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Week 4 NFL Picks: Will the Texans Take Down the Seahawks? 

Week Three was rife with upsets all over the league, and our writer picks suffered as a result. Thanks a lot, Vikings, Packers, 49ers and Texans.

Heading into Week Four, we’ve got a four-way tie at the top of the leaderboard. Standings are as follows:

Gregg Ring, Keet Bailey, Terrence Kirker, Jonathan Pollak: 32-16

Michael Cellars: 28-20

Taylor Smith and Brian Thorne: 27-21

Kevin Roberts and Ben Thaler: 26-22

Will we fare any better this week? Let’s find out:

San Francisco 49ers (1-2) @ St. Louis Rams (1-2)

Kevin Roberts: San Francisco 49ers – The Rams are Swiss cheese on D for some reason, and I can’t see SF dropping 3 straight. 

Keet Bailey: San Francisco 49ers – I just can’t see a team with this much talent dropping three consecutive games.

Taylor Smith: San Francisco 49ers – Both of these teams looked underwhelming last week, but the Niners are better than they’ve looked. I hope. 

Gregg Ring: San Francisco 49ers – San Francisco rights the ship this week in St. Louis. The Rams looked terrible against a mediocre Cowboys team in Week Three, and there’s just no way the 49ers lose three in a row. Don’t expect an all-defensive struggle, though. The 49ers’ D isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

Terrence Kirker: San Francisco 49ers – Two disastrous games for the 49ers, but the Rams have been no better. The Rams’ running game is questionable and the Niners should rebound. 

Jonathan Pollak: St. Louis Rams – The Niners were humiliated two weeks in a row – maybe they’re not the juggernaut we thought they were? The Rams also got blown out last week, but they went toe-to-toe with SF last season, and this should be another close, low-scoring game. 

Ben Thaler: San Francisco 49ers – This team is just too good to lose to the Rams. They are championship material and everyone will get back on track against St. Louis.

Brian Thorne: San Francisco 49ers – With the defense having serious problems, the game will be put on the offense and Colin Kaepernick. Expect to see lots of bicep kisses as he continues the beatdown started by Dallas last week. 

Michael Cellars: St. Louis Rams – The Rams went 1-0-1 against the 49ers last season, and that’s all the reasoning I need to pick the upset. 

Carlos Ramirez: St. Louis Rams – Colin Kaepernick struggles once again at St. Louis, where he did last year, and the Rams having the more explosive receiving corps doesn’t make things better for San Fran.

Consensus: 49ers (7-3)

Baltimore Ravens (2-1) Buffalo Bills (1-2)

Kevin Roberts: Baltimore Ravens – The Bills don’t inspire me. Neither do the Ravens, but they’re experienced and facing a rookie QB. 

Keet Bailey: Baltimore Ravens – The Bills still have work to do, and while they are looking up, Baltimore is still putting up points. 

Taylor Smith: Baltimore Ravens – Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!!! Right?! RIGHT? *drops dead*

Gregg Ring: Baltimore Ravens – The Bills just aren’t that good and the Ravens are coming off a rejuvenating win against the Texans. Even if Ray Rice doesn’t go, look for the Ravens to get an easy win and prove to Ray Lewis “leadership” isn’t a problem in Baltimore. 

Terrence Kirker: Baltimore Ravens – Baltimore has been decent and even though Ray Rice is still questionable, you still have to give them the edge. Nobody knows how to find ways to lose games better than Buffalo.

Jonathan Pollak: Baltimore Ravens – The Birds are back after dismantling Houston last week. The Bills are on the rise, but are not good enough to beat the defending champs, even when they’re a shell of last season’s team. 

Ben Thaler: Baltimore Ravens – Coming off a huge win against Houston, the Ravens have no trouble disposing of the Bills. 

Brian Thorne: Baltimore Ravens – Fact #1: They didn’t need Ray Rice to beat the Texans. Fact #2: The Bills aren’t as good as the Texans. Fact #3: Ray Rice can’t be less available this week than he was last week. 

Michael Cellars: Baltimore Ravens – I don’t believe last week’s dismantling of the Texans was a mirage. The defending champs are going to at least contend in the AFC. 

Carlos Ramirez: Baltimore Ravens – A new-look, tough Ravens defense that just frustrated Matt Schaub

Consensus: Ravens (10-0)

Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) Cleveland Browns (1-2)

Kevin Roberts: Cincinnati Bengals – The Browns WOULD fail at tanking. But Cincy is pretty solid and beat the Pack, so they should get it done. 

