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Weekly Fantasy Advice

Week 6 Fantasy Football Duds: 4 Guys You Have to Sit

Sometimes you have to sit your studs in fantasy football. And I know it hurts, you’re crazy if you do it, and your opponent might laugh at you, but …Full Article

Week 6 Fantasy Football Studs: 4 Guys You Have to Start

Looking for those fantasy football locks that you can’t sit under any circumstances? You came to the right advice column. Week six is no less crucial than any other …Full Article

Week 6 Fantasy Football Player Matchups and Notes

Michael Cellars is on a multi-week break from the fantasy player matchups column, so you’ll have to deal with me shelling out some fantasy player notes for at least …Full Article

Fantasy Football Bold Moves | Week 6

In my personal opinion, risk taking in fantasy football is one of the most important strategies. I’ve been a huge risk taker for years, sometimes being heckled for starting …Full Article

Fantasy Football High Risk vs. High Reward | Week 6

Heading into Week 6 in the NFL, fantasy football is really starting to heat up. There is a great chance that you already have an established leader in your …Full Article

Fantasy Football Week 6: Versus Decision-Maker

Sorry about your Thursday night, optimistic Rashard Mendenhall owners. Ol’ Mendy toted the ball just six times in the Steelers’ shocking defeat at the hands of the Titans, totaling …Full Article

Week 6 Fantasy Football Buy or Sell: Time to Unload Aaron Rodgers?

It’s time for another weekly addition of fantasy football buy or sell, with some big-time names I’m buying this week, as well as big-time names I’m selling. With nearly …Full Article

Thursday Night Football Fantasy Versus: Steelers vs. Titans Preview

Thursday Night Football for Week 6 might not be the sexiest match-up ever, but both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans have a few fantasy players worth debating …Full Article

Week 6 Fantasy Football Player Rankings

Time to punch out my fantasy football player rankings for week six. I won’t be going as depth as in past articles, as I’m playing catchup with other things …Full Article

Fantasy Football Targets and Touches Report From Week 5

We’re back for the Week 5 edition of the weekly Targets and Touches report, the most informative stat column in all of fantasy football. If you read my column …Full Article