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Risers and Fallers

Week 9 Fantasy Risers and Fallers: Is Andy Dalton For Real?

We’re getting into the dog days of the fantasy football season. With injuries piling up and six-team bye weeks coming again, the fact that Jason Campbell is meriting any …Full Article

Week 8 Fantasy Football Risers and Fallers: Is Robert Griffin III Back?

We’re almost to the halfway point of the 2013 NFL season already, which is straight-up cray. Kinda sad really. It’s been a year rife with injuries and unpredictability, which …Full Article

Nick Foles and the Week 7 Fantasy Football Risers and Fallers

Week Six was likely the most unpredictable fantasy week to date this season, with guys like Joseph Fauria, Nick Foles and Brandon Jacobs putting up huge numbers, while the …Full Article

Week 6 Fantasy Football Risers and Fallers: Is Trent Richardson Ready to Bust Out?

To answer the question in the headline: Yes, it’s about time for Trent Richardson to bust out. But more on him later. Injuries continue to ransack fantasy teams everywhere, …Full Article

Brian Hoyer and the Week 5 Fantasy Football Risers and Fallers

We all knew it was gonna play out this way, right? With Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden banished to Indianapolis and the bench, respectively, the Browns were right on …Full Article

Stevan Ridley and the Week Four Fantasy Football Risers and Fallers

The thing that’s oh-so-frustrating yet oh-so-addicting about fantasy football is its unpredictable nature. Guys can be awful one week and get dropped by everyone…only to rebound the next and …Full Article

Fantasy Football Advice: Knowshon Moreno, Tom Brady and the Week 3 Risers and Fallers

Hype is a major factor in fantasy football, it seems. Before the season begins, we typically hear all sorts of hype about certain guys many predict will break-out, while …Full Article

Julius Thomas, Lamar Miller and Week Two Fantasy Football Risers & Fallers

There’s likely no more overreactionary time in fantasy football than Week One of the regular season. Knee-jerking is at an all-time high, and often times owners have a tendency …Full Article

Week 16 Fantasy Football Risers and Fallers: Russell Wilson Soars

Championship week.  Every roster spot counts.  Every matchup needs to be analyzed.  Don’t over-analyze and stray from logic, but go with your guns unless a matchup on your bench …Full Article

Week 15 Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Trust in Reggie Bush?

I hope all of you found success in the fantasy playoffs and hope you have advanced closer to a championship.  Little piece of advice moving forward: while some situations …Full Article
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