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2013 NFL Picks Week 3: Will Andy Reid Get His Revenge Against the Eagles? 

Last week was a successful one for us across the board, as the majority of the Week Two matchups went as expected.

Going into Week Three, we have a three-way tie at the top of the leaderboard between Gregg Ring, Terrence Kirker and Keet Bailey. Can the rest of us catch up?

We also have a new entrant this week, Carlos Ramirez. He won’t count in the standings since he wasn’t a part of this thing for the first two weeks, but he asked if he could partake. Who am I to say no? Nobody, that’s who.

Now, on to the showdowns for this week.

Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles

Kevin Roberts: Philadelphia Eagles – Philly spoils Andy Reid’s return in a shootout. I mean, we can’t really see the Chiefs going 3-0, can we?

Keet Bailey: Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs’ defense figures out how to contain Vick and pulls out a close one. 

Taylor Smith: Philadelphia Eagles – I’m aboard the Chiefs’ bandwagon, but road wins are hard to come by, and I think they’ll come up just short here. 

Gregg Ring: Kansas City Chiefs – Kansas City eclipses its 2012 win total three weeks into the season, and Andy Reid gets revenge on a city that ran him out. The lack of defense in Philly just won’t cut it against the resurgent Chiefs. 

Terrence Kirker: Kansas City Chiefs – Andy Reid wants this game bad. And the Chiefs’ players want it even more for him. 

Jonathan Pollak: Kansas City Chiefs – The Iggles look much different than last year, but Andy Reid should know enough about what to exploit (Philly’s secondary) to win the Andy Reid Bowl. 

Ben Thaler: Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles’ defense is noticeably weak, but I think they do enough to spoil Andy Reid’s return to Philly. 

Brian Thorne: Kansas City Chiefs – Alex Smith doesn’t make big mistakes and Kansas City has been awesome against the run so far. Andy Reid uses the last bits of insider knowledge he has left from Philadelphia to pull off the upset. 

Michael Cellars: Kansas City Chiefs – Andy Reid gets revenge on his former team in his first trip back to Philadelphia. 

Carlos Ramirez: Kansas City Chiefs – Andy Reid will figure out ways for the Chiefs’ defense to frustrate Michael Vick, and Alex Smith will keep Chip Kelly’s offense off the field long enough to pull out a Chiefs win.

Consensus: Chiefs (7-3)

Green Bay Packers Cincinnati Bengals

Kevin Roberts: Green Bay Packers – The Bengals don’t look amazing through the first two weeks. The Packers do. And of the two, who makes more sense at 1-2? That’s what I thought. 

Keet Bailey: Green Bay Packers – I love me some Aaron Rodgers, and while the Bengals’ defense is solid, they can’t shut down all of those weapons in Green Bay. 

Taylor Smith: Green Bay Packers – I’m hopeful for a healthy dosage of Giovani Bernard this week, but Cincy still doesn’t have enough offensive weapons to keep up with Green Bay.

Gregg Ring: Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers looks better than ever in 2013 and that success should continue against the Bengals. The Bengals’ defense has looked a lot better than it really is against two turnover-prone offenses to start the season. Andy Dalton just can’t provide enough offense to get this one done even against a weak Packers D. 

Terrence Kirker: Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers is sick right now. You can’t stop him.

Jonathan Pollak: Green Bay Packers – It’s a tough road matchup, but the Bengals offense hardly looks imposing – even if the Bengal defense keeps the Pack to 24 points or so, it won’t be enough. 

Ben Thaler: Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers is unbelievable. 

Brian Thorne: Green Bay Packers – In Week One, the Bengals gave up a last-minute drive to lose a game that they probably should have won. Week Three will be eerily similar in that regard. Cincinnati has the more complete team, but hasn’t demonstrated the ability to finish games at any point during the tenure of Andy Dalton.

Michael Cellars: Green Bay Packers – I really like Aaron Rodgers’ chances against a good defense.

Carlo Ramirez: Green Bay Packers – The Packers’ receiving corps looks healthier and more consistent than last season. Too many weapons for the Bengals’ defense to cover on top of trying to pressure Aaron Rodgers. 

