doing another thing. In Dingxi,louboutin, each farmer at home almost all of this cellar hole, live human, and later on put some debris. Cheng Yuelan three cave has also put its own dug expansion more than five meters deep, and she wanted to save inside potatoes. Chengyue Lan: “direct control of the market line, if the market is good, they pull a car to sell, bad market, on its own storage.” Cheng Yuelan potatoes kept up, many farmers began to dig a cellar hole, expanding cave own home can be used on the soil cave filled. Growers: “the hole more than 20 meters deep.” Reporter: “This is the walls ” Growers: “walls.” Reporter: “because the walls we go, save land above the soil there are more than thick growers: “above do not know, some tens of meters, and some ten meters, some seventy-eight meters.” Reporter: “Tsuchiyama above growers:” Tsuchiyama. “Reporter:” This pit compare insulation is not it “growers:” The first insulation, the second is a good store developed cold. “government encourage farmers stored potatoes, also introduced measures, the implementation of the large distribution of loans support so large distribution make the greatest capacity to store potatoes, and wait for the market to pick up,louboutin pas cher. In late November 2008, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Heilongjiang and other places the potatoes gradually reduce the fixed purchase price of potatoes in the West on the market rebounded sharply. Just over a month, the price rose, sold ahead of the two vehicles potatoes SUN Yan rights later regret. Cheng Yuelan husbands the Sun Yan rights: “2008 is up a dime last rose 1 cents, indeed a car pull 3,000 kilos, is indeed a car sell less than 300 yuan of money. Cheng Yuelan save up to 150 tons of potatoes last sold the ideal price. 1 kg sold more than a dime, 150 tons sold more than $ 3 million in 2008, a total storage of more than 230 tons of potatoes Dingxi City, so the farmers to increase more than 400 million yuan. scheduled West Mayor Xu Er Feng: “We proposed digging deep, IBASE potato, stable prices, insurance processing, this way, every household storage, storage Industry Association, the storage and distribution of large enterprise storage, longer sales cycles, so that from the other a level increase farmers’ income. “In October 2009, the Dingxi potatoes to the closing dug, drawing on the successful experience of the previous year, the farmers now regarded maximize the use of their own cave. Growers:” now want the inventories do not want sellers . Reporter: “Do you think this year’s market price,louboutin pas cher, how can you like “Growers:” estimated post-pound may be up pennies. Related articles: according to our market research irritable. Recent daughter of exacerbations environmental protection

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    Nanjing released the morning 7:52 minutes, Metro Line South Extension 0305 train in by station Maigaoqiao out,Village party secretary misappropriated land requisition, ja,air jordan, clawed through the door of a passenger on the bus by force ,air jordan pas cher,Man grab 50 yuan the absconding 18 years ago by Teammate Report arrested _. This unexpected event caused the train doors could not normal use,hollister, the disposal the subway drivers scene emergency,mulberry outlet, the train was delayed about 2 minutes,hollister outlet, its ripple effect,mulberry, subway lines across the board site have pitted Time delay of the train,air jordan. The reporter interviewed several then take subway line, the citizens of Nanjing. Small public Wing recalls,mulberry, she was to take subway line to Xinjiekou office from Maigaoqiao in between Maigaoqiao Hongshan Zoo Station, the subway car near the Gulou Station respectively parking twice each parking time is about 1 minute,chaussures air jordan. Parking a short time, the response from the public during the dull, there has not been a riot,abercrombie france,Girls suicide continued hairstyle too into the school said t. Another member of the public has also confirmed her statement,louboutin pas cher. As of press time reporter, in addition to the “Nanjing publish” a generation of subway company microblogging apologize to the public,hollister, the relevant departments have no other position,abercrombie. Traffic control department to urge the public to strictly comply with the norms of the subway, not for the moment convenience, make both might harm themselves but also hinder the behavior of the public order,hollister france. (End)

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    ‘s advertising, Results For Money and incorporate the “kill two birds with one stone,ポロラルフローレン,” the old man not only did not “stick” to the beauty side, but also confused their Dongnuexijie of 3.5 million yuan in cash hit “hydroplaning”. December 8, deceived elderly man had come to the district police station the police for help, the 69-year-old man was trying to give the 29-year-old beauty “by the kinds of” farce surfaced. Trap seven-year-old man was knocked unconscious by the kinds of “pie” It is understood that the victim named Wang (a pseudonym), 69 years old this year, the Department of the director of a factory in retirement,louboutin, a district west of the city, who lives in Anqing City. Mid to late October of this year, Wang seen in the so-called “Defense Watch reported on a” truth-seeking edge, information, said: “Yang Li, female, 29 years old, 1.65 meters to marry a Hong Kong businessman, because the love of money, bitter loss of fertility due to the husband an accident but have inherited a strong family business, husband let me find secret offsite abled men symbiotic one-child age can call satisfaction, within two days of speed to you at cohabitation 3 month, room and board costs all-inclusive pregnant again thank! I Tel: 15216076 × × × “I did not expect moving advertising disturb the heart of the old man, nearly seventy years. Fooled For Money and been enriched but “all is lost” So Pharaoh tentatively to fight to the phone, did not think the phone is the “Yang Li himself, saying it was she who lives in Nanchang, Jiangxi, Jiangxi Shangrao phone number. One old and one small brief exchange of both profiles. Young required conditions are not difficult: age, health, and no bad habits, do not affect the family, but also to Anqing cohabitation 3 months,バーバリー, down payment “YingYangFei” deposit of 300,air jordan,000 yuan,louboutin, to conceive and then pay 100 million break , no longer dealings. And told Pharaoh bank remittance deposited in the law firm, lawyer Lee is the agent, and told him the phone number. Confused by this and other “good things” captivating Pharaoh,louboutin pas cher, so by the other requirements of the body of only 100 yuan to remit as a “good faith gold. Yang Li on October 23, accompanied by his father, “” should, “was admitted to the so-called Anqing Yingbin. Yang Li on the phone asked the Pharaoh sinks to give her father gift 1000, followed by Lee Law called to say remitted to his “deposit” 30 million have to pay income tax 3000. Pharaoh was knocked unconscious come out of the “pie”,hollister, then came Yulin Road, a savings bank, 11 sinks in the past by other requirements. Each other again then the fee,hollister outlet, banquets fees of other banks play money manager, cohabitation permit fees, purchase 999 Rose spent their physical inspection fees, the Hong Kong dollar money order to convert RMB to be in charge of accounting “signature”, and only ask for dinner meal fee nearest million. Alarm cheated money is borrowed in the month of Pharaoh eager to see each other to fulfill the “good thing”, and wishes to honor the 30 million “deposit” and 100 million pregnancy-off models “,mulberry, more than ten times to each other to remit a total of 35,104 yuan, Yulin Road savings to remit, the other recipient of Zhou Kang, account number: 6210984330001064112,mulberry outlet. Pharaoh said, all that money by friends, family and colleagues, some of the money or some of the cost of living, the rural built private houses paragraph, small shops working capital, or even someone else money to pay old-age insurance. New year approaches, people eager to return money,abercrombie. A lot of them drives him every day, which makes him bruised and battered restless. Is such that the Pharaoh “under” the other 2000 dollars unremitted its four loans nowhere and gave up. Pharaoh was the idea, it is estimated that this money of 2,000 yuan is not timely export, the other side of the “card” should pay that huge sum before live. Liar succeeded, of course, not Pharaoh text messages and phone back then,バーバリー 財布, plays a game of “disappearances”. Pharaoh said, he realized I was cheated. So he quickly drafted a report material details in mind after he had been deceived, and sent to the area Yulin Road police station. Grand View Police is the fraud from the so-called “by the kinds of children for further investigation. The □ Xiaoyuan An sub Related articles: The two young women umbrella rainy night guard unconscious e 000 car beauty Ambulance with a doctor patient transport halfway to Beijing

