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Fantasy Football 2013: Which Players Should You Avoid?

Those who play fantasy football with any consistency are well aware that there’s little more humiliating than drafting a bust. Busts come in all shapes and sizes, and they …Full Article

Fantasy Football 2013: What To Make of Percy Harvin

If this training camp has already taught us anything, it’s that you probably don’t want to be holding your fantasy football drafts too early. We’ve already seen valuable commodities …Full Article

Will Andrew Luck, Colts Regress In Year Two?

When the Indianapolis Colts took Andrew Luck with the #1 pick in the 2012 draft, few realistic fans of the team could have predicted that they would make the …Full Article

2013 NFL Predictions: Five Locks to Make the NFL Playoffs

What a season ahead, and if you are betting on the NFL where do you put your money? Well, there are so many different options for teams that can …Full Article

Houston Texans to Limit Arian Foster’s Workload?

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Texans will be trying to do everything they can to ensure that Arian Foster’s legs won’t fall off this season. Foster led …Full Article

Robert Griffin III Cleared to Practice, on Track For Week 1

The Washington Redskins are getting their mojo back. What has long been hoped and expected has now been made official, as quarterback Robert Griffin III revealed via Twitter that …Full Article

2013 NFL Power Rankings No. 27: Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs finished with a 2-14 record for the second time since 2008 last year, which was good (AKA: bad) enough to land them the No. 1 …Full Article

Suspensions and Bans in the NFL, Who Copped it and Why?

Over the decades, NFL players and coaches have been suspended for pretty much everything you could think of, from gambling to drugs to general bad behavior. In earlier decades, …Full Article

2013 NFL Power Rankings No. 29: New York Jets

The 2012 New York Jets can pretty much be summed up in one word: Disaster. Rather than parting ways with the disastrous Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan, they’ve decided …Full Article

2013 NFL Power Rankings No. 32: Jacksonville Jaguars

We’ll get underway with weekly power rankings once the preseason comes around, but for now, as we plow through July and head towards the onset of camps towards the …Full Article
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