Consensus: Packers (10-0)

St. Louis Rams Dallas Cowboys

Kevin Roberts: Dallas Cowboys – Tones Romes and co. just need to get more balanced and they’ll be fine. The Rams can’t run, which spells trouble.

Keet Bailey: Dallas Cowboys – Romo and the ‘Boys have to focus on shutting down Sam Bradford. They accomplish this task and get their second W. 

Taylor Smith: Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys are kind of a sucky home team, so this one is far from a sure thing, but I’d like to imagine they’re capable of beating a team they should this week. 

Gregg Ring: St. Louis Rams – Upset special. St. Louis was on the comeback road last week against the Falcons and almost pulled it off. Look for the Cowboys’ secondary to be exploited by the speedy Rams receivers. If the Rams’ D can bottle up Dez Bryant, they should get the upset on the road. 

Terrence Kirker: Dallas Cowboys – Only because they’re at home. 

Jonathan Pollak: Dallas Cowboys – The Rams need to work on their pass D. Tony Romo should have some fun with that, if his line holds up in front of him. 

Ben Thaler: St. Louis Rams – I think the Rams find a way to get it done. No wind in the dome in Dallas could mean a loooooong Greg Zeurlein game-winner. 

Brian Thorne: St. Louis Rams – Neither team can run the ball, and only one of them can play defense. Offensive line struggles will finally catch up to Dallas against the front seven of St. Louis. If Bradford doesn’t make any mistakes, this one won’t be close. 

Michael Cellars: St. Louis Rams – The Rams are a better team than they’re leading on right now, and the Cowboys are a worse team than they’re leading on right now, too.

Carlos Ramirez: Dallas Cowboys – Sam Bradford didn’t look great against Atlanta, but is getting better now that he has Jared Cook and Tavon Austin. However, a road game against the Cowboys isn’t the best matchup for the new Rams offense. Dez Bryant’s health is the key for Dallas to win this game. 

Consensus: Cowboys (6-4)

San Diego Chargers Tennessee Titans

Kevin Roberts: San Diego Chargers – I believe in Philip Rivers! Kind of!

Keet Bailey: San Diego Chargers – The Titans have looked good, but I’m going to give the Chargers’ defense the benefit of the doubt in shutting down Jake Locker and the offense in Tennessee. 

Taylor Smith: Tennessee Titans – West coast teams typically struggle when going east, and while they were impressive last week in Philly, I just can’t see San Diego doing it two weeks in a row. 

Gregg Ring: Tennessee Titans – Both of these teams are better than I thought they would be and this is a real toss-up. I’ll take the home team just because the Titans’ defense is substantially better than the Eagles’ D the Chargers torched last week. 

Terrence Kirker: Tennessee Titans – I know, I saw the game last week against Philly, but two back-to-back trips to the east coast makes me think some serious jetlag. This is a CJ2K bust-out game. 

Jonathan Pollak: Tennessee Titans – Tennessee is at home and will be in a bad mood after losing a game they should have had in overtime last week. The Chargers, meanwhile, come in with no running game and without many healthy wideouts. 

Ben Thaler: San Diego Chargers – I think the Chargers’ offense continues to roll. 

Brian Thorne: San Diego Chargers – Philip Rivers is somehow leading two ageless wonders and an island of misfit toys to outstanding offensive production despite having a mediocre (at best) offensive line. Ryan Mathews hasn’t broken a collarbone yet, either, a clear improvement from last season. Tennessee can’t count on Jake Locker to win them this game. 

Michael Cellars: Tennessee Titans – Don’t let the Chargers’ close win against the Eagles fool you. 

Carlos Ramirez: San Diego Chargers – The Titans have improved mightily on defense so far, but their inconsistent offense will give Philip Rivers plenty of chances to repeat his Week Two performance against the Eagles. 

Consensus: Split (5-5)

Cleveland Browns Minnesota Vikings

Kevin Roberts: Minnesota Vikings – I like the return of Josh Gordon, but the Vikes are at home and Peterson shan’t be denied. 

Keet Bailey: Minnesota Vikings – Brian Hoyer is starting, which means he will likely win and Browns fans will be calling for Weeden to be permanently benched. But in reality, that isn’t happening. 