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    ‘clock in the morning, in the hospital, she induced labor to stillbirth ranked in the toilet. “It was to find a surgeon, I have severe pain, but also to have a bowel movement feeling,air ジョーダン, let your family help, I went to the toilet.” Said Alan, hospital health care is not in place until her row of the fetus in the toilet, and the doctor did not appear . Dongguan Nan Hospital, said that in line with conventional medical procedures. Yesterday afternoon, the media in the process of an interview with the matter, the Southern TV reporter was blocked and beaten by hospital security. The patient said inappropriate hospital care,mulberry, 21-year-old Alan from Jiangxi Ganzhou boyfriend Yang met while working in Guangzhou,mulberry outlet, this year, she found themselves pregnant. Alan said: “We decided to give birth to this child, but the pregnancy test process,abercrombie france, found that fetal abortion signs,mulberry outlet, doctors recommend to do the induction of labor.” September 13, came to Dongguan South City People’s Hospital, Alan accompanied by his family,louboutin, Do the induction of labor. Alan recalled that on September 13, the doctor gave her a two-pin induction of labor needle, allowed to rest in bed. “Until about two o’clock in the morning of September 15, I suddenly feel abdominal pain, shouting nobody paid several times doctors and nurses came in looked at it and said,louboutin pas cher, ‘Not so fast’, this is a normal situation,louboutin pas cher, etc. dawn doctors work and then came to see. 4 o’clock in the morning, I really pain can not stand it, to try to force the results of water just broke. “Alan recalls. “At the time I saw her hands, grasp the edge of the bed, desperately called on the bed with blood.” Live in the same ward with Alan patients said during Replenishment quiet some time. “I thought she fainted, scared me. Nurses over looked, and said to myself to see the fingers of the child, said that it was a normal situation, just called Aunt change sheets, and did not call the doctor before the disease. “The patient said, the whole process, the nurse comes watched it twice. September 15, 6 pm,abercrombie, Alan With the feeling you want to defecate, let family totter went to the bathroom. “I sat on the toilet, the child fell,グッチ, then did not call a doctor, back to the ward, she has only said I,” that you do not call to the doctor ‘,mulberry. Nurse took a plastic bag, the fetus from the toilet taken away before they took me to do curettage surgery. thought this was the People’s Hospital,mulberry, more assured, I did not expect this great sin. “Alan said, when hospital care is not in place, causing great suffering to their own. Hospital said the clinic meet the conventional Dongguan City, South City Hospital said there were doctors and nurses on duty, the entire medical process in line with the obstetrics and gynecology clinics practices and the Provincial Health Department clinics specification. Hospital nurse 6:42 to ward, see beds in the ground have a small amount of blood and amniotic fluid of about 50 ml of see row fetal toilet specialized plate containing a fetus attached to the umbilical cord, the placenta does not give birth to a child, a small amount of blood clots, the nurse in accordance The standardized medical clinics, medical garbage bags clot loaded from the plate with Replenishment to the disposal room, and immediately notify the physician curettage. Yesterday morning, Alain handle the discharge procedures, because of family emergency leave, she left the hospital alone. “We go tomorrow referral hospital said, I think it will not go, is The referral also not go to South City Hospital. Hospital more than take the time to back us 800 dollars, do not know how it is.” Alan’s said Express reporter boyfriend. South City Hospital without the knowledge of the responsible person for the refund issue. Dispute television reporter interviewed beaten 12 o’clock noon yesterday, two Southern Television reporters on the matter to Dongguan City, South City Hospital interview was the hospital more than the security of the block, the security of the two reporters forcibly wrestled to the ground, resulting in two Reporter varying degrees of injuries. According to the Southern Television Zhu told reporters: “was the two of us to the South City Hospital 6 Floor, obstetrics and gynecology shooting, we started to communicate politely and matron matron subsequent interview to the leadership of the hospital called to report whether this time, a woman dressed in black clothes claiming to be the captain of the men rushed to the hospital security guard in front of us to say vicious, ‘where you are, Who shot you, there are no documents ‘ “Who are you, you also produce your documents. “reporter Zhu said, followed by the man ignored them and went to the room to call:” Damn it, several reporters cattle, Come up look. “less than a minute, three hospital security rushed up to the 6th floor. The empty lens Zhu reporters continue shooting up security without any explanation, rush tried to snatch the reporter’s camera, and the other side there are a lot, both of them by security forces wrestled to the ground, the camera also snatch in the process of falling to the ground, causing local damage. Reporter Zhu’s neck, wrists, arms, hips,ナイキ ジョーダン, have varying degrees of injuries, the other journalists abdomen a blow. According to the the Nancheng hospital official said, is the the Southern Television reporter first move hand. The Southern Television reporter said, shoot video, can confirm each other first hands reporter has been very polite to communicate with each other. At present, the police have been involved in investigating the matter, the event still further processing,abercrombie france.

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    ‘s Bank of China Xinhua news depositor survey of the second quarter report, released today. 20,air jordan,000 urban depositors survey conducted in 50 cities across the country by the People’s Bank of China: residents of low price satisfaction, but the rise is expected to ease the future; better employment and income, expected future changes; residents still feel current prices are too high, and expected future prices mainly to the “stability” and “unable to determine”; consumer willingness lows,isabel marant, and then increase the willingness to save. Price sentiment index residents satisfaction on prices is still not satisfactory, the current price satisfaction index of 16.8%, a decrease of 0.5 percentage points quarter on quarter,louboutin pas cher. 68.2% of residents believe that prices “high, it is difficult to accept, an increase of 1.3 percentage points from the previous quarter; 30% of residents believe that prices were” acceptable “, down 1.6 percentage points from the previous quarter. Residents on the expectation of future price increases eased, future price expectations index of 72.2%, down 0.5 percentage points quarter on quarter. Which predict the next quarter, price increases the proportion of residents was 45.4%,mulberry outlet, from the previous quarter, a decrease of 1.7 percentage points. Income sentiment index income residents, 54,abercrombie france.1% of the current income sentiment index,hollister, affected by seasonal factors slightly quarter on quarter decline, but 2.9 percent higher than the same period last year. The residents of future income confidence index 55.3%, flat with the previous quarter, the residents still optimistic about the future income expectations. Third, employment feelings index residents the current employment feelings Index 40.7% quarter on quarter decline by one percentage point, is the highest level of the same period in previous years since 2009. Residents of future employment expectations index 51.3%, it is expected that the future the quarter employment situation “good” or “essentially the same” residents accounted for 70% of the “employment gap” accounted for 11.6%, for the better since 2009, is expected. Fourth, savings,air jordan pas cher, investment, consumer willingness in current prices, interest rates and income levels, 83 percent of urban residents tend to savings (of which, 41% preferred investment bonds, stocks, funds and other “disguised savings, 42% preferred savings deposits “), 17% tend to” More consumer “. The consumer wishes lows, higher savings deposits willingness investment willingness fall. Major investment, select the “Real Estate Investment residents accounted for 22.2%, a decrease of 2,isabel marant sneakers.8 percentage points from the previous quarter, still residents preferred investment. Followed by the “Fund financial products 21.9%, 13.2% of bond investments, 11% of the” equity investment “,” bonds “to replace the” stock “rose to the residents to invest in a third choice. In a wide range of consumer, residents car will remain high, tourism consumption seasonal upswing. Car wishes to 13.2%, small and medium-sized cities to car main; willingness to consume large amounts of goods and Tourism will 25.9% and 29.6%, respectively, higher than the 0.2 and 0.8 percentage points each. The prices expected buyers will the current price level, 74.3% of the residents considered “too high, it is difficult to accept, is consistent with the previous quarter, the higher value since the survey for 2009 (1),sac lancel. (1) the survey from the first quarter of 2009 increased prices, the data series began in the first quarter of 2009. Price movements in the second half of the year, 34.2% of the residents predict prices will remain stable, 25.9% of the predicted “up” (including “up” or “down then up), 18.9% of the predicted” down “(including” down “or” first rose and then dropped “); compared with the previous quarter,abercrombie,” stable “and” unable to determine “the increase in the proportion of residents, both on behalf of more than half of respondents judgment. The next quarter of buyers will residents accounted for 14,mulberry.6%,hollister france, a decrease of 0.8 percentage points quarter on quarter. Related articles: four people separately into the toilet Winsor Wu the arrested suspects Jo

  40. mdhibdcc27

    ‘s mother came out from the house,ナイキ スニーカー, also said the fireworks with son getting married,mulberry, and said that the child is a monkey,グッチ 財布, as people watched the day, says the twelfth lunar month twenty-four more suitable for marriage,mulberry outlet. The police a monkey, then this year it was 20-year-old, less than the age of marriage,air ジョーダン. The police then took out a marriage license, and asks who is its object Which village What is your name Wang,abercrombie france, a face immediately became pale,ジョーダン, talk and prevarication,louboutin pas cher, answer the question,mulberry outlet. Police then asked to be brought to the police station,hollister outlet. At the police station,louboutin, Wang confessed under the guise of marriage,グッチ バッグ, the unauthorized sale of fireworks it,mulberry. 22,abercrombie france, reporters from the the Qingzhou police was informed that Wang has been legally detained by the security.