Keet Bailey: Cincinnati Bengals – What the Browns did in Week Three was a fluke. This Bengals team may be for real. 

Taylor Smith: Cincinnati Bengals – The Browns finally get the ship righted on this whole tanking thing with a bad loss to the Bengals. 

Gregg Ring: Cincinnati Bengals – Brian Hoyer isn’t the second coming, and the Bengals will have far more success against Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron than the lowly Vikings did. This could be the game Giovani Bernard takes the starting RB job for Cincinnati, making a lot of fantasy owners very happy. 

Terrence Kirker: Cincinnati Bengals – No letdown here after beating the Packers for the Bengals. Cincy looks really good.

Jonathan Pollak: Cincinnati Bengals – The Browns aren’t as bad as we think, apparently, but the Bengals are good for real. This could be a trap game for Cincy, except that it’s the intrastate division rival. If the Bengals can make Aaron Rodgers look mediocre, they’ll make Brian Hoyer look how he was supposed to look last week. 

Ben Thaler: Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals are a whole lot better than the Vikings, so don’t expect nearly as much of a fight from the Browns this week. 

Brian Thorne: Cincinnati Bengals – Let’s see how the Browns do against a team that can actually play defense.

Michael Cellars: Cincinnati Bengals – I knew this team was in for a big year, but was never getting any credit. After beating the Packers last week, they’re going to be gaining respect. 

Carlos Ramirez: Cincinnati Bengals – The Browns may be solid on defense, but it’s tough to think Brian Hoyer could pull off another shocking win against a more solid Bengals team. 

Consensus: Bengals (10-0)

Chicago Bears (3-0) Detroit Lions (2-1)

Kevin Roberts: Detroit Lions – Chicago has been good, but they have to lose some time. On the road against a division rival sounds about right. 

Keet Bailey: Chicago Bears – I mean come on, that defense is just stupid good.

Taylor Smith: Chicago Bears – This should be the biggest test thus far for the unbeaten Osos, but I think they’re for real. 

Gregg Ring: Chicago Bears – Yes, I realize thus far I have picked all road teams, and yes, I do realize the Bears are probably playing above their talent level right now, but the Lions just don’t beat winning teams. Matthew Stafford’s record against teams finishing the season over .500? 1-24. Just a hunch, but I think the Bears will finish over .500. 

Terrence Kirker: Detroit Lions – Kind of an upset pick here, and the Bears could easily win, but I think the Lions can squeak out a win behind Stafford and Megatron.

Jonathan Pollak: Detroit Lions – The Bears’ dreams of an undefeated season end here. The Bears lost All-Pro DT Henry Melton for the season, which could have a devastating impact on the entire defense. The Lions will actually be able to run the ball a little bit now. 

Ben Thaler: Chicago Bears – This team is on a roll, and if their defense can shut down Megatron, which they can, they should continue their winning ways. 

Brian Thorne: Detroit Lions – In a game where the two teams are close to being mirror images of each other, I have to pick the home team. On entertainment value alone this should be the game of the week. 

Michael Cellars: Chicago Bears – The Bears are clicking on all cylinders right now. 

Carlos Ramirez: Detroit Lions – Matthew Stafford has already thrown for over 1,000 yards and is looking much better than he did last year. 

Consensus: Split (5-5)

New York Giants Kansas City Chiefs

Kevin Roberts: New York Giants – It’s not that I believe in the Giants or that I don’t believe in the Chiefs. I just don’t trust many NFL trends, in general. 

Keet Bailey: Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs’ defense is legit and the Giants’ offense looks awful at the moment. 

Taylor Smith: Kansas City Chiefs – Not sure how the Giants’ O-line is supposed to hold up against that strong KC defensive front. 

Gregg Ring: Kansas City Chiefs – There, a home team. Happy? The Chiefs keep rolling against the absolutely abysmal Giants. Justin Houston should feast on Eli Manning all afternoon, and Jamaal Charles is in for a big week. 

Terrence Kirker: Kansas City Chiefs – My Giants absolutely suck and I don’t see a rebound on the road against the red-hot Chiefs. 

Jonathan Pollak: Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs have looked strong, and are at home with extra rest to prepare. The Giants will help continue the trend of no home team hosting a Super Bowl. Plus, Andy Reid has long tortured the Giants. Another embarrassment should be enough for the G-Men to finally start making some lineup changes. 

Ben Thaler: New York Giants – I just really want the Giants to win.

