NFL Soup|Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Marvin Jones, Kenny Stills and Week 8 Sunday Surprises

Another low scoring fantasy week for a lot of teams, unless you had a nice combination of Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford. Johnson did not surprise anyone this Sunday …Full Article

Week 7 Fantasy Football Surprises

With another week of fantasy football wrapping up, we still manage to be surprised on a weekly basis. Whether a player surprises us, or a team, the NFL proves …Full Article

Fantasy Football Sunday Surprises | Week 6

We’re slowly wrapping up Week 6 of the 2012 NFL regular season, which means that we’re also wrapping up another great week in fantasy football. There were some surprises …Full Article

Fantasy Football Sunday Surprises | Week 5

Another week of fantasy football is just about in the books, with Week 5 wrapping up as we speak. Congratulations to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees on breaking …Full Article

Fantasy Football Sunday Surprises | Week 4

Week 4 has been a pretty simple week to predict fantasy and games for the most part. Other than the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers absolutely killing their …Full Article

Week 10 Fantasy Football Surprises

After Week 10, fantasy football seems to be getting easier for some people. Trends are forming from players, and it’s easier to predict based on what type of match-up …Full Article

Week 9 Fantasy Sunday Surprises

Week 9 in the NFL offered a few surprises of it’s own. Many teams in the league are establishing an identity, while some are still trying to pull out the …Full Article

Week 6 Fantasy Sunday Surprises

Week 6 in Fantasy Football was a bit boring. Many predicted a shootout between the Cowboys and Patriots, only to watch a sloppy game of offense by each team, …Full Article

Fantasy Football Sunday Surprises: Week 14

Welcome to the first week of the fantasy football playoffs for many of us. Hopefully you’re reading this article with a victory in your sights, and hopefully I’m not …Full Article

Fantasy Football Sunday Surprises: Week 4

We’re back again, here at NFL Soup, to talk about the top Week 4 fantasy football surprises. Week 4 was all about defense, as there were quite a few …Full Article