  41. whsbyjbs28

    ‘s phone, saying blossoming to school after squatting up, pants blood,mulberry outlet. She immediately rushed to the school after the child to the hospital, and they shall be reported to the police. The victim girl have repeatedly seen the surveillance video of the suspect police to the transfer of the school day before 14:08, the blossoming get to school alone,hollister. Blossoming mother recalls, the day before one o’clock,scarpe hogan outlet, the blossoming left home to go to school,mulberry outlet. Blossoming with the police about the far leave the door, she encountered that have seen many times people. Blossoming memories of the man more than 20 years old, wearing a black coat. Prior to that, she worked with the man seen outside the school canteen, “he asked me cold in blossoming. Her way to school every day at noon,hollister outlet, blossoming said, the man could be seen. When asked about the man with her dialogue,louboutin pas cher, blossoming, “he said not to tell people. “He spoke to me, I did not talk to him,abercrombie.” The day before yesterday, the blossoming memories to the police, the man pulled her into a small roadside woods,oakley, “he’re hurting the”. The girl injury doctor to tears yesterday afternoon, Ward, blossoming was lying in bed watching cartoons. The blossoming mom introduced child’s wound bleeding has stopped, but can not get out of bed to walk. Hospital, responsible person,hollister, the blossoming was taken to hospital rescue, vaginal tearing serious,mulberry, heavy bleeding, low blood pressure. The responsible person, to see the child’s injuries,lunettes oakley, and listening to the girl to find her mother, to find her mother! “Auntie, tap!” Call of the presence of all health care workers are tears,hollister paris, feeling shocked, angry. The Chaoyang District police station staff Nangao accepted the case, said the case has been handed over to Interpol. Four o’clock yesterday afternoon, investigators Interpol said police have the transfer of the date of the school gate at the monitor, but not in the monitored area of ​​the incident to the police in accordance with the description of the girl’s looking site, victims of locations needed, etc. go to the scene to identify the girl after discharge . Police have information on victims described the investigation. (Original title: 7-year-old girl the way to school suffered sexual abuse) Related articles: ‘s free. held in Naples September 8

  42. ????

    stealing food” expelled “in the title, reports the Luoyang High-tech Development Zone, a computer company dispose of” stealing food ” employees, the cause labor dispute of the. Recently, the labor dispute arbitration committee of Luoyang High-tech Zone arbitration award in favor of “stealing food” employees. Employer this arbitration dissatisfied with the results, said it would sue to the court,hollister. Employees “stealing food” suffer fried access to arbitration support Luoyang High-tech Development Zone, the person in charge of a computer company Wang introduced, in September last year,The the 44 Carrefour shuttle being damaged _ News, in October, two months of continuous decline in performance of the company. The investigation found that work hours using company computers “stealing food” winds prevalent in employees, the company issued a warning by meeting internal QQ group form,グッチ バッグ. On November 27 last year, the company was found in spot checks employees Lee playing “stealing food” game Subsequently, Lee used work computer archive. The same day, Lee called his resignation. The next day,グッチ, the company that makes the punishment decision: One refused to request the resignation of Lee; expulsion,hollister outlet; suspended its wages, subsidies,abercrombie, bonuses caused to the company, in the three months to six months later, after deducting economic losses,mulberry outlet, issued after the pending handover of the work is completed to eliminate the adverse effects. Luoyang High-tech Zone labor dispute arbitration committee to make the arbitration award,air jordan, the contents include: computer company in November 2009 to pay Lee wage of 688 yuan, according to the labor law, wages should be paid monthly in monetary terms to workers I,The sailing instructors teamed hacker invasion Maritime Bureau official website,air ジョーダン, the wages of workers shall not be deducted or delayed without justification; pay double wages to Lee, the reason is more than a month from the employer since the date of employment not less than one year and conclude a written employment contract, shall apply to the labor The monthly payment of twice his wage. Therefore,グッチ 財布, the applicant (Lee) to be paid by the applicant (computer company) double wages for the period from September 2009 to November 2009. Refuses to accept arbitration company will prosecute to the court employees work time playing games, in violation of company policy,mulberry,s Insurance Bureau dismissed _ news, labor arbitration support staff “Luoyang High-tech Development Zone, the person in charge of a computer company Wang was puzzled, so future employees and then certain conduct in violation of company policy, the company will not deal with. The company refused to accept the results of labor arbitration, and the prosecution to the court. Yesterday, the reporter contacted Lee, turned down any media face-to-face interview,ジョーダン. “The ruling is just,louboutin.” Lee view themselves as online customer service work is Internet contact with customers, playing “stealing food” is normal, also did not affect the work, should not withhold her wages,abercrombie france. That the company disciplined work “stealing food” employees matter the reason caused by the labor dispute, because both sides there is disagreement on the degree of punishment or liable for the size of both employers and employees have differences on the degree of punishment Henan lawyers firm Shao Zhijiang. Company employees to work “stealing food” will give the company losses can discipline workers be given to reduce wages,ナイキ スニーカー, reduce treatment and removal from office, or even termination of labor contracts and labor law measures the extent permitted by the defaulter internal disciplinary, but bear the economic losses caused to the company for work “stealing food”, there is no legal basis for discipline employees.

  43. mmnhaeg1j

    love”, the name of the banner of “marriage” to defraud tens of thousands of dollars. On the 21st from Zhongxian police informed, the fraud suspect Liu (female) has recently gave himself up. In June 2011, the victim Yang and Liu QQ, understanding, along with the chat an increase in the number of the two gradually conversational,mulberry outlet, established shortly after the relationship. In the next year,mulberry outlet, Liu repeatedly fabricated reasons for poor living expenses, travel expenses,abercrombie outlet, the death of my grandfather, married bride price,air jordan, requirements Yang remittances to their bank account is in love “Yang Liu fabricated grounds believed her, and in multiple in Shaoxing,air jordan, Zhejiang, Chongqing Zhongxian to Ryu account into a total of 39,700 yuan in cash. May 28,louboutin pas cher, working in the field, Yang back Zhongxian want and Ryu to discuss the issue of marriage, found that Liu was not at home,hollister france, but workers in Fujian. Upon inquiry, the Ryu father learned that Ryu never returned home, did not talk about with Yang the issue of marriage and family. Near Ryu again linked to Yang, refused to recognize the phone Ryu had received Yang belongings and bride price issue,hollister outlet, when Yang realized cheated,abercrombie, then to the the Zhongxian three sinks police station to report. The police to take the case, quickly organized police retrieved Yang QQ chats and Ryu bank records, verification grounds Ryu concocted,mulberry. Analysis through visits investigation and merits,abercrombie france, the police found that Liu has a major crime suspects, then in the June 2 online pursuit suspect Liu,chaussures air jordan. Since then, the police repeatedly Ryu relatives legal propaganda and ideological education,abercrombie, urged to persuade Liu as soon as possible to give themselves up. On the afternoon of June 19, Liu gave himself up accompanied by their parents,air jordan pas cher, confessed to the crime in its guise of marriage fraud Yang money. At present, the suspect Liu has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. Related articles: I have no objection.” “In the morning the need and the Times this disease a few years

