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Player Rankings

2012 NFL Draft Rankings | Defensive Tackles

There are many different types of defensive tackles in the game. Some are natural penetrating tackles, some are pure pass rushers, and some are run stuffers. Granted, the defensive …Full Article

2012 NFL Draft Rankings | Outside Linebackers

Today’s NFL game is all about putting pressure on the quarterback. In a 3-4 defense, the outside linebackers generally are pass rushers coming off of the edge, sometimes former …Full Article

2012 NFL Draft Rankings | Inside Linebackers

Stopping the run is still very important in the NFL, but it’s also crucial to have linebackers that can drop back into coverage as well. Inside linebackers or middle …Full Article

2012 NFL Draft Rankings | Cornerbacks

The 2012 NFL Draft is pretty deep overall, especially in the front seven. However, cornerbacks are a big piece of the defensive puzzle in the NFL, especially as we …Full Article

2012 NFL Draft Rankings | Wide Receivers

The 2012 NFL Draft wide receivers don’t seem exceptional from first look, and that’s because we were spoiled with names like A.J. Green and Julio Jones a year ago. …Full Article

2012 NFL Draft Rankings | Tight Ends

With the 2012 NFL Draft just a little ways away, NFL Soup provides you with more player rankings. Next up are the top tight ends in the 2012 NFL …Full Article

2012 NFL Draft Rankings | Offensive Guards

Interior lineman are often overlooked in the NFL, but they are crucial for success in picking up blitzes up the middle, as well as paving running lanes for running …Full Article

2012 NFL Draft Rankings | Offensive Tackles

Offensive tackles provide the protection on the outside of the offensive line. Having a franchise left tackle can be the difference in your price quarterback being sacked 60 times, …Full Article

2012 NFL Draft Rankings | Centers

The center position in the NFL is one of the most important. In a league that is running more 3-4 defensive schemes with big bodied, bulling nose tackles, having …Full Article

2012 NFL Draft Rankings | Running Backs

The NFL today has seemingly turned into a multi-running back league. Most teams have two (or more) running backs to hand the ball off to, with each having specific …Full Article