Brian Thorne: Kansas City Chiefs – What happened to the Giants? That offense is a house of cards built on the shaky foundation that is the O-line and the defense may not live up to the bottom-dwelling standards of the NFC East. If it weren’t for the struggles of Washington and Philadelphia, their season would already be all-but finished. 

Michael Cellars: Kansas City Chiefs – The Giants are just that bad right now. 

Carlos Ramirez: Kansas City Chiefs – The team leading the league in sacks versus arguably the worst offensive line in football…good luck, Eli.

Consensus: Chiefs (8-2)

Pittsburgh Steelers (0-3) vs. Minnesota Vikings (0-3) (in London)

Kevin Roberts: Pittsburgh Steelers – Of course the London game involves two 0-3 teams. I’ll take the Steelers because they don’t have Christian Ponder.

Keet Bailey: Pittsburgh Steelers – A Mike Tomlin team falling to 0-4? I think these Steelers will find a way to pull this one out. 

Taylor Smith: Pittsburgh Steelers – Hey sorry for another crap game, London! Enjoy the Jaguars in a few weeks!

Gregg Ring: Minnesota Vikings – At least this game is in another country so no one here is actually subjected to this toilet bowl. Adrian Peterson should provide enough spark to get past the Steelers in this matchup of bottom-dwellers. 

Terrence Kirker: Minnesota Vikings – Pittsburgh just looks awful and the Vikings have enough weapons to overcome any type of surprise in this game. 

Jonathan Pollak: Pittsburgh Steelers – The fans of London are the real losers here, as they will be forced to watch this slop-fest. A 13-13 tie, with eight total turnovers, would not be a shocker. Edge to the Steelers due to better quarterback play – the Vikes have been squandering Adrian Peterson all season.

Ben Thaler: PIttsburgh Steelers – No home field advantage in this one. I just think the Steelers are a tougher team and this one will be won in the trenches. 

Brian Thorne: Pittsburgh Steelers – Only because both teams can’t lose and I trust Roethlisberger marginally more than I do Ponder.

Michael Cellars: Pittsburgh Steelers – I hate these London games. Anyway, in a battle of defeated teams, I flipped a coin.

Carlos Ramirez: Pittsburgh Steelers – Big Ben has a huge day against a Vikings defense that just gave up 31 points to a Brian Hoyer-led Browns offense.

Consensus: Steelers (8-2)

Arizona Cardinals (1-2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3)

Kevin Roberts: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Tampa Bay is probably done, but their D D is good enough to save them from an early grave for one more week. 

Keet Bailey: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Buccaneers’ defense is playing well. If they can score at home, they’ll win.

Taylor Smith: Arizona Cardinals – If the Buccos weren’t starting a completely ordinary rookie in his first game, I’d like them here. 

Gregg Ring: Arizona Cardinals – It isn’t Josh Freeman’s fault the Bucs are 0-3, and Mike Glennon isn’t exactly the next Tom Brady. The benching of Freeman could be the next domino to fall in a full-scale rebellion against coach Greg Schiano. The Cardinals get a road win against a purely dysfunctional organization. 

Terrence Kirker: Arizona Cardinals – I don’t know what’s going on in the Tampa soap opera and I really like Palmer-to-Fitzgerald. 

Jonathan Pollak: Arizona Cardinals – This was finally the week Freeman got benched for good. Expect plenty of between-the-20s passing yards, but that’s it. 

Ben Thaler: Arizona Cardinals – I’ve picked the Bucs three times in a row and was punished all three times. I don’t think Mike Glennon has what it takes to turn this team around. Especially against a feisty Cardinals team. 

Brian Thorne: Arizona Cardinals – The Josh Freeman saga quickly came to a close following last week’s loss to the Pats. We’ll see what the rookie backup has. 

Michael Cellars: Arizona Cardinals – Larry Fitzgerald won’t be completely contained by Darrelle Revis this week. 

Carlos Ramirez: Arizona Cardinals – It’s just unreasonable to expect Mike Glennon to win his first NFL game against an opponent from the league’s best division.

Consensus: Cardinals (8-2)

Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars

Kevin Roberts: Indianapolis Colts – Indy just showed everyone what was up. They’re not going to turn around and lose to what figures to be the league’s second 0-16 team. 

Keet Bailey: Indianapolis Colts – The Colts just played a heck of a game against the Super Bowl runner-up. I think I’ll go with them. 

Taylor Smith: Indianapolis Colts – At least you have Jaxson, Jaguar fans. 

