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2013 NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Where Have the San Francisco 49ers Gone? 

San Francisco 49ers

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why we watch football. An incredible Week 3 in the NFL saw teams nobody expected rising to 3-0 and falling to 0-3. With the season now well underway the NFL Power Rankings should start finally figuring themselves out. Hopefully.

See where your team stands in the Week Four NFL Power Rankings:

1.   Seattle Seahawks     —

The Seahawks remain atop the Power Rankings after an expected win against Jacksonville.  With the offense and defense firing on all cylinders this team is going to be extremely hard to take down.

2.   Denver Broncos     —

The win against the Raiders didn’t surprise anyone.  All it did was confirm what people were already thinking: Peyton Manning is a god.  Still, I think they’re one or two pieces behind the Seahawks for the top spot.

3.   New England Patriots     +5

Tom Brady is going to go wild when Gronk comes back.  He’s somehow been able to get it done with the patchwork of a receiving core he’s playing with at the moment.  A win against the Falcons would go a long way in proving to people that this team deserves to be unbeaten.

4. New Orleans Saints     +5

Their defense is playing well and Drew Brees is doing what Drew Brees does best; throw touchdowns.  After an impressive start they’ll have a good test against an unbeaten Dolphins team this week.

5.   Houston Texans     -1

Some people may wonder why the Texans didn’t fall further after a big Week 3 loss to the Ravens.  I still think this team has the talent to make a deep playoff run this year.  The Ravens are a good team who are starting to put the pieces together.  They draw a tough matchup in Seattle in Week 4 but don’t write them off just yet.

6.  Chicago Bears     +1

I really like the way this Bears team is looking.  Matt Forte looks absolutely lethal coming out of the backfield and this defense is once again producing scores off of turnovers.

7.   Cincinnati Bengals     +3

This team showed us again on Sunday how important defense is to success.  They batted down three Aaron Rodgers’ passes in the final two minutes of the game to hang on for the win.

8.  San Francisco 49ers     -5

The Niners dropped two straight and finally got a much-needed win on the road versus the Rams. That still doesn’t prove they’re a top-five team right now, but it certainly helps.

9.  Indianapolis Colts     +2

Told you this team was legit.  With Trent Richardson coming off a full week of practice with Andrew Luck and this Colts’ offense and a nice matchup against the Jaguars in week 4, the Colts should be looking at a nice 3-1 start to the year.

10.  Miami Dolphins     +3

Ryan Tannehill was 70 percent on third down and the Dolphins picked up a big win against the Falcons.  They’ll have more of a test this week against the Saints.

11.   Baltimore Ravens     +1

What a huge win for Baltimore against a very solid Houston team.  The defense is starting to come together and play really well.  After Peyton’s 7 TDs in week one guess how many they’ve allowed through the air.  Zero.

12.   Green Bay Packers     -7

Three passes batted down at the line in the final two minutes of Sunday’s game hurts.  The opportunity was there for the Packers to move to 2-1.  Instead they’re sitting at 1-2 heading into a much needed bye week.

13.  Kansas City Chiefs     +1

What do you get when you put one of the best coaches in the NFL together with a tenacious defense and a quarterback who doesn’t turn the ball over?  A 3-0 team.  On paper their Week 4 matchup against the struggling Giants seems like a breeze but I don’t think the G-Men will go down without a serious fight in this one.

14.   Atlanta Falcons     -8

I still believe this team will make the playoffs but they’re obviously not off to a great start.  Matt Ryan was not good going downfield against Miami and with Steven Jackson sidelined for another 2-3 weeks he’s going to have to change that.

15.  Dallas Cowboys     +2

Well DeMarco Murray certainly had a bounce back week rushing 26 times for 175 yards and a touchdown.  It looks like they could run away with the division but considering their historical inconsistency I don’t think it’ll be that easy.

