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Top 5 Potential Suitors For Colt McCoy

The Cleveland Browns drafted Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, effectively closing the door on the Colt McCoy experiment. Weeden is arguably an upgrade in talent immediately, …Full Article

2012 Fantasy Football: 35-Plus Year Old Players Who Are Worth Owning

When targeting players to draft in fantasy football leagues, narrowing down the options sometimes comes down to age. It is well documented for example, with some exceptions, that running …Full Article

2012 Fantasy Football: Top Wide Receiver Sleepers

VALUE. VALUE. VALUE. As all experienced fantasy owners know, the key to fantasy football is all about value. That’s how you win fantasy football leagues: You draft Arian Foster …Full Article

2012 Fantasy Football: Top Running Back Sleepers

Workhorse running backs in fantasy football are hard to find – especially outside of the first and second rounds of most fantasy football drafts. That’s why you have to …Full Article

2012 Fantasy Football: Aaron Rodgers vs. Drew Brees

Just like the great Aaron Rodgers–Drew Brees debate over who should be the 2011 NFL MVP, fantasy owners are surely going to be at an impasse when picking between …Full Article

2012 Fantasy Football: Top 5 Quarterback Sleepers

Matthew Stafford went from a dude who couldn’t stay on the field to a straight-up baller last year. Not just anyone tosses for 5,000 passing yards and 40+ touchdowns. …Full Article

Washington Redskins: History Suggests Robert Griffin III Will Be Great

The Washington Redskins paid a hefty price to trade up to select Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III in the 2012 NFL Draft. However, RG3 appears to be more than …Full Article

Cleveland Browns: Could Josh Cooper Be the Answer in the Slot?

The Cleveland Browns haven’t had a reliable wide receiver on their offense since the days of Braylon Edwards. And if anyone remembers back then, he wasn’t even reliable in …Full Article

2012 NFL Free Agents: Best Available Options on the Open Market

The 2012 NFL Free Agency period came and went. However, we’re about to enter summer and there’s still some quality talent without a home. Perhaps they’re trying to prove …Full Article

2012 Fantasy Football: Running Backs to Avoid

Every year a big name running back gets hyped up like crazy, and ever year one of those big names crashes and burns. Jamaal Charles was out for the …Full Article