Taylor Smith: Minnesota Vikings – Safe to say my selection of the Browns to finish in 2nd place in the AFC North probably isn’t happening this season. 

Gregg Ring: Minnesota Vikings – The Browns’ offense is absolutely terrible and with Brandon Weeden sitting out this week there’s little chance it will be any better. The Vikings have lost a couple of heart-breakers but should put one in the win column this week. 

Terrence Kirker: Minnesota Vikings – No love for Brandon Weeden. 

Jonathan Pollak: Minnesota Vikings – For possibly the only time this year, Christian Ponder will not be the worst quarterback on the field. 

Ben Thaler: Minnesota Vikings – Who’s the Browns’ quarterback? Who’s the Browns’ running back?

Brian Thorne: Minnesota Vikings – For the first and probably only time all year, Minnesota will face a team who has a less capable quarterback than they do. If it weren’t for the Brandon Weeden injury, this wouldn’t be the case. The Cleveland offensive line has been terrible so far, and I don’t see that changing in Week Three against the Vikings defense. 

Michael Cellars: Minnesota Vikings – Switching to Brian Hoyer at quarterback won’t be enough for the Browns in this one. 

Carlos Ramirez: Minnesota Vikings – An easy win for Minnesota against a Browns team that is starting Brian Hoyer at quarterback and is trying to tank for a high pick in 2014 by donating Trent Richardson to Indy.

Consensus: Vikings (10-0)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers New England Patriots 

Kevin Roberts: New England Patriots – The Bucs’ D is legit but this team is falling apart elsewhere. If Gronk returns, call it a blowout. 

Keet Bailey: New England Patriots – It’s only a matter of time before Tom Brady and the Pats keep ticking. They have looked like one of the worst offenses in the league, yet have managed to start 2-0. 

Taylor Smith: New England Patriots – If the stupid Bucs weren’t an imploding dumpster fire two weeks into the season, I’d pick them to win this, considering how pathetic New England looks on offense.

Gregg Ring: New England Patriots – New England is lucky to be 2-0 after their early offensive struggles this season, but they should be able to take the Bucs at home. The natives seem to be getting restless in Tampa Bay and a bad loss to the Patriots might make Greg Schiano’s seat even hotter. 

Terrence Kirker: New England Patriots – I think Tampa has given up on Greg Schiano.

Jonathan Pollak: New England Patriots – The Pats have sure looked vulnerable, but did just enough to win in each of the first two weeks. The Bucs, meanwhile, did just enough to lose each of the first two weeks. Tom Brady reminds everyone why Josh Freeman isn’t even close to elite. 

Ben Thaler: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Bucs are better than both the Bills and the Jets (despite Week One). I think Tom Brady struggles against the TB defense without anyone to throw to. 

Brian Thorne: New England Patriots – No matter how much everyone else may struggle, the team still runs through Tom Brady. They need to get their act together quickly, though, because after this game the rest of the schedule gets noticeably more difficult. Josh Freeman is one more bad game away from having a mutiny on his hands. 

Michael Cellars: New England Patriots – Tom Brady’s synchronization with his wide receivers will only improve. 

Carlos Ramirez: New England Patriots – The Patriots may be depleted at wide receiver, but I’m not betting against Tom Brady and the Pats’ efficient running game at home against Josh Freeman and his 45% completion percentage. 

Consensus: Patriots (9-1)

Arizona Cardinals New Orleans Saints

Kevin Roberts: New Orleans Saints – Arizona is a legit team that will compete, but not on the road against the Saints.

Keet Bailey: New Orleans Saints – The Saints’ defense has been playing well enough to win, and Drew Brees gets it done in the dome. 

Taylor Smith: New Orleans Saints – You intrigue me, Arizona Cardinals. But I don’t think you’re quite ready to win a game like this. 

Gregg Ring: New Orleans Saints – The high-powered Saints offense will get back on track this week in the Superdome and should be enough to overpower the Cards. With Larry Fitzgerald slightly hobbled, the Cardinals will have trouble scoring against an improved Saints defense. 

Terrence Kirker: New Orleans Saints – Palmer can’t keep up with Brees. 

