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fantasy football week 17

Week 17 Fantasy Football Start and Sit Calls: Trust in Tony Romo

The 2012 NFL regular season comes to an end this weekend and I cannot believe how fast it’s gone. However, the intrigue of playoff football is just around the …Full Article

Sunday Night Football Versus Week 17 | Cowboys at Giants

In the final game of the regular season in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys will square off against the New York Giants, on Sunday Night Football. In a game that …Full Article

Week 17 Fantasy Football Versus | Decision-Maker

Most fantasy football leagues are done. We got that. But not all leagues are done just yet. For all those leagues playing their championships in week 17, we got …Full Article

Week 17 Fantasy Football Rankings | Mind the Playoffs

The 2011 NFL regular season is just about over, as are the majority of fantasy football leagues. However, as we’ve explained in some of our other weekly articles this …Full Article

Fantasy Football Bold Moves | Week 17

Week 16 in Bold Moves was very good to me, and led me to two championships. Starting Matt Moore over Josh Freeman gave me +3 points with Moore going …Full Article

Week 17 Fantasy Football Playoffs Start and Sit

We had a pretty good week overall in week 16 with our Start/Sit calls, although we did bomb on sitting Marshawn Lynch. In our defense, he became the first …Full Article

Fantasy Football Risk vs. Reward | Week 17

We are entering the last week of the 2011 NFL regular season. Most fantasy football leagues are finished, but there are still a few leagues out there finishing up. …Full Article

Weekly Fantasy Player Matchups | Week 17

It’s safe to say that it’s championship week if you’re still reading this. Week 17 is here, which marks the end of the 2011 NFL regular season. The season …Full Article