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Fantasy Football Week 14 Review: The Cracked Rear View Mirror 

Even with a tough matchup, Brown was a huge letdown in week 14.

It appears Drew Brees won’t be leading his 5-8 Saints into the playoffs this year and with his performance over the past two weeks, he won’t be leading many fantasy owners through the playoffs either. After 5 INT’s last week, Brees was subpar again, throwing just 1TD and 2 INT. But Brees was not the leader in disappointment Sunday. That title goes to Aaron Rodgers whose 173 yards passing, 0TD and 1 fumble torched the dreams of many a fantasy owner. His rushing TD helped, but fantasy king Rodgers crumbled at crunch time.

Onward to a look back at Week 14 in fantasy football:

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick had authored another forgettable performance, but due to the stout Niners defense, he was on the verge of victory – needing just one more first down to run out the clock on Miami. Instead Kaepernick raced around left end on a third down play and didn’t stop until he’d raced 50 yards for a touchdown. Kaepernick finished the day with 185 yards, 0 TD and his final run pushed his rushing total from three to 53. Kaepernick may have saved himself, but he couldn’t do anything for his TE Vernon Davis who finished with one catch for four yards. In his past three games, Davis has three catches for 19 yards. Sadly, Davis cannot be trusted on your playoff roster.

Pain Alert #1 – Yes, the Buccaneers have the No. 1 rated rushing defense, but you weren’t leaving Bryce Brown on your bench. The two-game phenom takes down many a playoff participant with his six rushing yards on 11 carries.

Pain Alert #2 – He won the game, but Colts QB Andrew Luck lost many a fantasy battle with his 196-yard, 1TD, 1 INT game. His seven yards rushing only added insult. And while we’re at it, popular waiver wire pickup T.Y. Hilton disappointed Sunday with his two catches for 50 yards from Luck.

Pain Alert #3 – With just enough of a glimmer of hope with the quarterback change to John Skelton, you decided to go with Larry Fitzgerald. Skelton threw four picks and was eventually benched in favor of, gulp… Ryan Lindley and Fitzgerald finished with one catch for two yards. Impossible to believe, but Fitzgerald is droppable.

Pain Alert #4 – After five touchdowns in his last five games, Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice looked poised for a another big game facing a woeful Cardinals squad. Well the Seahawks put up 58 points, but Rice finished with just two catches for 35 yards.

Pain Alert # 5 – No one will have the slightest bit of sympathy for you, but RGIII owners were feeling some pain Sunday. Lackluster (by his standards) most of the game, the 3rd was racing his team down the field late for a game-tying TD and the possibility of additional points in overtime – only to knocked out with a knee injury. Kirk Cousins vulturing the TD, the two-point conversion and the OT points was a bitter pill to swallow for RGIII owners.

Doug E. Fresh – Perhaps the reports of his demise were a bit premature. With just 50 and 56 yards in his previous two outings, Tampa RB Doug Martin was being questioned about hitting the rookie wall. Those questions will probably stop after Sunday’s 128-yard, 1TD day. Martin was a workhorse with 28 carries and three receptions. With a matchup next week in New Orleans, it’s unlikely he’ll run out of gas anytime soon.

With just over six minutes to go in the game, red-hot Cowboys WR Dez Bryant had just two catches for 14 yards, including a first-half bagel. But Bryant salvaged his day with a 27-yard TD late and finished with 4 catches for 50 yards and 1 TD. Bryant’s prospects brighten considerably after Cincinnati, as he faces a depleted Steelers defense (three passing TD’s to the Chargers Sunday) and then a matchup against New Orleans.

Beastly performance – Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch was a one-man wrecking crew Sunday, racing for 128 yards and 3TD on just 11 carries. I’ll do the math for you, that’s 11.6 yards per carry and a touchdown every 3.6 carries. The extreme blowout was all that kept Lynch from a six-pack of touchdowns. Lynch owners should temper their expectations moving forward as the Seahawks play a suddenly stout Bills rushing defense (231 yards rushing in last three games) next week and then the 49ers.

Expect some fisticuffs at the local prayer booths this week between Brandon Marshall and Pierre Garcon owners. They’ll be fighting for space to pray for the healthy (and immediate) return of their quarterbacks. Jason Campbell and Kirk Cousins will not be taking Marshall or Garcon owners to the promised land.

About the author: David Hatfield

David Hatfield has never written about fantasy before, but has been participating in leagues for nearly 20 years. Sadly over those two decades there have been far more lowlights than highlights, but he remains convinced he’s very knowledgeable about fantasy football. You’ll have to decide. Email David at [email protected].

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