Jonathan Pollak: New Orleans Saints – The N’Awlins offense has been N’Awful early on, at least by their standards, but this is a home game versus a team they clearly outclass. Rashard Mendenhall is not Doug Martin, so NO’s problems stopping the run won’t be a factor. 

Ben Thaler: New Orleans Saints – The Saints continue to roll at home. 

Brian Thorne: Arizona Cardinals – Drew Brees and the Saints offense is silly good yet again, but they’re skin-and-bones thin across their defense. Arizona has the personnel to match-up with everything New Orleans can throw at them offensively, and the Cardinals’ offense should see much more success in Week Three than they did against the Lions in Week Two. 

Michael Cellars: New Orleans Saints – Don’t let last week’s close win against the Bucs fool you. 

Carlos Ramirez: Arizona Cardinals – The Cards upset the Saints at New Orleans using their playmakers on defense and a more balanced offense. Larry Fitzgerald may be limited on Sunday, but Andre Roberts and Michael Floyd have shown they can pick up the slack when necessary. 

Consensus: Saints (8-2)

Detroit Lions Washington Redskins

Kevin Roberts: Washington Redskins – The Lions are decent but the Redskins are desperate. Look for them to incorporate some read-option and get the win in a shootout. 

Keet Bailey: Detroit Lions – The Lions are very talented, but I do not see the Redskins’ secondary being able to contain Calvin Johnson and (hopefully) Reggie Bush out of the backfield. 

Taylor Smith: Washington Redskins – This makes three absolutely brutal matchups out of the gate for the Washington defense, but can they really fall to 0-3? I should probably note that I have zero faith in this pick. 

Gregg Ring: Detroit Lions – Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson will both have field days against a suddenly abysmal Redskins defense. RGIII will continue to struggle and the media will declare the sky is falling after an 0-3 start in Washington.

Terrence Kirker: Detroit Lions – Stafford is HOT right now and the ‘Skins’ defense hasn’t shown me much.

Jonathan Pollak: Detroit Lions – Something is fishy in D.C. The Redskin Potatoes had no hope of winning in Green Bay, but they were thoroughly reamed last week. Smart money says take the OVER on Suh trying to eat whatever ligaments are left in RGIII’s knee.

Ben Thaler: Washington Redskins – I think the Redskins and RGIII get back on track against the Lions with Reggie Bush banged-up.

Brian Thorne: Detroit Lions – Robert Griffin III doesn’t trust his legs yet as a runner or as a passer. His mechanics are suffering because of it, his throws are off-target and frequently not weighted properly, and the threat of him as a runner is diminished. Everything that made him special in his rookie season has yet to appear in 2013 despite him being medically cleared to play. 

Michael Cellars: Detroit Lions – I have a bad feeling that the Redskins are going to really regret having RGIII start the season at quarterback.

Carlos Ramirez: Detroit Lions – The Redskins will have to deal with yet another explosive offense and will likely fall behind by a huge margin in the first half again and be unable to come back in the second half. Expect huge numbers from Megatron this week.

Consensus: Lions (7-3)

New York Giants Carolina Panthers

 Kevin Roberts: New York Giants – NYG creamed Cam & Co. last year, so why should this year be any different? Someone has to be 0-3 and I can’t see it being Eli.

Keet Bailey: New York Giants – As long as Eli doesn’t throw 456 interceptions, the Giants should pull out this victory on the road. 

Taylor Smith: New York Giants – Carolina was impressive in their efforts last week, clutching defeat from the jaws of the victory the way they did. Perhaps this is the week David Wilson ceases to be a corpse.

Gregg Ring: Carolina Panthers – Another tough call, but I’ll go with the home team. The Giants are turning the ball over at a record pace and that will continue in Charlotte. The Panthers take this one despite Ron Rivera and his terrible decision-making. 

Terrence Kirker: New York Giants – Desperation sets in and the Giants NEED this game or it will be UGLY in New York.

Jonathan Pollak: Carolina Panthers – The Giants seem to think they can just turn it on whenever and they’ll be fine. This is the year they find out that it won’t be enough. Injuries all over the Giants’ defense let Newton have a big day, and Carolina’s pass rush makes Eli uncomfortable. Also, the Giants can’t run the ball, at all. 