  44. mdhocfie20

    ‘s brother only to a telephone inquiry, addition to Yang Tianfang,mulberry, he did not have any people who can be relied upon,mulberry outlet. Leave him, he is a dead end a weight of only 90 pounds of emaciated woman alone to take care of a 170 kilos of patients with hemiplegia can imagine how hard. Acquaintance with Yang Tianfang said, anyway, not to get a marriage license, and quickly leave. Yang Tianfang cry: “I’m gone, he is a dead end, I can not do it.” Large hospitals and expensive the Yang Tianfang decided to find a small clinic to try. After discharge, Yang Tianfang wheelchair pushing him down the street looking for clinics, private hospitals ask,グッチ バッグ, but the answer are about the same: “alive,hollister, this disease incurable,hollister outlet. Noon on October 15, 2011, Yang Tianfang pushing Feng Yong found Wuhan Li Chinese medicine clinic,abercrombie france, dean Hou Lixin see this skinny little girl adhere care the disease wreck shaped fiance was very moved, he promised free Feng Yong treatment, administration has been insisting to the present. More than a year past, the original can not move, do not know anyone Feng Yong gradually recovered, he can be helped to walk and communicate, thinking kinda agility. Disinfection equipment, Feng Yong, pointing to the balcony did not sell yesterday told reporters: “Well, I was a dry line of work, to make money, Fong to live a better life,mulberry.” He insists on not selling: I just want a home but, in reality, is not optimistic. This past year, the two live subsidize parents rely on home. According Gufeng Yong, she did not go home in two years, the Spring Festival, the third day of the first month this year, the father at home and broke his arm, and more difficult for aid to them. She advised Feng Yong, sold the house to go home with her. Feng Yong flatly refused: Even dead,louboutin pas cher, but also to get the house to stay. Yang Tianfang nothing culture, can only do manual labor, but Feng Yong inseparable from the people to take care of, can not go out to make money. A few days ago, Hou Lixin Yang Tianfang even find that they want to sell their kidneys “, denounced that” nonsense, ignorance of the law “. Back with a Feng Yong said he immediately began to cry. Recently, Feng Yong Chang said, if the body is no longer to restore,abercrombie france, “I want to go its own way”, meaning to go and look dead. Yang Tianfang not allow him to say anything at night, she was hiding in the house a cry: so hard all survive, now seeing the recovery was good, you really want to die due to no money to go and look Why determined not to sell life important or important house The reporter asked Feng Yong. He suddenly extra excitement, shouted: “The house is sold,louboutin, alive Han Jin ambiguous ” Said Yang Tianfang Feng Yong had told her, the house is his first rest of my life trying to hard outcomes,louboutin pas cher, filled with the idea of ​​”home” want to sell the house also completed the loan, and the rest of the money could not hold it long,mulberry, to when the body no recovery,abercrombie, it is really no. Yesterday, Hou Lixin specializes rush to send medicine, money and, I hope they stick to it, he said, if we can hold on a year or so of treatment, rehabilitation,abercrombie, may restore themselves to even return to society. But how to adhere to Feng Yong recovery that day, Yang Tianfang confused. This adversity on the couple never betray, but the reality of the plight of the plain, and how to do them Kindly readers, do you have any good suggestions that can help them Willing to lend pull them out it Can call our hotline 82333333 or Login Sina microblogging @ bricks Shaw, talk about your ideas. Reporter Xiao Juan (original title: girlfriend want to Sellers cure fiance was fierce opposition)

  45. vsohbh0vedsb

    ​​yesterday around 13:40, Yuanmingyuan West staged road for Speed ​​a black Chery Lianzhuang the 4 car deformation scrapped. The accident caused two injuries, Yuanmingyuan West Road congestion 1 hour and 40 minutes. Haidian police, the driver of the vehicle to grab car driving,ray ban lunettes, has been controlled, the accident is still under investigation. The two men were trapped inside the van,last call has been unanswered., according to the Yuanmingyuan fire squadron rescue workers around 13:40 yesterday, Yuanmingyuan West Road,ray ban lunettes, Haidian District, occurred with 5 cars Lianzhuang to traffic accidents. According to eyewitnesses, the incident occurred, Yuanmingyuan West Road, Haidian District, from north to south of the main road,ray ban, a black Chery cars with two cars cut rub, crossed the road with oncoming bus cut rub, since a van collided. Firefighters to the scene to introduce, damaged van front, right leg fracture male driver and another man was wounded in the leg, the two men trapped under the vehicle, fortunately no life-threatening. Rescue workers used hydraulic rescue tools van trunk ripper, less than 5 minutes, rescued the two trapped men, 999 to the hospital. According to reports, the incident causing car drivers fled,ray ban sunglasses, leaving vehicles scrapped in situ deformation constant oil spills. Yuanmingyuan West Road accident caused traffic congestion,abercrombie pas cher. The driver was robbed the accident car returned to Beijing Haidian police, around 13:40 yesterday received 110 alarm Nongda South near to a Hebei licenses Chery cars robbed,sac lancel. Alarm Bureau Command Center police checking the rapid mobilization of peripheral. After 15 minutes, the police patrol car snatching control,hogan outlet,you can go home for the weekend. This man was the accident Chery car driver,abercrombie. Police said the colleagues of the driver of the vehicle, the driver was male sent to Hebei Travel, Hebei, found that the psychosis, then Guju ready to return to Beijing. Way back to Beijing, the people are not prepared to take advantage of the peer-person, drive the truck to run on the way met with 3 car cut rub occurs, collided with a car accident caused two people were injured,ray ban pas cher. Around 15:30 yesterday, the congested roads to restore flow. At present, the accident is still under investigation. Crash on ■ comic scene,abercrombie france, such as the blockbuster movie “5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the accident vehicle has been towed,abercrombie paris, the section of the incident on the road, scattered debris and grease leaving accident vehicles. Like blockbuster movies! Witnesses Mr. Xu recalled the time of the incident, a black Chery cars from north to south lane jump, has cut rub two cars, “speed is very fast,ray ban pas cher.” car slanting into the oncoming lane, and rub cut the oncoming bus, “I heard the grinding sound of the two vehicles cut rub strident.” Chery cars, however, did not stop, but continue to move forward, a head-on collision vans. Van bumper fall, before the face deformed. “At this time, Mr,oakley,certainly had a drink. Xu see Chery cars scrapped” tragic story “: the front cover off, windshield broken, the right side of the vehicle body” did not look, “the doors off the right front wheel twisted. “It’s so thrilling, I heard a lot of cars in the vicinity of honk.” Mr. Xu said.

