NFL Soup|Monday, November 18, 2013

***Cheat Sheet Wizard***

Sick of looking all over the internet to compile the best fantasy rankings? Not sure who gives the best fantasy advice? Heck, maybe you love our site or another site, but only like a couple of the “experts”. Or maybe you want a mix of the small sites with the big guys at ESPN, etc.

If any of that sounds about right, then FantasyPros’ Cheat Sheet Wizard is for you.

With the Cheat Sheet Wizard you can:

  • Create cheat sheets in seconds and test them through draft simulations.
  • Import our rankings and use them live during your drafts.
  • Simulate mock drafts in seconds and instantly analyze the results.
  • Analyze your mock drafts from Yahoo, ESPN or FF Calculator.
  • Practice makes perfect. Simulate mock drafts in minutes with the Draft Simulator.
  • Check out the Cheat Sheet Wizard. It’s the easiest way to nail your draft.
  • Want to nail your draft… stress-free? Try this new tool from FantasyPros.

Do all of these awesome things now in one place and win your league this year! Get it here.