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Monday Night Football Preview: New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings 

In an absolute lackluster Monday Night Football game, the New York Giants will host the Minnesota Vikings in a battle of teams heading for top draft picks in next years’ draft.

There are a few story-lines worth noting however, as Josh Freeman makes his QB debut for the Vikings while the Giants look to seize an opportunity to get their first win.

1. Josh Freeman Makes Vikings Debut

After the soap opera in Tampa Bay, Freeman gets a new start with a new team. He’s in a position to secure a starting job on a pretty talented team and put all his doubters/haters in their place; specifically Tampa Head Coach Greg Schiano.

Freeman should be well motivated as opportunities like this don’t present themselves very often. He’ll be plenty motivated to perform but how he “gels” with his new team and offense after just arriving will be key

2. Adrian Peterson to Go Off?

It will be interesting to see if Peterson’s production rises with the addition of Freeman. We know Peterson has the talent but what will opposing defenses change now that the Vikings have a mobile QB in Freeman.

Things could very well open up for Peterson as teams won’t be able to crowd the box against him as much due to Freeman’s running ability. As a Peterson fantasy owner, production might be looking up; especially against the lowly Giants.

3. Giants’ defensive front

A huge problem with the Giants has been their inability of their front four to cause any disruption or turnovers against opposing offenses. In past years, this was the Giants strength. So far, they have been about as effective as stopping a bullet with a wet paper bag.

The Giants’ defense needs to realize and exploit the fact that this is Josh Freeman’s first game with Minnesota. They sould treat him like a rookie getting used to a new team and not let him get comfortable and into any rythm. I’d expect the Giants to blitz a ton tonight.

4. Giants’ “Big-Play” WR’s

Where have you gone Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz? The blame for the lack of offense lays everywhere from the o-line, to Eli Manning right on down to receivers running correct routes and adjustments.

Personally, I think the Giants are going to target Cruz and Nicks ALL NIGHT! You can’t double both so find the one-on-one and throw it their way. The Vikings can be beat in the secondary and the Giants have the weapons to do it. They need to take shots downfield and often. What do they have to lose? Look for these two to have nice fantasy numbers.

5. Who steps up?

For the Giants, Rueben Randle and Brandon Jacobs both have the ability to kickstart this offense and gain some much needed momentum. If these guys can have some big plays I think you’ll see the Giants get their first victory.

For the Vikings, they need to get their promising WR Cordarrelle Patterson going. He’s explosive and talented. No better time than now for Patterson to emerge than with new QB Josh Freeman.

About the author: Terrence Kirker

A new fantasy football contributor to NFLSoup, Terrence Kirker is an avid NFL fan and diehard Giants fan. He’s been involved in fantasy football for the past ten years, with the last four being the mostly competitive for cash prizes, equating to three championships and one third place finish. Follow him on Twitter @terrencekirker

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