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2010 NFL Writer Picks: Week 4

NFL Soup enters week four of its 2010 NFL Writer Picks column. Kevin Roberts and Chris Powell sit atop the writer rankings for picks through three weeks with records …Full Article

NFL Writer Picks: Week 3

NFL Soup enters week three of it’s 2010 NFL Writer Picks column. Our three writers and guest writer have all managed to remain above .500 with their picks in …Full Article

2010 NFL Writer’s Picks: Week Two

We’re back at it again after an exciting first week in the 2010 NFL season. NFL Soup welcomes back guest write/contributor, Chris Powell, from CFL Daily Dose, as well …Full Article

2010 NFL Picks: Week One Writer’s Picks

The time has come. NFL Soup and other fantasy football/NFL sites around the world are back in the saddle and preparing to offer readers everywhere top fantasy advice. And …Full Article

Week 17 NFL Picks: Big Match-Ups Fuel Final Week

Although the NFC no longer has any teams fighting to get into the playoffs, playoff seeding is still left to be decided, while over in the AFC, the final …Full Article

2009 NFL Picks | Week 16

After a solid Week 15, we bring you Week 16‘s Free NFL Picks. We’ve had a stellar record over the season, and have become a dependable option to rely …Full Article

NFL Picks Week 15

It’s about time one of these perfect teams get off their high horse and feel the wrath of an extremely competitive 2009 field.Full Article

2009 NFL Picks | Week 14

We were once again teased by an undefeated team, pulling at our heart strings, and allowing us to believe that perfection could be ended.Full Article

NFL Picks Week 13: Indianapolis Colts to Fall?

  We had a successful run in Week 12, despite missing on two huge upset picks.Full Article

2009 NFL Picks | Week 12

Week 12 figures to be another interesting and exciting week in the 2009 NFL season, but considering our solid 12-4 record with last week’s picks, it appears we have …Full Article