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Week 14 Fantasy Football Start and Sit Calls to Help You Win 

Cleveland Browns

Believe it or not, Weeden could help you in week 14.

So…..Did you make the fantasy playoffs? I’m guessing that if you’re reading this you did. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Time to get in full playoff mode and make a championship run.

A great way to do that is to analyze some matchups and project player performance. Read on as we do just that with my start and sit calls for week 14 in fantasy football:


QB, Brandon Weeden, Cleveland Browns

Chances are, he’s on the waiver wire. If you have some doubt about your QB this week, then Weeden could be an option for you as the Browns are playing the Chiefs. It’ll be hard for him to NOT have a good game. 263 passing, 2 TD’s

QB, Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Rookie QB’s are having a tremendous year and Wilson is right up there. The deflated Arizona Cardinals are on tap this week and I don’t see much of a threat here. Great matchup! 281 passing, 2 TD’s

RB, Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams

Very up and down year for Jackson. But, he has been on an upside as of late and the Rams keep feeding him. If you’ve seen any of his recent games he’s running MAD and ANGRY! I like it vs. the lowly Buffalo run defense. 123 rushing, TD, 5 receptions 34 yards, TD

RB, Knowshon Moreno, Denver Broncos

Thursday night game against the dismal Oakland defense should make you all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I think Peyton Manning helps Moreno in production with audibles and check-downs. 98 rushing, TD, 5 receptions, 45 yards, TD

WR, Mike Williams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tamp play Phili this week and the only question mark is which defensive coach does Andy Reid fire after this week? Freeman to Williams will be all day. 8 receptions 123 yards, TD

WR, Cecil Shorts, Jacksonville Jaguars

STILL on fire! He’s going against the Jets and fireman ED has given up! How do they stop him? THEY DON’T! 7 receptions, 112 yards, 2 TD’s

TE, Martellus Bennett, New York Giants

Extremely involved last week against the Redskins. Have to think the Giants will try to keep Bennett involved again this week against the Saints. 5 receptions, 58 yards, TD


QB, Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers

If, for some strange reason, you only have Rivers as an option, just forget he exists this week. Horrible matchup at Pittsburgh.

RB, Reggie Bush, Miami Dolphins

Not even for a flex play this week. Can’t stress enough how Miami’s weak offense will be dominated by San Francisco’s defense.

RB, Stevan Ridley, New England Patriots

If the Patriots are going to beat Houston, it’s not going to be running the football. Ridley might not even get the majority of reps. I think Danny Woodhead is the most productive out of the Patriots’ backfield.

WR, Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

I really feel for Fitzgerald. He’s such a fantastic talent and he has nobody to throw him the ball, nor to take double coverage off of him. Such a shame!

WR, Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers

Atlanta is fighting for a top seed and Carolina has been fighting more with each other. Atlanta is vulnerable but Smith won’t be too productive. There’s better options out there.

TE, Antonio Gates, San Diego Chargers

As I have no love for QB Philip Rivers this week I have none for Gates. Both will have a long day in Pittsburgh.

About the author: Terrence Kirker

A new fantasy football contributor to NFLSoup, Terrence Kirker is an avid NFL fan and diehard Giants fan. He’s been involved in fantasy football for the past ten years, with the last four being the mostly competitive for cash prizes, equating to three championships and one third place finish. Follow him on Twitter @terrencekirker

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  1. Sweetbrandigirl2004

    So you would really sit Ridley ? Don’t you think the Pats will still have to appear balanced to get the passing game going ? I have Ridley, B brown, Gore and Knowshan. I am thinking about sitting Ridley and using RBs Gore and either Knowshan or Brown then playing Ty Hilton at Flex….What say you ?


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