  46. sobhw8hsuha

    ‘s wheelchair, prevent wheelchairs dumping passengers injured, Ms Chu insisted forcibly entered the boarding bridges, and got hold of the door handle, repeatedly push or pull. Led to his fall from the wheelchair. After service company staff found of Ms Chu elbow boarding bridges crawling abrasions, immediately notify the airport first-aid station,ray ban uk. Staff Ms Chu hold a wheelchair,abercrombie, and implementation to check Hashiguchi pressure due to the ground with a metal bar staff to stop the wheelchair, ready to be carried out of the wheelchair, but Ms Chu suddenly threw himself to the ground,ray ban, and fell into a wheelchair, after airport ground staff re help on wheelchairs, sent to the staff lounge. The airport aid station staff Ms Chu physical examination and treatment of minor abrasions. About 15:00, Ms Chu came close to the first class lounge of Terminal For forcibly boarded boarding are boarding gate on the 11th the CA1468 flight (Kunming – Changsha – Tianjin), Ms Chu tried to force boarding, and many wheelchair collision police, later more and more excited about the mood of the traveler, the hand stays in the wheelchair armrest, upper body pour out, want to fall to the ground, police rushed to cling to its hand to pull together with a guardianship. live, to prevent its falling off the wheelchair, but Ms Chu police and guardianship scratch and bite, resulting in two hands were injured. Struggling process, Ms Chu fell off from the wheelchair. Since then, Ms Chu does not allow staff to hold on to a wheelchair and with head slammed into the glass doors and walls. In order to prevent Zhu Lanying that hurt their own behavior, the staff body compartment between travelers and glass door, stop persuasion. Ms Chu travelers insisted then crept forward and pulled past travelers affected the normal order of the airport. Until 15:41, Guandu District, Kunming Trade and Industry Bureau, Consumer Affairs Center staff in airport came to the scene mediation, Juran customers agree with its separate exchange. By staff hold a quarantine sent to the BGS frequent flyer lounge,ray ban sunglasses. Li Yi said, the airport video surveillance video recorded the incident, the whole process has been clear. During the interview, Lee Yi repeatedly said that taking into account the other is disabled,abercrombie paris, only given a verbal warning to its excesses, airport police officers and ground service personnel have to make every possible effort to ensure the personal safety of travelers with disabilities, to avoid excesses led to the injury. Kunming airport: to give medical aid humanitarian assistance to travelers rational activist Never behaving aggressively the Kunming airport party work Minister Guopei Song told reporters informed about special infant and Zhu Lanying Not Carriage. October 8, a paraplegic passenger Ms Chu plans to take the airlines EU2224 flight in Chengdu, Kunming to Chengdu, the travelers before purchasing a ticket not to Chengdu Airlines issued a health certificate and took the opportunity to apply for and according to the civil aviation passengers, baggage domestic transportation rules Chengdu Airlines is not relevant provisions of the Carriage. After failing to flight, the passengers emotional, repeatedly clogging the boarding gate, want to forcibly boarding and prevent other flights passenger boarding, forced entry into the aircraft to prevent the traveler duty at the scene police officers and airport guardianship staff its discourage, dissuade process, the traveler fell from the wheelchair slipped. After receiving the live report, the the Yunnan Airport Ground Services, Airport relevant departments immediately rushed to the scene disposal. In the fall of the travelers, airport staff immediately notify airport emergency center medical staff of its sent to check travelers hospital of Kunming method and 43 hospitals to do a comprehensive inspection of the body. Hospital diagnosed record: 1, spine with paraplegia; 2,sac lancel, scalp hematoma; sacral decubitus. Travelers take the EU2224 flights Ms Chu, belonging to Chengdu Airlines, the Yunnan Airport Ground BGS as Chengdu Airlines ground agent, after the event, the first time communication links with Chengdu Airlines and service standards and authorization by airlines Chengdu range to fulfill the corresponding duties. October 8 failed to materialize after consultation with Chengdu Airlines Contact Gaiqian flights to Chengdu twice, and provides related services. Two out of humanitarian concern, and twice to send travelers a doctor,ray ban. The arranged accommodation from October 8 to 12, hand Chaperone arrangements between the 8th and the 11th,hollister. According to the civil aviation passengers, baggage domestic transportation Rules and Chengdu airline business letter, consider the particularity of the travelers, on the matter handled as follows: 1, out of a concern for humanity and, after consultation with Chengdu Airlines for passengers provide room and board from October 8 to 13. , Ticket, the passenger ticket is valid for one year, until 0:00 am on October 9, 2012, to, in the meantime, if you need to use the ticket, in advance to apply,abercrombie france, Chengdu Airlines will be the carrier at the same time in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority the relevant provisions of the disabled passenger transport in advance to prepare, to ensure the safe transport; ticket can unconditionally Gaiqian; If you would like to request a refund, the airline will waive the fee refund, should seek refunds for travelers. 3, taking into account the actual situation, Yunnan Airport BGS will be given a certain amount of humanitarian relief, and help resolve the father of the traveler to accompany the ticket back to Chengdu. The above views of Yunnan Airport Ground Services Company has inform themselves and their guardians at noon on October 13. Entire event handling Yunnan CDPF, public security bureau of civil airports. Finally, the Kunming Airport sincerely hope that Ms Chu travelers take reasonable, rational rights, we must not behaving aggressively. Citizens if there is any violation of state laws and regulations, and will bear the legal consequences. Paraplegia travelers: resolutely deny their behavior excesses require airport airlines at 16:00 on the 13th or so senior a written apology, the reporter in the Kunming airport the second floor of the airport near the main desk to see Miss Zhu Lanying, his father and three of the blind pulled up at the scene to write “I want to see the red and white banner airport leadership I want Zhishangling the I want to go home I want justice, justice” and narrative roughly, Miss Zhu Lanying also arrayed in front of the hospital the injury medical certificate photocopy and covered with red seal Kunming airport reply letter, part of tourists crowd the scene. Reporter saw the identification results from the French hospital in Kunming: head CT no exception; Zhu bone taken no fracture. Diagnostic views: 1,ray ban lunettes, scalp hematoma neural response in the body after trauma; 2, the elbows soft tissue contusion; 3, the right sacral hips soft tissue contusion; 4 paraplegic; 5, the right sacral hip at tenderness (scab). Reporter first Miss Zhu Lanying describes things in detail after the narrative with the Kunming airport communications have greater access. Ms Chu said in the narrative excesses boarding process, not hinder other passenger boarding, just do according to their own past experience. “She said:” In the past, fly airlines own body, are not informed in advance case smoothly own boarding the Kunming airport, not only by the Chengdu airlines refuse to carry, and the Kunming airport through security, also did not provide her take advantage of special wheelchair. the lead right callosum hip soft tissue contusion,louboutin, four uniformed staff in an attempt to board the plane fell to the ground after being dragged due. “After reporters asked the Miss Zhu Lanying incident so far, what are the requirements and intend to, she said:” At present, his body is not , symptoms mainly dizziness, wound be healing, hope Kunming airport cure injuries,ray ban lunettes. requirements Kunming Airport the president Liu (Liu actually Yunnan Airport Group President) and Chengdu airline executives to give a written apology because the airport has been their indifferent “Ms. Chu that the relevant provisions in the current civil aviation management regulations should be modified to facilitate wheelchair travelers independent opportunity.” “denial of one thousand dollars of the Kunming airport humanitarian assistance, economic claim after the 13th Kunming airport will no longer provide free airport hotel accommodation for Miss Zhu Lanying and father, Ms Chu this very unhappy. Speaking of the why to give up the original back to Chengdu their grandfather funerals, and adhere to reside in Kunming airport a few days, Ms Chu said the move not to individuals, but this way, and called on the community to give more care for the disabled . Ms Chu said, when asked whether it should take the normal legal channels to resolve disputes, legal means alone may be caused widespread concern in society, not only through their own struggle to raise the network as well as the reality recognized. Scene, three from Guizhou blind man sitting in the airport baggage car, pull up banners. Reporters chat with one of the blind, learned that he Jiao Yang Chiu progenitor, from Guizhou Panxian, by word of mouth, they learned this thing. Today is a special trip by train rushed Kunming support Ms Chu. Before they did not know (Ms Chu is owned in the County of Sichuan Province), and just came Kunming airport to find Ms Chu. The reporter asked if he knows what is written on the banner, Yang Chao-zu thought for a moment and said “I know to see leadership, the other does not know. Mr. Yang told reporters produce business cards, printed with the words “predict the future and the past”. Reporters in the interview, from the presence of the local television stations and the central level Zhudian news agency reporters while conducting interviews. To 19:30, the reporter interviewed before they leave, Ms. Zhu, five people, is still in the field vertically banners, to tell onlookers,louboutin pas cher. Both events detailed representation of the difference is too large, the matter is still considerable disagreement about the latest progress of the matter, Yunnan network reporters will continue to concern. Related regulations: “Regulations on the Protection of airports in Yunnan Province Chapter airport operator security Article 28 Airport control zone following acts are prohibited: clogged airport security, boarding, emergency, such as freight, fire channel; force their way onto aircraft accounted for the provisions of Article 34 of the civil aviation passengers, baggage domestic transportation Rules “unaccompanied children, sick travelers, pregnant women, the blind, the deaf or prisoners special travelers only in line with the carrier (aviation company) under the conditions specified by the carrier prior consent to make necessary arrangements for the rear I carried. patients with infectious diseases, mental illness or health condition that may endanger themselves or affect the safety of other passengers, passengers, the carrier is not the carrier in accordance with national the relevant provisions can not be passengers flown, the carrier is entitled to refuse the opportunity to have purchased the ticket a voluntary refund processing. “Air Transport of Persons with Disabilities (Trial)” Chapter II Article VIII “When the carrier refused due to security reasons provide transportation for people with disabilities have take advantage of the conditions, the reasons for refusal should have take advantage of the conditions of persons with disabilities requested to provide a written explanation, the carrier shall refuse to carry 10 days. ” Related articles: these crocodile meat is not wild ‘s wild three the Chengguan one entertainment venues The trucks roll Zadao roadside walls buried woman _ News _

