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Week 16 Fantasy Football Review: Down With Kaepernick

It was Super Bowl week and everyone knows you have to live and die with your studs. Don’t get cute, right? Isn’t that what we’re told from the time …Full Article

2012 Fantasy Football: Recapping Week 13

Fantasy fortunes were turned upside down on last-second plays Sunday including Andrew Luck’s game winner on the final play. In the afternoon, Carson Palmer and Brandon Meyers undoubtedly vaulted …Full Article

Week 5 Review: The Cracked Rear View Mirror

With five weeks in the books we now know what we know. We know nothing. Rookie quarterbacks continue to run roughshod over projections (see Andrew Luck, Brandon Weeden and …Full Article

The Cracked Rear View Mirror: Week One NFL Fantasy Recap

Raise your hand if you had Kevin Ogletree in your starting lineup this week. If your hand is raised, you are not winning your league this year. Is Ogletree …Full Article

Fantasy Football Sunday Surprises: Week 17

Week 17 has come to an end, as has the regular season for fantasy football owners. It’s a sad time, as many teams go home for the off-season and …Full Article