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fantasy football week 7

Week 7 Fantasy Football Surprises

With another week of fantasy football wrapping up, we still manage to be surprised on a weekly basis. Whether a player surprises us, or a team, the NFL proves …Full Article

Fantasy Football High Risk vs. High Reward | Week 7

As we get further into the NFL season, fantasy football is full force and while some fantasy owners are blessed to have few to little injuries, others have to …Full Article

Fantasy Football Deep Sleepers | Week 7

We are cruising right along the 2012 NFL regular season, and while some fantasy owners are pulling their hair out week in and week out, there is still hope. …Full Article

Fantasy Football Week 7: Versus Decision-Maker

Struggling with some last second calls in fantasy football in week seven? Not to fret, we’ve got you covered. These are specific lineup problems, but hopefully they help some …Full Article

Felix Jones and Your Start Calls For Week 7 in Fantasy Football

Well…week 6 was yet ANOTHER wacky NFL Sunday. Think about the circles you could make doing the “this team beat that team who beat that team” this season. But …Full Article

Week 7 Fantasy Sunday Surprises

I can personally tell you that Week 7 has been a huge letdown for me. Miles Austin, Darren McFadden, and Ryan Torain combined for 1 point total for me. One …Full Article

Sam Bradford Out Against Cowboys; A.J. Feeley to Start analyst Jay Glazer reports that Sam Bradford (ankle) will be out against Dallas on Sunday. Bradford sustained a high ankle sprain against Green Bay in Week 6, and …Full Article

Maurice Morris to Start for Jahvid Best Sunday Against the Falcons

The Oakland Press reported Thursday that Detroit Lions backup running back Maurice Morris will get the start on Sunday against the Falcons. This comes after Jahvid Best suffered a …Full Article

Fantasy Football Bold Moves | Week 7

I made a couple really big and bold decisions in Week 6 of fantasy football. Two of those decisions really made me pay. Starting Minnesota’s defense against the Bears turned …Full Article

Fantasy Football Risk vs. Reward | Week 7

Week 6 of fantasy football wasn’t nearly as entertaining as previous weeks. Most of us are getting frustrated with all of the hamstring injuries to our players, and have no …Full Article