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Sample Question 1 (2009):

I’m in a league that carries two quarterbacks, and I have Tony Romo, Joe Flacco, and Brett Favre. Who do I sit this week?

James from Milwaukee, WI


Brett Favre is coming off of a bye week, as well as a four touchdown performance at Green Bay, so you can’t sit him with a tasty match-up at home against the pass-defense inept Detroit Lions. For us, that’s a no-brainer. Besides, Favre doesn’t start fading until week 11…

As for Tony Romo and Joe Flacco, both have desirable match-ups, as Romo faces the easy-to-carve Packers pass defense, and Flacco faces the hapless Cleveland Browns on MNF. As much as I love Flacco’s chances against the Browns, it’s like the Baltimore finds most of it’s success gashing the Browns awful run defense. Romo, on the other hand, tends to play well against Green Bay, and aside from just one touchdown against the Eagles, has been on fire as of late.

Start Romo and Favre in Week 10.

Sample Question 2 (2011):

Should I drop Donovan McNabb and sign Kevin Kolb?



Absolutely. McNabb doesn’t have an amazing passing game in Minnesota, and he hasn’t really lit it up in preseason, either. I like what I’ve seen from Kolb overall since arriving in Arizona, too, and he has a superstar number one receiver in Larry Fitzgerald.

For right now and the long-term in 2011, you definitely want Kolb over McNabb. Make the move.
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