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Mark Sanchez

Jets Drafting of Geno Smith Likely Ends Mark Sanchez Era

Finally. That’s what Geno Smith was probably thinking when the New York Jets drafted him 39th overall in round two of the 2013 NFL Draft, after sliding out of …Full Article

2013 NFL Draft: Jets Won’t Spend First Round Pick on Quarterback

The New York Jets have a rough situation at quarterback with Mark Sanchez or David Garrard currently likely to be their week one starter in 2013. Regardless, per reports, …Full Article

Will Matt Barkley be a Bust Because He Went to USC?

Oh, the common chatter that surrounds the NFL Draft and it’s prospects. I feel inserting my comments on a message board or forum just won’t do Matt Barkley justice. …Full Article

2013 NFL Draft Team Needs: New York Jets

Where to start? The once proud New York Jets have dropped off considerably the past two years, and have fans switching from eyeing their yearly Super Bowl Odds, to …Full Article

Monday Night Football Fantasy Versus: New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans

For many fantasy owners, or maybe even most, week 15 is the end of another beautiful fantasy football season. And whether you’re in your league’s title game or the …Full Article

Week 14 NFL QB Power Rankings: Where Do RG3 and Luck Belong?

It’s time to start talking about Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson not as rookie QBs, but as NFL signal callers. In my fantasy league, RG3 leads …Full Article

Jets Sticking With Mark Sanchez at QB

Greg McElroy, sit back down. The same goes for Tim Tebow. According to reports, the New York Jets will stick with Mark Sanchez as their starting quarterback, despite benching …Full Article

Jets Have a Full-Blown Quarterback Controversy

The New York Jets finally have a quarterback controversy. But unlike most such NFL situations, it’s a three-headed equation. Greg McElroy, the 2nd year QB out of Alabama, made …Full Article

New York Jets vs. New England Patriots Recap: Where are the Jets “Big Boy Pants?”

Despite both teams coming into this game with 3-3 records, the New England Patriots were 11-point favorites. Virtually nobody gave the New York Jets a chance in this game. …Full Article

New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts Week 6 Review

When I pick teams every week in the NFL, the one factor I consider the least is how that team looked the week before. And then I consider who …Full Article
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