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2011 NFL Picks Against the Spread | Week 15

Wow, what a week we had in our NFL Picks Against the Spread. In week 14 we went a sensational 13-3. If only I would have put money on every …Full Article

Week 15 Straight Up NFL Picks

Another close battle in our week 14 NFL picks make these final three weeks all the more important. Even more than the on-going picks battle between Keet Bailey and …Full Article

NFL Picks Against the Spread | Week 14

Last week in my NFL Picks Against the Spread, I went a respectable 8-8. It’s not the kind of number I strive for, but at least it’s not a …Full Article

2011 NFL Picks | Week 14

We’re getting down to the nitty gritty in our NFL Picks race, and even though it looked like I’d be running away with the season trophy a couple weeks …Full Article

Week 13 NFL Picks Against the Spread

Last week is the kind of week I expect from my NFL Picks Against the Spread. I went 9-7 overall in week 12, which brings my record to 21-23-2 …Full Article

NFL Picks for Week 13

Last week we had a sensational week with NFL picks, as I went 15-1, and Keet Bailey finished with a stellar 13-3 mark. We continue to wage war with …Full Article

Week 12 NFL Picks Against the Spread

Week 12 in the NFL brings in a full slate of games, as there are no more teams on a bye for the rest of the season. Last week …Full Article

NFL Picks Week 12 | Packers to Remain Undefeated

Week 11 was a nail-biter, as several big games came down to the final minutes, and the NFL playoff picture got a little bit clearer. Outside of the actual …Full Article

NFL Picks Against the Spread 2011 | Week 11

With the New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Houston Texans all on a bye, there are only 14 games on the schedule this week. Last week I …Full Article

2011 NFL Picks | Week 11

Keet Bailey and yours truly continue to battle it out in week 11 of our NFL Picks. We’re going toe-to-toe for the entire year, and as difficult as some …Full Article