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Week 7 Fantasy Football Surprises

With another week of fantasy football wrapping up, we still manage to be surprised on a weekly basis. Whether a player surprises us, or a team, the NFL proves …Full Article

Fantasy Football High Risk vs. High Reward | Week 7

As we get further into the NFL season, fantasy football is full force and while some fantasy owners are blessed to have few to little injuries, others have to …Full Article

Week 4 Fantasy Football Duds: 4 Guys to Sit This Week

It’s pretty easy to recap each week and talk about the total duds from the week that was. And we love doing it – both to inform you, the …Full Article

Week 3 Fantasy Football Buy or Sell: Buy Reggie Bush

Welcome back everyone to my weekly fantasy football buy or sell column. The first two weeks of the 2012 NFL season have been a whirlwind; there have been key …Full Article

Fantasy Football’s Biggest Busts From Week 2

We all know by now who the NFL’s Week 2 studs were, but let’s talk a little about who didn’t show to play this week. There are quite a …Full Article

Fantasy Football Week 2: Versus Decision-Maker

Week one of the 2012 NFL season is already in the books, and, as you scramble to quickly nab the likes of Kevin Ogletree and Alfred Morris off the …Full Article

Week 2 Fantasy Risers and Fallers

There were plenty of risers and fallers in the season’s debut week.  Many surprises came from players drafted in a late round if they were even drafted!  Many fallers …Full Article

Will Chris Johnson Regain Elite Status in 2012?

Chris Johnson has already exceeded my expectations of him as a running back at the next level, by far. Coming out of East Carolina, Johnson was all potential and …Full Article

Week 14 Fantasy Risers and Fallers

The fantasy football season is winding to a close fairly soon, asmost leagues are likely heading into the postseason starting this week. As a result, it’s extra crucial that …Full Article

Fantasy Football Risk vs. Reward | Week 13

Week 13 in fantasy football means that many fantasy owners are just one week away from the playoffs. Many owners are in need of one or two big wins …Full Article