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Friday’s NFL News Baba Ghanoush: Robert Griffin III, Richard Seymour, Anthony McCoy and the New York Jets 

It’s still May, which means we’re still stuck in that dreadful “dead period” of the NFL off-season. Don’t fret, though, because with OTAs alive and well and a freak injury here or there, there’s still NFL news to talk about. Not a lot, but some.

We all know by now that the San Francisco 49ers lost wide receiver Michael Crabtree for at least six months with a torn Achilles, but he’s not the only player to go down this week. Read on for that in more in this week’s Baba Ghanoush column:

Robert Griffin III Practices and That’s Huge News

Why is it such a big deal that RG3 is at practice and throwing some balls around? I get it, the guy is looking good, feels good, and still says a week one return is his goal. To be honest, I have zero doubts about him making a full recovery in time for week one. In fact, I’m still loving him as a QB1 in fantasy football. But until the dude starts running and cutting, I don’t care much about what he’s doing in practice. It’s not his arm that he hurt in the playoffs last year – it’s his friggin’ leg.

The Falcons Want (And Need) Richard Seymour

Seymour is afloat in free agency after the Oakland Raiders declined to pay him his monster salary. At 33, he can still play defensive end in a 3-4 or defensive tackle in a 4-3, and he can still do it at a high level. However, he both wants to go somewhere he can win, and get paid some nice monies. He just might get what he’s asking for, too, as the Atlanta Falcons reportedly have expressed serious interest in signing him. Seymour could work in the middle of their 4-3 and help stop the run and get after the quarterback up the middle of the d-line. That might help off-set the loss of Jonathan Abraham a bit.

Another One (Anthony McCoy) Bites The Dust

Crabtree wasn’t the only dude to tear his Achilles tendon this week. Chalk up Seattle Seahawks tight end Anthony McCoy as the second. McCoy reportedly partially tore his Achilles tendon on Thursday, and like Crabtree, will be out for at least six months following surgery. His tear wasn’t a complete one like Crabtree’s so he could actually end up coming back a bit sooner. Either way, it’s just a mild blow for Seattle, who already have a starter at the position and just drafted another young tight end to increase competition.

Pierre Garcon May Never Be Healthy

The talented wide receiver already said earlier in the off-season that the troublesome toe that hindered him for much of 2012 will probably not be healthy at any point in 2013, is hurt again elsewhere on his body. This time he’s on the mend from a surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder. He’s fully expected to be ready for the start of training camp, but it’s got to be more than a little troubling to see the 27-year old continue to battle injuries.

Those Dang New York Jets

What isn’t hopping about the New York Jets these days? From Mike Goodson being arrested to Chris Ivory basically cemented in as the starting running back, to an anonymous Jets player suggesting that “80-90%” of the team wants to move on from Mark Sanchez. And we thought Tim Tebow was stinking up the joint. Add back-stabbing to the mix for the Jets, who have arguably had a cancerous locker room since the days of Thomas Jones.

Whether the player saying the rest of the team wants to move on is right or not, Sanchez isn’t getting cut anytime soon. Not unily Geno Smith visibly out-plays him, that is.

For more NFL news and hot topics around the league, be sure to check in weekly for our Friday Baba Ghanoush, as well as our beginning of the week look around the league in the Tuesday Stew.

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