Ben Thaler: New York Giants – Remember the last time the Giants went 0-2? Super Bowl? Let’s take it one week at a time, but there’s no way Coughlin and Eli let this team go 0-3.

Brian Thorne: New York Giants – Losing safety Charles Godfrey for the year will make it all but impossible for the Panthers’ secondary to stop the aerial attack that will certainly be coming their way. If New York can stop committing turnovers, there’s no reason for this game to be close. 

Michael Cellars: New York Giants – I’m picking them solely because I can’t see a Tom Coughlin coached team starting 0-3.

Carlos Ramirez: Carolina Panthers – The improved Panthers defense matches up well with a Giants offense that has struggled running the ball and with a quarterback who has already thrown 7 interceptions in two games. 

Consensus: (7-3)

Houston Texans Baltimore Ravens

Kevin Roberts: Houston Texans – The Ravens aren’t who they were last year and Houston needs a game where they’re not coming back all game. This is the one. 

Keet Bailey: Houston Texans – The Texans have not looked like world-beaters, but they’re still super talented. The Ravens get their second loss here. 

Taylor Smith: Houston Texans – Going into Baltimore is no easy task, regardless of the state of the Ravens, but we’re still waiting on the playoff version of Joe Flacco to come back from the dead. 

Gregg Ring: Houston Texans After two miracle wins, the Texans look like a pretty good bet to take care of the defending champs on the road. It sounds crazy, but the Ravens are the worst team the Texans have gotten to play yet this season, coming in behind the Chargers and Titans. Trouble in Baltimore continues. 

Terrence Kirker: Houston Texans – Just a hunch.

Jonathan Pollak: Houston Texans – The Ravens have looked really terrible so far, and the Texans will be up to make a statement against the defending champs. Although they’re the No. 2 guys at their positions, watch for Hopkins and Tate to produce. 

Ben Thaler: Baltimore Ravens – I think the Ravens get back on track this week with a big win at home.

Brian Thorne: Houston Texans – Two weeks in a row, they’ve won on the last play of the game after mounting impressive comebacks and overcoming bad interceptions. It all starts with their defense, though, and goodness gracious is that front seven spectacular. 

Michael Cellars: Houston Texans – Though they haven’t found their groove yet, the Texans are simply finding ways to win games. 

Carlos Ramirez: Houston Texans – DeAndre Hopkins proved he is yet another reliable option for Matt Schaub last week, and Ben Tate has been productive enough to split carries with Arian Foster. The Ravens may be at home, but they haven’t played a legit team on their turf yet since Ray Lewis retired. 

Consensus: Texans (9-1)

Atlanta Falcons Miami Dolphins

Kevin Roberts: Atlanta Falcons – Miami’s hot start runs cold. Atlanta is more talented and needs this win more. 

Keet Bailey: Atlanta Falcons – I love the Falcons and Matt Ryan has built such a great rapport with his weapons in Atlanta. 

Taylor Smith: Atlanta Falcons – Atlanta hasn’t been particularly impressive thus far, but the Dolphins are overdue for a loss. 

Gregg Ring: Atlanta Falcons – Okay, this could be the upset special of the week but I’m going with the Dirty Birds. Miami is improved from last season, but wins over the Browns and Colts are less than inspiring. The injury bug has certainly bitten the Falcons, but they’ll make enough plays to get it done. 

Terrence Kirker: Atlanta Falcons – Not even Miami can cool off Matty Ice. 

Jonathan Pollak: Atlanta Falcons – The Fins won two road games to start the season, so of course they’ll now come home and get spanked. Atlanta’s offense is depleted, though, so if the Falcs can’t Quizz on the Fins, this could go Miami’s way. 

Ben Thaler: Atlanta Falcons – The Fins are gonna stop the depleted Falcons’ run game, but Matt Ryan will have an absolute day. 

Brian Thorne: Atlanta Falcons – They can’t protect Matt Ryan very well, but they have enough offensive firepower to compensate for it most times. If they’d give up on the run and commit to throwing the ball 60+ times per game they’d be harder to stop. 

Michael Cellars: Atlanta Falcons – Though Ryan Tannehill was impressive last week, Matt Ryan will be even more impressive this week. 