  47. op09872x5n

    ‘s license, drove away drunk nephew ” Dong skin Jun, son of the deceased, questioned. During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday,oakley lunettes, Xinyang City Law, deputy secretary of the River District, Wang industry units Bus drive it home, ready for the big nephew marriage. Ong Yi Qiang, Wang industry nephew drunk in the evening of September 11, privately the car out and hit the pedestrian Directors thick along,oakley, instantly killing. Yesterday, reporters from River District Committee, District Government has learned that the Xinyang City River District Commission for Discipline Inspection has set up an investigation group to begin investigating the matter. 【Live he was knocked down by a car bolted “At that time, my father with his pail over the zebra crossing,mulberry outlet, is a mad rush of cars knocked down ……” the daughter of the deceased Dong Chunyan said, choking back tears, “I received the phone from his brother rush car accident, has gone to the scene around 11:00 on the evening of September 11,oakley pas cher, the Board skin Jun taxi parked in a nearby parking Hsin Road after passing through a diesel engine plant in front of sections, see the accident happened I drove up to view, I did not expect the 65-year-old father had been hit. Verified】 perpetrators of drink driving without a license killed passers escape Wang industry said the early morning of September 12, he received a phone call,hollister, and was informed of the news the Henan SEF717 car accident only know two nephews Yiqiang secretly drove away. “I now regret should the units of the car to go home!” At 2 am on September 12,abercrombie pas cher, Wang Yiqiang gave himself up,ray ban lunettes, tested their blood alcohol content for 92.4mg/100ml. Xinyang City Public Security Traffic Police Detachment accident handling Brigade issued by the traffic accident Confirmation identified, at 10:53 p.m. on September 11,louboutin, Wang Yi-Qiang not obtain disqualification of drink-driving Directors thick along collided, resulting in directors thick Shun died on the spot. Wang Yiqiang car fled the scene after the accident. [Cause of] nephew married deputy secretary Wang Bus open home industry said they that night to raise $ 10 million next morning rushed to the traffic police team to prepare in advance for compensation to the injured party, but the two sides did not reach an agreement. “This car really is the bus unit driving accident is my second nephew Yiqiang I should not leave the bus it home!” Wang industry, told reporters, September 9,ray ban, his nephew wedding day,air jordan, consider possible car,hogan, his unit’s drive back home. Questioned bus how can drive it home the private car units, how to make a drunk and undocumented persons driving “Puzzled by the family of the deceased. After the incident, River District Politics and Law Committee staff numerous experiences of finding the family of the deceased and discuss compensation matters. “But they only said that all the responsibility of the car accident in the perpetrators,ray ban, Politics and Law Committee.” For River District Politics and Law Committee, saying, Dong skin Jun questioned, as the affiliation of the vehicle due to lax management of vehicles before the cause of the accident, Should not it be liable for it “Yesterday, the reporter learned from River District Committee, District Government was informed, after the incident, the principal leaders of the district committee and government immediately instructed the relevant departments to set up an investigation group to properly handle the aftermath of the presence of Gongjusiyong problem, by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection to proceed immediately to investigate,oakley. Related articles: especially the slogan “prohibited” ‘clock yesterday afternoon missing” and not “victims”.

  48. wiobgh78nu3

    ‘s second the pigs transferred out of the county, slaughter pigs in 2010 reached 2.2 million. Some kind of Zhengyang County farms to customers immunization program table show that as many as 11 kinds of the field recommend that customers vaccine injection in piglet period. Wen-gang Although vaccines generally do not like antibiotic drugs as leaving a harmful residue, but for high-quality pigs, the vaccine played little as possible,hogan outlet. Conservation: feed mixed with antibiotics piglets born by sows will be obtained from the milk of antibodies and antibiotics to improve their immunity and survival rate. Wen-gang large modern farms, generally do not need to piglet feed mixed with drugs, the mortality rate can be controlled within 5%. However, the small and poor conditions of pig farms, can only rely on plus mix of antibiotics, to improve the survival rate. “If you do not mix antibiotics, some pig piglet mortality as high as 30% -40%, and fed antibiotics, mortality can be reduced to 6% -7%.” Said Wen-gang. These tetracyclines, macrolides, sulfonamides, fluoroquinolones and other antibiotics generally include as many as a dozen specific drugs,ray ban lunettes. Medical treatment: abuse people drugs open farms in northern Henan Wang Ho said, because the fake veterinary drugs of multi poor efficacy, when cure to the swine,hollister france, many veterinary drugs employing drugs instead, standing Green streptomycin, security is nearly cephalosporin class of drugs. In addition, in order to improve the efficacy, he often to three times the normal dose of swine injection drugs. According to the investigation by the reporter,louboutin pas cher, which is particularly common in small farms. Professor Li Wengang in a pig farm, see the pigs were injected three or four drugs deaths, in fact, one is enough to save lives. Wen-gang found that the addition to the abuse of human medicine, the old-fashioned penicillin in the pig has been minimal, on behalf of the new cephalosporins and streptomycin drugs. Wen-gang, said the state boundaries of human medicine and veterinary medicine, the column dedicated directory, many drugs non-string with. But in rural farms,oakley uk, human medicine to the pig with the situation is quite common. In addition, the pigs before slaughter have a few days to one month withdrawal period, the vast majority of drug residues to allow the pig metabolism of the body. However,abercrombie paris, industry sources said, the this system demanding regulatory standards of the livestock sector, and “In fact, in many farms can not be achieved.” Dress: Hello heavy metals of Zhengyang County a pig broker said, the county has a lot of farmers gave the pig feed mix organic arsenic and copper sulfate,ray ban, so the pig looks fur luminous, defecation black and pigs in a semi-state of intoxication. Wen-gang explains, arsenic, copper sulfate, chromium, zinc, etc. Add as trace elements, is allowed in pig. Arsenic, for example, is highly toxic, but trace amounts of arsenic can make pig weight gain, improve the color of fur,ray ban sunglasses, and treatment of protozoal diseases. However, the heavy metal elements are added, must be strictly dosage,ray ban. The Clenbuterol long pig industry’s open secret. A Henan Province, livestock officials said, in the early 1990s, clenbuterol as an innovative technology, widely disseminated in all. Wen-gang, clenbuterol is not unique to the pig industry in Henan, with the lack of effective supervision of small farms and backyard farmers. Pig industry: the interests of kidnapping the end of 2008, the Zhengyang pig detection of ractopamine Wuhan ordered to prohibit market within three months. This let the pig industry pillar Zhengyang County quite shock. Since then, the Zhengyang on detection of clenbuterol,oakley. But in the number of farmers, without instructions from their superiors, the livestock sector can not be located on the most basic level of the Chief, also were unable to 24 hours a day, every pigsty DingShou. Reporter survey found that farmers fed pigs eat the clenbuterol, mainly by two aspects of abetting: pig stall and feed suppliers,abercrombie france. Local pig industry know, pig traders closing pig, pigs fed clenbuterol than not feeding the pound can sell more than a corner of a dime or two. This means that a pig weighing more than 100 kilograms, can sell more than 30 dollars to 40 dollars, equivalent to almost one-tenth of the whole pig profit. Pig stall if you get a certificate issued by the quarantine departments instruments, will be unified at high prices sold to butchers. Butchers butcher for meat, bright color and looks very strong build lean meat, a pound more than the fat to sell a few dollars. Zhengyang County pig brokers Wu Fei also found in after clenbuterol popular, farmers and pig traders almost kidnapped: farmers do not feed clenbuterol, the pig is likely to not sell; pig traders do not charge lean meat fine pig, is likely to be received by pigs. The harm of clenbuterol, the beginning is not known for farmers. The Zhengyang the the bronze bell Town, Wang Zhaicun villagers I New River had raised a few years ago through the sixties and seventies pigs. According to the recall, buy a lot of feed, feed free to give him a few packs of clenbuterol, said the pigs eat easy to sell “,” 2 two flour mixed with 1000 kg feed,louboutin. Group of pig slaughter yet, suddenly suffering from the disease, and almost all died. He still strange, exactly what those clenbuterol Riga, pig loves to eat. According to the “Nanfang Dushi Bao” Repeated clenbuterol event, pork there is a security gap. Zhengzhou Animal Husbandry Engineering College, Head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Wen-gang, some Chinese pigs after they are born,ray ban uk, they began a tour of the “poisoning” throughout its short life. Related articles: the means September 30 and then smashes watermelons was driving

