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Eagles RB LeSean McCoy Facing Lawsuit 

What an eventful off-season it has been for LeSean McCoy. After coming off of an injury riddled, underachieving season, he has been in the news a bit more often than he would mostly likely prefer to be.

The most recent of these events comes a civil lawsuit from “Mary Roe”, a young woman who claims to have been assaulted by McCoy and/or his body guard that goes by the name of “Big John”.

Roe claims that she was invited by McCoy’s publicist to join a party bus from Premier Luxury Rentals along with 14 other women. She goes on to claim that McCoy and some of the male guests began to spray the female guests with water. As she protested, McCoy allegedly asked “Big John” to ‘get her’. The plaintiff Roe states that Big John and/or McCoy proceeded to strike her in the face, physically restrained her while she was on the ground, and poured a beverage over her body and hair, while also dragging and pushing her. She was then “forcibly” ejected from the bus after McCoy ordered the driver to stop on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike.

After some of the other guests complained about Roe’s absence and ejection, McCoy and his crew allowed her to rejoin the bus then taking her to the next rest stop, ejecting her once again.

Roe is in search of over $50,000 in damages from alleged assault and batter, negligence, false imprisonment as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Of course, that’s just the third incident of this long off-season for McCoy who is seemingly living up to his “Shady” nickname. He was also involved in two “social media wars” via Twitter, not only with Michael Vick after calling him a “cheater”, but also with his child’s mother “Steph”.

These incidents seem few and far between for professional athletes. While this incident very well could have happened, we also see situations in which stories are exaggerated in order to get a bit of cash from an athlete or two. Regardless, the occurrence is under investigation by the New Jersey State Police Department.

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