Carlos Ramirez: Miami Dolphins – I would love for my Dirty Birds to steal this one in South Beach, but injuries to Roddy White and several key defensive players will make this game tough for the Falcons on the road against a Dolphins team that’s 2-0 without a home win. 

Consensus: Falcons (9-1)

Buffalo Bills New York Jets

Kevin Roberts: Buffalo Bills – Geno is trash and E.J. has looked very solid. It should be close, but I like Buffalo. Spiller should blow up, too. 

Keet Bailey: New York Jets – A game of defense, the Jets pull out a close one thanks to their ability to shut-down the run.

Taylor Smith: Buffalo Bills – The Bills’ secondary is depleted, but who, exactly, on the Jets is supposed to exploit that weakness?

Gregg Ring: Buffalo Bills – The Bills have to win because I took the under on 5.5 wins for the Jets. I really can’t explain any other good reason for picking the Bills, other than they’re playing the Jets. How bad to the Bucs look for losing to that bunch?

Terrence Kirker: Buffalo Bills – CJ Spiller has a chance to break out of a little funk against the Jets. I think he has a huge game. 

Jonathan Pollak: Buffalo Bills – Bills rookie QB EJ Manuel showed that he can win a close one. Jets rookie QB Geno Smith showed that he can’t (at least, not without stupid defensive penalties). The real loser here is the fan that has to watch this slop-fest. 

Ben Thaler: Buffalo Bills – EJ Manuel gets the advantage over Geno Smith.

Brian Thorne: New York Jets – It’s a rookie quarterback showdown! Defense wins this one because I’m certainly not counting on either QB to have a great game. Gang Green is the only team that has a defense capable of stopping someone, and the Bills’ offense isn’t exactly a world-beater as it is. 

Michael Cellars: Buffalo Bills – In a battle between rookie quarterbacks, I trust EJ Manuel more.

Carlos Ramirez: Buffalo Bills – EJ Manuel has looked much better this season than his fellow rookie Geno Smith, and he also has the better receivers. The Jets’ defense has looked very solid, but it won’t mean anything unless Geno starts to improve, and this won’t be the week. 

Consensus: Bills (8-2)

Indianapolis Colts San Francisco 49ers

Kevin Roberts: San Francisco 49ers – No chance the 49ers don’t bounce back in a huge way after that horrendous loss to Seattle, right? Right.

Keet Bailey: San Francisco 49ers – San Francisco can’t afford to go 1-2, and quite frankly, they’re too talented to do so. 

Taylor Smith: San Francisco 49ers – Should be fun to see Trent Richardson out there in a new uni, but Indy’s defense won’t be able to stop Colin Kaepernick and friends.

Gregg Ring: San Francisco 49ers – San Francisco will be seeing red after the beatdown they received in Seattle. Look out, Indy, this one could get ugly. 

Terrence Kirker: San Francisco 49ers – I’m sure the Niners are a bit ticked after last week.

Jonathan Pollak: San Francisco 49ers – The Niners come back home after an embarrassing loss in Seattle, and the Colts look shaky on both sides of the ball. Luck runs out and the horsies get Kaepernicked. 

Ben Thaler: Indianapolis Colts – Upset alert. Newly-acquired Trent Richardson is going to help the Colts to a big win over a 49ers team that is still trying to find out what happened against the Seahawks.

Brian Thorne: San Francisco 49ers – The Colts nearly lost to Oakland at home in Week One, and then at home again in Week Two they did lost to Miami, and certainly didn’t look good doing it. Traveling to San Francisco won’t be kind to the Colts.

Michael Cellars: San Francisco 49ers – The anger that’s going to be taken out on the Colts will not be a pretty sight. 

Carlos Ramirez: San Francisco 49ers – The Colts will eventually unleash Trent Richardson, but it won’t happen this week on the road at San Francisco. 

Consensus: 49ers (9-1)

Jacksonville Jaguars Seattle Seahawks

Kevin Roberts: Seattle Seahawks – Hahahahahaha. Ha. Ha. Henne.

Keet Bailey: Seattle Seahawks – I should not have to justify this.

Taylor Smith: Seattle Seahawks – Neither should I.