  49. bjsdfajdfka

    ‘hummingbird’ will make full use of the principle of bionics in micro air vehicle aerodynamics and energy conversion efficiency, endurance and maneuverability make a breakthrough, will improve military reconnaissance capabilities in urban environments. “propulsion and control system into difficulty the U.S,abercrombie. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency project manager Matt Cannon said,” hummingbird “research and development of ultra-miniature ornithopter still faces some of the obstacles, the propulsion system and control system is the biggest challenge. In the second stage of research and development, the researchers will work to extend the aircraft flight mileage, reduce the size, weight and noise, to ensure that the aircraft before and after the flight from the rotation to the flexible conversion. American aerospace environment, the company said, they plan to come up with the final research results in 2010. Founded in 1971, American aerospace environment is a high-tech company specializing in unmanned flight systems and efficient electric energy R & D sales, the main U,abercrombie.S. military small and micro-UAV system logistics supply and service providers. ■ News Links Micro UAV street fighting skills the U.S,abercrombie france. military would use micro UAV to improve the level of battlefield information, small size, light weight MAVs areas very invisibility in the visual, noise and radar reflectivity section. The city streets combat aircraft between buildings, the roof on the windowsill observed assailants hidden in the corner room, which soldiers warning the block to perform tasks, the to avoid soldiers attacked casualties,louboutin. Over the years,mulberry, the U,air jordan.S,ray ban pas cher. Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has been committed to R & D “hummingbird” or “large insect” type of aircraft used in outdoor or indoor the secret city action mission “to enhance the level of battlefield information. Based on its vision, miniature unmanned aerial vehicles like insects perched on a corner of the returns, the picture and sound of ambient console kilometer away, and even used to install a small listening devices. It can also target tracking, the victories assessment, communications relay or detecting nuclear,isabel marant, raw,louboutin pas cher, chemical substances and other tasks,lancel, eventually developed a highly intelligent, capable of fully autonomous flight of unmanned aerial vehicles,air jordan pas cher. It is not clear such flapping wing aircraft relative to the miniature helicopter to What superiority,ray ban sunglasses, such as engine blades only 4-inch PD-100 the black wasp nano helicopter. But Pentagon, insect-like micro UAV has more advantages in technology and research prospects. (Wu-ni) Related articles: 19 Chinese tourists missing in South Korea in the forum Humou responded that

  50. dkhfinn68

    ‘s bitter end of last year,abercrombie, drugged his wife with a hammer,hogan outlet, screwdriver driven into its head to death. The Court of First Instance found the king means brutal, but considering that he turned himself in after the incident and aging, 22, commutation sentenced to nine years in prison in accordance with the murder. But king of bent on for wanting to die, to listen to sentenced to after the for his anger and to choke an Why do not of the judges be sentenced to death, stressed that the will be the on the aspirations of dead of,chaussures air jordan. Source: Jiangxi TV “Morning News” According to reports, Wang Jingxi two sons living in the United States, and his wife Sun Yuanping (79 years old) patients with Parkinson’s,air jordan pas cher, and after the Mid-Autumn Festival last year and broke hip, required a wheelchair by the king of nursing care,abercrombie. The king could not bear his beloved wife by pain and suffering, actually planning to personally let his wife “euthanasia”. December 5 last year, Mr. Wang wrote in the blog,mulberry outlet, “king of the old man said to the old woman answered the king, wife in Cardiff before death is a blessing of an old wife, Wang old woman said sympathy Yan,hogan, if necessary, to kill her is”. On December 26 the same year, 0900, the the Wangs residence came heard shrill screams, Wang Jingxi call the police immediately surrendered. Police officers arrived at the scene was surprised to find the king The the wife Qijueshenwang, the head actually stuck a screwdriver all gone into the skull, and 9 cm metal parts. Wang Jingxi admits the morning before his own hands for his beloved wife omelette, plus hot dogs and bread deemed wife last meal,air jordan femme, feeding wife after breakfast, cheat wife dose 4 FM2 sleeping pills, hold her to the window after the wife sleeping sit facing the sun, then hammer to knock the screwdriver into his forehead, to see his wife pain to the shouting woke, he is also forced to continue to knock the screwdriver into the skull and stir 14 minutes after his wife breathe. Wang Jingxi stand trial insisted that he had pleaded guilty, but there is nothing wrong with 20-30 years ago with his wife to reach a consensus, if the illness is unable to take care of themselves living on euthanasia, the wife did not oppose, also emphasized by the pain and could not bear to see his beloved wife before the end of its life. Wang Jingxi court choked murder Paizhuo broadside system, and breakfast through euthanasia policy, why his own hands his wife killed, asking the judge to be sentenced to death, otherwise let him out, he was not flee is suicide. Court Full Court that the wife of the king to die in pain,louboutin, Wang Jingxi hearing the emotions also repeatedly fluctuations tranquility, the dead can not be reborn, can not be eligible for the consolation of living,hollister, he called euthanasia, pain attitudes are incompatible with long pain as short,hollister france, finds that he committed should be at tion of homicide in more than 10 years, but the judgment of his surrendered over the age of 80 years old, according to the law commutation twice prosecution asking the lighter sentence, and therefore sentenced to nine years in prison,mulberry. (China Taiwan Roderick Woo) Related articles: louboutin pas cher 53 years old hogan outlet 010-59958811 mulberry premature birth

  51. 02u69x78g6

    ‘s Court of the concern of the CPPCC National Committee members kidnapping extortion case open verdict. The defendant Huangchu Wing,toms outlet, Qujia Ping was sentenced to life imprisonment and confiscation of all personal property,abercrombie france; defendant Gong Guan Wan was sentenced to 17 years in prison and fined 500,ray ban pas cher,000 yuan; the defendant Xiao Ben Ng,abercrombie, Zhang Yuanxi, Ye expansion was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, a fine of around $ 500,000,The two teachers to pay gambling debts kidnapped t,oakley. The court found that: 18 am on January 11,oakley lunettes,Experts said prices of provincial GDP, exceeding the 5.7 tri, 2009, in Qujia Ping premeditated,abercrombie france, Huang Chu Wing et al legal representative of a local coal mine, the county CPPCC members Su Hua (a pseudonym) kidnapping,abercrombie pas cher. Gong Kwan Wan steal the Suhua car 1 million in cash and a camera worth 7890 yuan,abercrombie paris. January 13,oakley lunettes,The men dissatisfied ex-girlfriend broke up spilled sulfuric, Su Hua’s family members, in accordance with the requirements of the yellow early Wing et al 3,hollister,190,hogan,000 yuan sent to their designated locations. Huang Chu Wing release Su Hua,ray ban. The court also finds Huang Chu-rong (handled separately) planned coal mine in the town after the fact of attempted extortion Fuyuan county in February 2006, together with others.