16.  Detroit Lions     +2

I don’t think anybody has any questions about this Lions’ offense.  Joique Bell did more than a good job stepping in for Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson was Calvin Johnson.  The injury to Nate Burleson isn’t going to hurt the team as much as it hurt him.  Ryan Broyles will step in and fill the slot well.

17.  Tennessee Titans     +6

Chris Johnson still hasn’t found the endzone this season and the Titans are 2-1, coming off a big win against San Diego.  If he can start scoring this offense could be fun to watch.

18.  Philadelphia Eagles     -2

It was a happy homecoming for Andy Reid as his Chiefs moved to 3-0 at the expense of Chip Kelly’s squad.  With the offense not playing their best we got to see how vulnerable this team really is.

19.  San Diego Chargers     —

Another heartbreaker in San Diego takes this team to 1-2.  They obviously have the talent to be at least 2-1 but they have to start performing in the clutch.  Who’s ready for the debut of Manti Te’o?

20.  St. Louis Rams     -5

The Rams’ strength was supposed to be their pass rush but it just hasn’t been there. Now they’re 1-3 and staring an ugly slide in the face. Think they miss Steven Jackson a bit?

21.  Arizona Cardinals     —

The Cardinals have had some bad luck with linebackers losing Sam Acho, Lorenzo Alexander, and Alex Okafor all to season ending injuries.  That’s going to hurt against Drew Brees and his ability to pick apart defenses.

22. 2011 NFL Draft Carolina Panthers     +4

Well their defense absolutely embarrassed the Giants and Cam Newton had an absolute day.  I love this defense but I still think the offense needs work.  But hey after a performance like that how can I knock them.  Hats off to the Panthers.

23.  New York Jets     +7

The Jets at 2-1.  I don’t think anyone thought they’d be saying that headed into Week 4 of the 2013 season.  But we are, and the Jets are keeping it together.  If they continue to run the ball effectively and play defense at a high level then Rex Ryan may still have a job at seasons’ end.  Maybe.

24.  Washington Redskins     +1

The Redskins are struggling mightily right now.  I still believe that RG3 will return to form but they have to start running the ball more because right now defenses can sit on the pass and be right three-quarters of the time.

25.  Pittsburgh Steelers     +2

The Steelers have turned the ball over an uncharacteristic nine times this season.  That’s third most in the NFL.  They have to start their if they’re going to avoid going 0-4.

26.  New York Giants     -4

Well what can I say that hasn’t already been said.  Week 3′s loss to the Panthers was the worst of Tom Coughlin’s career and personally the worst football game I have ever seen the Giants play.  Literally nothing was working for them.  They need to figure out how to turn things around which won’t be easy as they take a trip to Arrowhead to take on familiar foe Andy Reid in Kansas City.

27.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers     -3

Even their defense which is the strongest part of their team is starting to look suspect.  Boy would I not like to be Mike Glennon right now.

28.  Minnesota Vikings     -8

Minnesotta can neither pass the ball nor stop other teams from passing the ball.  Adrian Peterson can only do so much people.

29.  Cleveland Browns     —

Take it easy Browns fans, Brian Hoyer isn’t your answer at quarterback.  It’ll be interesting to see what this team decides to do once Brandon Weeden is fully recovered.

30.  Buffalo Bills     -2

The Bills swung and missed on a huge opportunity against the Jets last week.  They had their chances but EJ Manuel and the offense just couldn’t convert.

31.  Oakland Raiders     —

Terrelle Pryor looked pretty good until he got knocked out and forgot where he was.  Tough draw against a perfect Peyton Manning but the Raiders help on longer than people thought they would.  Kind of…

32.  Jacksonville Jaguars     —

This team’s has a lot to work on if they’re going to remove themselves from the last spot.  They still have too many holes to warrant a place anywhere else on this list.

About the author: Ben Thaler

Ben is a die hard New York Giants fan who lives and breathes Big Blue. He plays in about 4-5 fantasy football leagues a season and uses his knowledge of everything NFL to craft dominant teams year in and year out.

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