Gregg Ring: Indianapolis Colts – It’s probably too early to say, but it’s starting to look like the Colts might be the class of the AFC South, and we already know the Jaguars are in a class of terrible all on their own. Is Jacksonville going to win a game this year? Certainly not this week. 

Terrence Kirker: Indianapolis Colts – If you ask why, you need serious help.

Jonathan Pollak: Indianapolis Colts – The Indy D was shockingly good last week, and the Jaguars don’t have too many weapons, especially with MJD banged-up and Gabne (or Hennert?) at QB. 

Ben Thaler: Indianapolis Colts – With a full week of practice under his belt, Trent Richardson is going to run all over the Jags. This won’t be close. 

Brian Thorne: Indianapolis Colts – Trent Richardson’s first full week as a Colt reaches its climax against the league’s worst rush defense. Seeing what he and Ahmad Bradshaw did to the 49ers, I can only imagine what they have in store this week. 

Michael Cellars: Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck continues to look like a seasoned vet rather than a second-year QB. 

Carlos Ramirez: Indianapolis Colts – Next question.

Consensus: Indianapolis Colts (10-0)

Seattle Seahawks Houston Texans

Kevin Roberts: Seattle Seahawks – Houston is an unimpressive 2-1 team and Seattle is a very impressive 3-0 team. These trends live on for another week.

Keet Bailey: Seattle Seahawks – Seattle’s defense is too good and the Texans look unprepared defensively.

 Taylor Smith: Houston Texans – Probably picking more with my heart than with my brain here, but the Seahawks have a history of being a lesser team away from home. The Texans are overdue for a strong showing, too. 

Gregg Ring: Houston Texans – Upset special of the week. The Texans looked less-than-formidable last week in Baltimore, and the Seahawks might be the best team in football, but this one is tricky in H-Town. The Texans’ D (which did not play poorly last week) will give the offense a chance late in the fourth, and Randy Bullock actually makes a field goal to win it for the Texans. 

Terrence Kirker: Seattle Seahawks – Gotta pick ‘em til then burn me. They’re the clear favorites right now. 

Jonathan Pollak: Houston Texans – The Texans were exposed last week, but the Seahawks have had it way too easy this season – let’s see them beat a good team on the road, without the 12th man. 

Ben Thaler: Seattle Seahawks – I don’t think anyone can stop the ‘Hawks right now. 

Brian Thorne: Seattle Seahawks – Their ability to play man defense in the secondary will prevent the Texans from being able to move the ball through the air, and the running game won’t be enough to make up for that deficiency. 

Michael Cellars: Seattle Seahawks – This team is simply dominating right now. 

Carlos Ramirez: Seattle Seahawks – I’ll take the Seahawks’ younger and more physical defense over the Texans’ in what could be a pretty low-scoring game in Houston.

Consensus: Seahawks (8-2)

New York Jets (2-1) Tennessee Titans (2-1)

Kevin Roberts: Tennessee Titans – I believe in Jake Locker more than just about everyone, and the Titans’ D will bring a lot of help at home. 

Keet Bailey: New York Jets – This Jets defense will lead them to another close win. I didn’t think 3-1 was in reach, but Geno is playing well enough offensively.

Taylor Smith: Tennessee Titans – The Jets’ two wins haven’t exactly been over world-beaters. Not that Tennessee is a world-beater, but they’re solid all-around. 

Gregg Ring: Tennessee Titans – I’m surprised by the play of both of these teams. I have to just go with home-field advantage here and hope Jake Locker shows up two weeks in a row. Fantasy alert: Chris Johnson gets his first TD this week. 

Terrence Kirker: Tennessee Titans – Should be a close one, and I just don’t think Geno Smith is good enough to pull this one out. 

Jonathan Pollak: Tennessee Titans – Both teams have legitimately good defenses, but the Titans are at home and should be able to get Chris Johnson on track. Jets QB Geno Smith should take notes from Titans QB Jake Locker, who is actually a great scrambling quarterback but is totally mediocre in the air. 

Ben Thaler: Tennessee Titans – The Jets have been playing better than anyone expected, but so have the Titans. The Titans cruise at home. 

Brian Thorne: New York Jets – Tennessee needed a last-minute drive against the Chargers to sneak out a win last week. New York will rely on their defense once again and not even a last minute drive will be able to change the outcome of this one. 

Michael Cellars: New York Jets – I’m just as surprised as anyone that this team is 2-1, but they are playing pretty good ball behind rookie quarterback Geno Smith. 

Carlos Ramirez: New York Jets – Rex’s defense will be able to frustrate Jake Locker and give Geno Smith plenty of chances to put up points. 

