NFL Soup|Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Team Outlooks

Baltimore Ravens 2013 Fantasy Team Outlook

The Baltimore Ravens were Super Bowl champions a year ago, but a home for fantasy superstars, they were not. Ray Rice naturally was a top-end running back, like he …Full Article

Washington Redskins 2013 Fantasy Team Preview

The Washington Redskins took everyone by surprise in 2012. Not only did they go from a dead in the water 3-6 team to a division winner and playoff contender, …Full Article

Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick and Philly’s Top Fantasy Weapons

The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t exactly been pillars of winning football the past two seasons. However, as ugly as things got at times in Andy Reid’s final two years, his …Full Article

Kansas City Chiefs 2013 Fantasy Team Preview

The Kansas City Chiefs, in my opinion, finally have a head coach who they can feel rock-solid and confident in. Andy Reid is a great football coach and football …Full Article

Cleveland Browns 2013 Fantasy Team Preview

The Cleveland Browns did something not many thought they would be in 2012 – they got better. While the improvement wasn’t by an insane margin (Cleveland still lost 11 …Full Article

Cincinnati Bengals 2013 Fantasy Team Preview

The darlings of this year’s edition of HBO’s Hard Knocks, the Cincinnati Bengals, are suddenly finding themselves where few other Bengals teams ever have: In the Super Bowl conversation. …Full Article

New Orleans Saints 2013 Fantasy Football Team Preview

In 2012, the New Orleans Saints looked more like the New Orleans Ain’ts. RIGHT?! Awful old jokes aside, it was a pretty rough season down there. Things were marred …Full Article

2013 Fantasy Football: Green Bay Packers Team Preview

It’s no secret. The Green Bay Packers have the goods when looking for fantasy football players to draft. And their offense is fun to watch but even better if …Full Article

Oakland Raiders 2013 Fantasy Team Outlook

The Oakland Raiders are a disaster zone when it comes to fantasy football value. Everyone knows it, and few are afraid to admit it. However, even with the “black …Full Article

2013 Fantasy Football: Minnesota Vikings Team Preview

The Minnesota Vikings were pretty much Adrian Peterson in 2012. Christian Ponder arguably won the game against the San Francisco 49ers and was huge in the season finale against …Full Article