  52. uis7vw15ki

    Related articles: “Government Takao I have no opinion but still very happy the couple returned home ​​second-degree burns to the right ear third-degree burns, had to cut bald a hair. 15 million medical expenses paid in advance, the person in charge of the show-off yesterday issued a statement publicly apologize to this unexpected event caused injury to Ms. Lee, and strongly urge the perm machine manufacturers to recall the same model with the “accident equipment the same batch perm machine. The same time, are suffering psychological and physical damage of Ms. Lee to “show-off” officially raised 100 million price claims Currently, the two parties on the follow-up treatment, and the issue of compensation is to start negotiations. ■ event playback perm suddenly overhead flames Nanjing public Ms. Lee is a wallpaper designer and chief financial officer of the company, over 30 years old, she had an enviable hair shawl. But yesterday, the reporter was seen wearing a cap of Ms. Lee, when the hat removed after a scarred bald out there in front of people. Speaking of his hair was destroyed in the terrorist the perm machine “experience, Ms. Lee is still a lingering fear. In the afternoon of January 8 this year, Ms. Lee to Longjiang New Town Plaza, watching movies, due from the screenings will take some time, she decided to go to have their hair cut. Prior to Ms. Lee heard from my friends “show off new like design center” (hereinafter referred to as “show-off”), so they came to “show off” the Longjiang shop requires haircut to repair a hierarchy, incidentally, do some hair care inverted membrane, she was The the the clerk lead to the second floor, an assistant looked very good hair, her hair suggested that she simply be a Korean perm, also said the potion and machinery are imported from Korea and value for money. Ms. Lee and ask the price of 2000 yuan feel can accept, so accept each other’s proposals. Subsequently, the female assistant help Ms,abercrombie. Lee curls on syrup, also introduced the perm process scalp will be hot, this is a normal phenomenon, this plus a small pad back to Ms. Lee and Ms. Lee rolled hair through electricity. Soon, Ms. Lee feel the temperature rising rapidly, accompanied by pain and burning sensation lasts about three minutes, she felt unbearable, so call to a female assistant. Female assistant picked up a hairdryer to her head blowing cold air, but blowing blowing,hollister, I heard someone shouting “fire”,mulberry, Ms. Lee looked in the mirror to see yourself the head flames female assistant ran scared downstairs as people go. Ms. Lee quickly calm down to save themselves, her hand to cover your face, to prevent the flames leap up into his face, one hand stretched out to unplug the power outlet, this time the flames jump up high, her clothes burned. Unplug the power, Ms. Lee was tripping over your power cord, Yan, general manager of the show-off center after hearing the news, rushed to the second floor, and holds her to the edge of a pool to stop to help her with cold water rinse, straight to the hair when flushing under the swap. This process lasted about 20 minutes, Manager Yan has been comforted her,mulberry outlet. Lee felt right ear burning stop flushing, 120 ambulance rushed to the scene, Ms. Lee rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. That night, the shop came to Hanzhong Gate police station and reported the matter. ■ serious head injury second-degree burns, “show-off” advanced 150,000 due the day of the incident is the weekend, and have to wait until next Monday outpatient emergency. Continue to heal, Ms. Li’s family after hearing the news from Beijing arrived in Nanjing proposed to Beijing’s best hospitals for treatment. Taking into account the the the head burns may not on aircraft, and take the train or drive back to Beijing the long-distance Lawton,abercrombie outlet, Ms. Lee and his family decided to heal nearby, in Nanjing the four hundred fifty-four hospital treatment. In the hospital during the treatment, the general manager of one of the “show-off” often go to the hospital to see 15 million paid in advance and the cost of treatment. In the hospital, the doctors found that two-thirds of Ms. Lee head area of ​​second degree burns, the right ear and third-degree burns. Treated the next day, Ms. Lee’s face and head appear ulceration, swelling, inflammation,hogan outlet, fever, right ear deformation exposed cartilage, earlobe missing face large area burns,hogan, even her hand burns after the blisters . Wound healing takes six months time, was to be on the drug, and the time of year can not stay in the hair, so Ms. Lee is a day not only suffered burns painful, but also bear the psychological blow. “I have a mirror at home all away, and not let her see, once they see her throw tantrums.” Ms. Lee’s husband Lee told reporters, love is a designer and chief financial officer of the company, before the accident contact with customers every day, the matter after work to a complete standstill, and a lot of churn, the company’s business plummeted, whether individuals or companies, the loss is not small. In addition, Ms. Lee are physical scars, head of alopecia areata and the next kind of hair, skin graft also need large sums of money. ■ injured party: one million claims otherwise, see you in court after the incident, caused by Ms. Lee Hair fire the perm service personnel rushed to the scene. According to the Shanghai Xing bolon service personnel, machine production company in Guangzhou, they analyze the accident instrument short circuit may cause. Reporters learned that the husband of Mrs. the Nanjing show off new like design center Longjiang Branch has acknowledged that this product does not have any proof of the certificate of origin and the factory, such as industrial and commercial license. Mr. Lee told reporters that, after this thing happened, the permanent psychological damage caused by his lover. “Show-off” attitude more responsible after the incident, but also advance advance a portion of the medical costs, but if you want a thorough treatment of the physical and psychological harm brought good burn, take a long time. After the incident they recruited experts from the field,chaussures air jordan, 150,000 of the cost is already running out. Therefore, Mr. Lee is a $ 1 million claim to “show off”. “Show-off” their claims to be a clear answer, but said that this problem will be resolved through legal channels. Lee believes that happened in the “show-off” of the store, but their equipment and medicine does Chemical Co., Ltd. by the Shanghai Xing bolon fine total distribution, Nanjing Qiao Weier hair products company is also the distributor Therefore, he think that these parties have a corresponding responsibility, he would “show off” if the claims are not met, the matter be resolved through litigation, sellers and agents together to court. For this stage, he said “show-off” should not be entangled in the issue of money, but should actively help him together to cure his wife’s illness. ■ “show-off”: a public apology yesterday, asked to recall the incident perm machine yesterday morning,air jordan, the person in charge of the “show-off”, accompanied by a lawyer, law firm, Ms. Lee’s accidental injuries to the media statement. Yan said the total damage caused by the accident Ms. Lee, as the operator, they apologize. The occurrence of such a thing, purely cases, they hope that Ms. Lee can propose a mutually acceptable solution. Shop CLC, after the incident that they take a positive attitude, timely escort the injured to hospital and paid $ 15 million on January 10 (perm machine suppliers and agents to pay 70,000, show-off payment of 80,000 ). Ms. Lee during the hospitalization, show off several times to visit condolences, Currently Ms. Lee good recovery, after the end of treatment, they will be under the law, to bear the corresponding compensation obligations. According to reports, the syrup from accident perm machine and show-off center the Shanghai Xing bolon fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Nanjing Qiao Weier hair products company is a distributor. Manufacturers preliminary analysis of the the accident department short circuit temperature rise caused by combustion. After the incident, the shop has been updated products, they are the perm machine suppliers, agents negotiate, there are security risks, Nanjing region is still using the same model, the same batch perm machine implementation of the recall prevent other customers suffered a similar injury. Currently, the parties are still to start negotiations on the follow-up treatment, and the issue of compensation,hollister france, the two sides also have hired a lawyer are gathering the relevant material to prepare court, the newspaper also will be a continuing concern. Newspaper reporter Xiao Wei Xin Pei Rui ■ link perm “fire” Three Case January 29, 2008, Miss China,louboutin pas cher, the people of Shanghai Westgate Mall, Wang Lei Image Design commune perm, plug in the hair perm machine suddenly caught fire, burned her the head and face, hands, ears, etc.. Miss China still can not sleep because of the pain from time to time. After consultations, Wang Lei Image Design commune Miss China is willing to compensate 800,000 yuan. October 31, 2005, a lady in Hangzhou Wulin Road modern love story salon hot heat hot “piece of scalp suddenly burned up, immediately sent to hospital. Injured right face more deep third-degree burns to the back of the hand third-degree burns, second degree burns of the face and neck and shoulder right upper limb. November 2006, Henan opened a new salon perm to customers, a young lady’s hair suddenly caught on fire, the woman’s full head of hair was scorched,louboutin. Cases together


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