Gregg Ring: Seattle Seahawks – Well it’s the Jaguars. They’re 19.5 point dogs for a reason. This might be the best team in football against the worst, and I think it’ll be over by halftime. You’ve got to feel for the Jags fans.

Terrence Kirker: Seattle Seahawks – No explanation required!

Jonathan Pollak: Seattle Seahawks – This is the equivalent of letting a mediocre welterweight fight the No. 1 heavyweight contender. The boxing commission has rules against that, so why shouldn’t the NFL? Tarvaris Jackson will enjoy himself in the second half. 

Ben Thaler: Seattle Seahawks – Best team in the league vs. worst team in the league. This one will be over before it starts. 

Brian Thorne: Seattle Seahawks – Everything, and I mean absolutely everything, will be in their favor this week.

Michael Cellars: Seattle Seahawks – If the Jaguars win this game, it’d be a bigger upset than the Giants’ victory in Super Bowl XLII. 

Carlos Ramirez: Seattle Seahawks – At home against the Jaguars…need I say more!

Consensus: Seahawks (10-0)

Chicago Bears @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Kevin Roberts: Pittsburgh Steelers – Am I the only one who doesn’t think all hope is lost for the Steelers? Also, cardiac Bears could easily be 0-2, as well.

Keet Bailey: Chicago Bears – The Steelers look just plain awful offensively, and defensively they have not been like their usual selves. 

Taylor Smith: Chicago Bears – Pretty sure I won’t be picking the Steelers unless they play the Jags or someone. Or if they, ya know, win a game. Also, stop putting them on in prime time.

Gregg Ring: Chicago Bears – Nothing is working in Pittsburgh. The offense stinks, the defense has clearly lost a step and there seems to be disfunction in the coaching staff. This one won’t be a blowout, but the Bears will get to 3-0. 

Terrence Kirker: Chicago Bears – Forte his hot and the Steelers are not.

Jonathan Pollak: Chicago Bears – The Steelers look like they’re in trouble, the Bears look like they can escape any trouble. Julius Peppers finally records a sack or three. 

Ben Thaler: Chicago Bears – This Bears offense is gonna push the Steelers to 0-3.

Brian Thorne: Chicago Bears – What happened to the Steelers? They look terrible. No rushing attack. No established receiving threat. Poor play (and an injury) across the offensive line. Even the defense isn’t great, though it is by far the strength of the team.

Michael Cellars: Pittsburgh Steelers – My upset pick for the week because I hate the Bears.

Carlos Ramirez: Chicago Bears – The Bears’ offense has looked significantly better under Marc Trestman, while the Steelers’ offense has continued to regress with a weak offensive line and Todd Haley calling the plays. 

Consensus: Bears (8-2)

Oakland Raiders Denver Broncos

Kevin Roberts: Denver Broncos – See: Jaguars vs. Seahawks.

Keet Bailey: Denver Broncos – Peyton, Peyton, Peyton!

Taylor Smith: Denver Broncos – At least the Raiders beat the Jags.

Gregg Ring: Denver Broncos – Wouldn’t it have just been more fair to let the Raiders and Jaguars play again? I wouldn’t be surprised to see less than 150 yards from Oakland’s offense. This is an absolute beatdown waiting to happen.

Terrence Kirker: Denver Broncos – Listen…I’m going to pick the Broncos every single week. Why wouldn’t you?

Jonathan Pollak: Denver Broncos – Expect some nastiness because it’s a division game, but otherwise this is almost as bad as the Seahawks/Jaguars matchup. The Broncos will run the ball in the second half to get the practice in, and to make the game mercifully end quicker. 

Ben Thaler: Denver Broncos – This is going to be embarrassing for the Raiders. 

Brian Thorne: Denver Broncos – The Manning Passing Academy will be holding a special one night event in Denver this Monday. Terrelle Pryor should bring a notebook to the stadium so he can pick up a few pointers. 

Michael Cellars: Denver Broncos – My survivor pick for the week because Peyton Manning. Doesn’t have to make sense, just…Peyton Manning. 

Carlos Ramirez: Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning might have a chance to break his own 7-TD record at home against the hapless Raiders. 

Consensus: Broncos (10-0)

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