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Player Rankings

Week Two Fantasy Rankings: Where Do Michael Vick and Reggie Bush Rank?

I haven’t bothered to go back and look at the bloodbath from last week, but I don’t imagine my Week One picks were all that great. However, I’m feeling …Full Article

Keet Bailey’s Week 1 Fantasy Football Rankings

Welcome to the 2013 NFL season. It’s great to be back here again on NFL Soup to bring you all of your fantasy information to help you win that …Full Article

2014 NFL Draft: An Early Look at the Top 10 Overall

It’s never too early to get a look at the top players of the 2014 NFL Draft. Of course, we’re just over a month from finishing the 2013 draft, …Full Article

2013 NFL Draft | Final Top 100 Big Board

The time has come for the 2013 NFL Draft. We’re just a couple days away from getting through yet another liberating, yet stressful event related to the NFL. NFL …Full Article

2013 NFL Draft Rankings | Defensive Tackles

It is quite clear that there is a ton of talent at defensive tackle in this 2013 NFL Draft class. Whether a team is looking for a potential 34 …Full Article

2013 NFL Draft Rankings | Offensive Guards

NFL spectators truly generally dismiss the guard position as being vital to an offensive line that moves in unison. Having players like Jahri Evans, Ben Grubbs, Carl Nicks, and …Full Article

2013 NFL Draft Rankings | Centers

The quarterbacks most under-appreciated friend is the center. An exceptional center can make the difference in making big decisions on the offensive line, pointing out blitzes and stunts, and …Full Article

2013 NFL Draft Rankings | Outside Linebackers

What a talented class of outside linebackers we have for the 2013 NFL Draft class. This is a very balanced group as there are several pass rushers and several …Full Article

2013 NFL Draft Rankings | Inside Linebackers

With Ray Lewis retiring, you can bet that the Baltimore Ravens will be looking for their next great inside linebacker. Of course, there are middle linebackers in a 43 …Full Article

2013 NFL Draft Rankings: Offensive Tackles

When you’re a team like the Kansas City Chiefs or Philadelphia Eagles, this 2013 NFL Draft class of offensive tackles really is intriguing. Every team wants a Joe Thomas …Full Article