Consensus: Titans (6-4)

Philadelphia Eagles (1-2) Denver Broncos (3-0)

Kevin Roberts: Denver Broncos – I want a shootout and I wouldn’t mind the Eagles getting to 2-2 to make things interesting. It just isn’t going to happen. The 2-2 part, at least. 

Keet Bailey: Denver Broncos – Peyton and the Broncos are just too darn powerful. 

Taylor Smith: Denver Broncos – I want so badly for Peyton to take one on foot 60 yards to the house. Just once. 

Gregg Ring: Denver Broncos – The Denver defense has the speed to keep up with the speedy Eagles offense and Peyton Manning should absolutely torch a suspect Philly D. The Broncos’ suffocating run defense could make it a long week for LeSean McCoy. 

Terrence Kirker: Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning looks unstoppable.

Jonathan Pollak: Denver Broncos – Really, who’s stopping Denver at this point? The players are playing schoolyard games to decide who gets the next touchdown. Philly’s defense, in Denver, won’t be up to the challenge. Chip Kelly’s offense will need to kill the clock for the Iggles to have any chance. 

Ben Thaler: Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning is going to tear the Philly secondary apart. 

Brian Thorne: Denver Broncos – Both of these teams had great Week Ones. Only Denver has managed to maintain that result. Philadelphia can’t play defense and I’m not all that sure they can actually play offense, either. 

Michael Cellars: Denver Broncos – One team has a potent offense, while the other team only appears to. 

Carlos Ramirez: Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning is just playing too well for the Eagles to even think about stealing this one at Mile High.

Conensus: Denver Broncos (10-0)

Washington Redskins (0-3) Oakland Raiders (1-2)

Kevin Roberts: Washington Redskins – The Raiders are the perfect cure for a struggling 0-3 team. Look for RGIII to finally look like RGIII.

Keet Bailey: Oakland Raiders – They lost big on Monday night, but the Raiders did some pretty good things. Washington is in a bad place defensively. 

Taylor Smith: Washington Redskins – The Redskins are terrible, but they have to be better than the way they’ve looked so far, at least. The Raiders aren’t as terrible as I thought, but they’re still more terrible than the Redskins. I think.

Gregg Ring: Oakland Raiders – Ok, this pick is pending Terrelle Pryor being healthy. Wow, I never thought in a million years I’d say that, but Pryor showed me something in Denver and the Redskins’ defense is epically awful. If he plays, the Raiders will win it. 

Terrence Kirker: Washington Redskins – RGIII will finally shine and be the difference in the game. 

Jonathan Pollak: Oakland Raiders – Ya know, Terrelle Pryor actually looks better than terrible, and the ‘Skins have had problems stopping opposing quarterbacks all year. Things are already looking grim in D.C., and an 0-4 start will have everyone overanalyzing RGIII again. 

Ben Thaler: Oakland Raiders – The Redskins are a better team, but they’re really struggling, and I think perennial backup Matt Flynn finds a way to get it done at home against a shoddy Washington secondary. 

Brian Thorne: Washington Redskins – The late-game Terrelle Pryor concussion is a costly injury for Oakland, even if he does play this Sunday. At his best, he’s a playmaker with limited talent around him and the Raiders are a mediocre team. Without him, Matt Flynn can’t lead the team to any sort of victory, regardless of their opponent. 

Michael Cellars: Washington Redskins – After all the hype with RGIII backfiring, the Redskins finally get their first win of the season. 

Carlos Ramirez: Washington Redskins – After three tough matchups, the Redskins’ defense finally gets some breathing room against the Raiders’ offense. 

Consensus: Redskins (7-3)

Dallas Cowboys (2-1) San Diego Chargers (1-2)

Kevin Roberts: San Diego Chargers – I actually think both of these teams are very solid. But traveling west isn’t easy. Dallas loses in a close one. 

Keet Bailey: Dallas Cowboys – Dallas’ defense is looking respectable, and we know that they can score points.

Taylor Smith: Dallas Cowboys – The Charger offensive line is in shambles, and they’ll struggle to keep DeMarcus Ware off of Philip Rivers’ back. 

Gregg Ring: Dallas Cowboys – I know it’s early, but I think the Cowboys are going to coast to the NFC East crown. The Chargers lost a heartbreaker last week to the Titans and let Jake Locker throw for 300 yards. Uh-oh. Romo and Dez have a big day for the ‘Boys and take it on the road. 

Terrence Kirker: San Diego Chargers – The Chargers have played well and lost a tough one last week. I think they can beat the ‘Boys.

