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The League, S4, E13: “The Curse of Shiva” Ends Season 4 on a Brown Note 

Season 4 comes to a close with an episode that leaves us wanting more of “The League.”

Most importantly Ruxin finds out his sperm are healthy, even as Rafi and Taco plan on an unusual mix of their juice. The guys revive “The Scrot Squad,” the tradition of tactical taps to each others’ junk, for a 48-hour period. Ruxin, of the suddenly prevalent sperm, enlists Rafi to protect his boys.

Pete, in the Shiva Bowl, meets Adrian Peterson, the stud of his fantasy team, in a Chicago coffee shop. After some fan-banter, Gina Gibiatti arrives and breaks the news to Pete that he and AP are Eskimo Brothers.  This upsetting news for Pete puts him in a quandary – does he even play Adrian Peterson in order to win his championship.

Rafi provides a very funny opening scene, teaching a self-defense class to help Ruxin’s wife and friends to “PTH” – Protect the Hole.

Ruxin, while setting his lineup for The Sacko Bowl, goes on a vodka bender and passes out until noon on Sunday, resulting in predictable disaster.

Taco Corp. throws a huge New Year’s bash in attempt to empty his bank account and unveils its new invention, reconstituted vuvuzelas (remember the World Cup) that strike a “brown note” that makes people, um, move their bowels.

Out-of-towner Ted wins the Shiva; Shiva appears at the Taco Corp. party and the gang begs her to remove her curse over them and their league. They even agree to rename the championship trophy, after Shiva assists Andre’s fiancée Trixie who turns out to be allergic to his semen. Don’t ask: an unfortunate photo booth incident.

“The Curse of the Shiva” earns 3 and a half Shivas out of 5; we already can’t wait for Season 5.

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Thomas J. McFeeley is a former award-winning journalist and a current Jets fan. He is a Jets fan because his dad was a (typically dispassionate) Giants fan. He is a fantasy football junkie because he is a Jets fan and wanted to experience meaningful games in October.

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