Jonathan Pollak: Dallas Cowboys – Dallas can pull off big wins on the road, especially against a Charger team that’s missing three receivers. Marmalard simply doesn’t have the horses right now, and neither defense is impregnable, although the ‘Boys are probably a bit better at getting a big play, which explains the pick. 

Ben Thaler: San Diego Chargers – The Cowboys come off a big win with a surprising loss. Per usual.

Brian Thorne: Dallas Cowboys – Something about this screams “Quarterback Duel” and I like the pass-catchers for Dallas better. 

Michael Cellars: San Diego Chargers – All of their games so far have been decided by three points. I see them walking away with a last-second victory in this one. 

Carlos Ramirez: Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo comes up big in a shootout with Philip Rivers. 

Consensus: Cowboys (6-4)

New England Patriots (3-0) Atlanta Falcons (1-2)

Kevin Roberts: Atlanta Falcons – The Pats are undermanned and finally facing a good team. I might give them a shot at home, but it’s in ATL where the Falcons will be desperate for a win at 1-2. 

Keet Bailey: Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons’ defense has underperformed but their inexperienced defenders face equally-inexperienced receivers. This will be a good one. 

Taylor Smith: Atlanta Falcons – If it’s possible to look ordinary while being 3-0, the Pats have done it. Atlanta is due, plus Matt Ryan doesn’t lose in the Georgia Dome. 

Gregg Ring: Atlanta Falcons – The Patriots’ offense came alive last weekend and the Falcons’ defense is mediocre at best, but the Georgia Dome is what the Birds need. I’m probably higher on the Falcons than most, but I think Matt Ryan finds a way to get it done this week. 

Terrence Kirker: Atlanta Falcons – The Patriots finally play a decent team and New England will finally see how flawed they really are. 

Jonathan Pollak: Atlanta Falcons – The Pats got it together for real last week, but the Falcons are desperate to get back to .500 and will be at home. Both QBs can sling the ball around, but Matty Ice has better targets than Dreamboat. Both teams go running back by committee, so it’s foolish to gamble on any specific one for fantasy purposes. 

Ben Thaler: New England Patriots – This is by far the Pats’ biggest test this season and this game could legitimize their 3-0 start. 

Brian Thorne: New England Patriots – I don’t care who wins, as long as I get to see Gronk spike the ball in the end zone half a dozen times. And if New England does score six touchdowns, I have a hard time seeing them losing. Hopefully he’s back this week. 

Michael Cellars: New England Patriots – This game will remove all the question marks and prove that the Patriots are a legitimate contender. 

Carlos Ramirez: Atlanta Falcons – Matty Ice bounces back from a tough road loss to beat Tom Brady in a possible high-scoring affair at home. 

Consensus: Falcons (7-3)

Miami Dolphins (3-0) New Orleans Saints (3-0)

Kevin Roberts: New Orleans Saints – New Orleans is legit on both sides of the ball and is at home on MNF. Fat chance they choke here. 

Keet Bailey: New Orleans Saints – The Dolphins’ defense looks very good and Ryan Tannehill is playing well enough to win. But Drew Brees is out for blood, and the Saints defense is somehow not awful. 

Taylor Smith: New Orleans Saints – AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

Gregg Ring: New Orleans Saints – The fairy tale ride comes to an end for the Dolphins in the Superdome. The formidable Dolphins defense isn’t formidable enough for Drew Brees. The Saints defense shuts down Tannehill in his first trip to The Big Easy. 

Terrence Kirker: New Orleans Saints – Miami slowed down Atlanta but won’t slow down Brees and the Saints. 

Jonathan Pollak: New Orleans Saints – The ESPN programming team gets kudos, as they get a matchup of 3-0 teams on Monday night. The Dolphins look very much for real, but not real enough to beat New Orleans in the Superdome. Even with muted numbers, the Saints’ offense is too good for the ‘Fins. 

Ben Thaler: New Orleans Saints – I gotta give the advantage to Drew Brees, but I think it’s gonna come down to the wire. 

Brian Thorne: New Orleans Saints – They can apparently play defense and the offense has never been questioned. We’ve found this year’s Worst-to-First team!

Michael Cellars: New Orleans Saints – While the Dolphins have been impressive, the Saints are just marching along. Plus, this game’s in the Superdome. 

Carlos Ramirez: New Orleans Saints – The Saints look much better defensively so far in 2013, which makes them higher favorites to beat the young Dolphins at home. 

Consensus: Saints (10-0)

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