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Week 6 Fantasy Football Buy or Sell: Time to Unload Aaron Rodgers? 

NFL Playoffs

It’s time for another weekly addition of fantasy football buy or sell, with some big-time names I’m buying this week, as well as big-time names I’m selling. With nearly a month and a half of the 2012 season in the books, we now have a better idea of who’s going to help our fantasy teams, and who’s going to only hurt them.

And since fantasy football is a marathon, not a sprint, it’s important to get an early lookout for those players that can aid your team to an eventual championship.

I’m Buying:

1. Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore Ravens

Despite Flacco’s subpar performance against the Chiefs last week, I’m still high on him for the 2012 season. His seven touchdowns and four interceptions may not look good on paper, but he hasn’t thrown more than one interception in the five games so far this season. Plus next week, he faces an average (at best) Cowboys defense which Jay Cutler lit up. Flacco fans and fantasy owners, he’s going to bounce back.

2. Christian Ponder, QB, Minnesota Vikings

Until Ponders two interceptions against the Titans, he hadn’t thrown any picks all year. Through five games, he only has six touchdowns and not even 1,100 yards passing, but he’s playing pretty solid ball right now. His team’s 4-1 and he’s thrown the ball 25+ times in every game so far. He may not be your starter every week, but he’s a solid fill-in during bye weeks or injuries.

3. Jay Cutler, QB, Chicago Bears

He may be on a bye this week, but Cutler faces average secondaries against the Lions, Panthers and Titans in his next three games after the bye. He’s thrown 4 touchdowns and just one interception his past two games, and is 7-7 on the season in those two categories (remember, he had a four interception game against the Packers). The Bears offense is rolling and the Cutler to Brandon Marshall tandem seems unstoppable right now.

4. Arian Foster, RB, Houston Texans

The first overall pick in many fantasy leagues, Foster has not been a disappointment at all this season. He’s had at least one touchdown in every game so far this season with five rushing touchdowns and one receiving touchdown as his the Texans are 5-0. He’s getting plenty of touches in every game, too, with at least 25 total in every game. He’s a must start every week, regardless of the opponent.

5. Victor Cruz, WR, New York Giants

Against the Browns, Cruz had five catches with three of those being touchdowns. Though opposing defenses attempt to shut him down every week, it’s been a hard thing for them to do; Cruz has had a touchdown in three out of the five games so far this season. Eli Manning is going to continue to throw the ball his way, and he is also a must start every week.

I’m Selling:

1. Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers

This may seem like a stretch, and I hate to say it, but I have to sell Rodgers–last year’s NFL MVP–for right now. Though he’s had seven touchdowns and only two interceptions in his last two games, with ten and four on the year, respectively, the road ahead is going to be bumpy for Rodgers and the Packers. The loss of running back Cedric Benson is going to hurt, and the absence of wide receiver Greg Jennings has proved to be huge. He faces the Texans next (which will be a hard matchup), before facing underrated secondaries in the Rams and Cardinals in two of their three games after Houston. He’s not the Aaron Rodgers of last year, and with no threatening running game, all defenses have to do is play that Cover 2 defense to slow down Rodgers and the passing game.

2. Mark Sanchez, QB, New York Jets

Sanchez has thrown an interception in all but one game so far this season, and has six touchdowns with six interceptions on the season. Since Week 1, he hasn’t produced great fantasy numbers, and with an average offense that misses Santonio Holmes, Stephen Hill and Dustin Keller, Sanchez isn’t going to light up the field and scoreboard any time soon.

3. Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona Cardinals

I love Larry Fitzgerald and think he’s one of the best wideouts in football, however, he’s just not a great fantasy receiver without a great quarterback. He only has two touchdowns on the season and doesn’t even have 400 yards receiving; Fitzgerald has broken the century mark in just one game all year. Whether it’s Kevin Kolb or John Skelton throwing the ball, with defenses consistently doubling him, he’s going to continue to have trouble putting up big fantasy numbers on a consistent and reliable basis.

4. Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers

Newton is facing a sophomore slump this season, with four touchdowns and five interceptions on the year. Add in three more touchdowns rushing and it doesn’t look too bad, but he still hasn’t been playing great football this year (or near the level he played last season). Newton is also, at times, allowing his emotions get the best of him, and his frustration is clearly evident. He’s on a bye this week, before facing the Cowboys, Bears, Redskins and Broncos.

5. Darren McFadden, RB, Oakland Raiders

McFadden has once again been a fantasy disappointment, having just one touchdown on the season. Though he’s managed to finally stay healthy, his numbers still lack quality production. Since Week 1, he hasn’t touched the ball more than 20 times in a game, which has led to (aside from the Steelers game), poor yardage production. He faces a tough Falcons defense this week, and it likely won’t be worth to start him this week, if not for awhile.

About the author: Michael Cellars

Michael Cellars currently attends Kent State University, where he is majoring in English with minors in writing and psychology. In addition to his studies, he serves in the Ohio Army National Guard. During his free time, he surrounds himself with as much of the NFL as possible, and writes for football websites NFL Soup and Football Nation. Michael’s favorite team is the Green Bay Packers, who he has been an avid fan for his entire life.

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  1. Tom McFeeley

    Michael: Sanchez gets Hill and Keller BACK this week…he’s 250 guaranteed, dude. :)


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In the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea in the past one cycle of the historical background, the real situation of peace and development have become an irresistible trend of the times, this visit is a reminiscence trip, a journey of friendship, a journey of peace, is bound in safeguarding regional peace and promoting common to play an active role in the development of on. The nostalgia trip Lushui stay Spirits of heroes, the Castle Peak loyal buried bone. 60 years ago, the volunteer officers and men fought bloody battles, many of the officers and men of the remains forever stay in the North Korean land. As an important part of the visit, Guo and his party will pay homage to the martyrs were laid a wreath for the Chinese soldiers lie buried in North Korea,hollister. This embodies the whole army commanders and soldiers pay tribute to the martyrs were, embodies the Chinese people of the outstanding sons and daughters to sacrifice to defend the country and the endless grief. A history of the Korean War, a million officers and men with the blood and lives to write on the history of the hero. In the two years and nine months of the war, the important battle, fighting 134 cases, on average there once a week. Volunteers over 6100 collective hero has emerged, 30 Yu Wanying male model and a hero,oakley lunettes, with an average one out of every eight soldiers heroes and models or hero. Their blood and lives to defend the security of the Republic of the newborn. More long years, the history of the more significant its heavy; more socio-economic development, more people cherished history. Volunteer officers and men to create the great patriotism and revolutionary heroism, revolutionary optimism and internationalist spirit of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea,air jordan pas cher, will always be a valuable asset of the Chinese people. The the noble friendship forged by the journey of friendship, China and the DPRK, after the war of baptism and the test of history. 60 years ago, to the freedom and independence of the Korean people, hundreds of thousands of sons and daughters of the Chinese nation sacrificed their precious lives; respect the customs of the people of North Korea, the Chinese People’s Volunteers care for North Korea’s air,hogan outlet, water, plants and trees, do not take North Korea the glimmer of the people; After the armistice,toms outlet, the volunteers also actively help heal the wounds of war, the Korean people rebuild their homes. “Over the past 60 years,hogan, the world and East Asia, the situation has undergone great changes.” Academy of Military Science researcher Chen Zhou, in the new situation, how to consolidate and deepen the China-DPRK traditional friendship between the two countries and the two armed forces, has a very important significance. Guo led a delegation to the upcoming visit will give a strong impetus to the further development of China-DPRK traditional friendly relations. The journey of peace to draw lessons from history, cherish peace, the future, the war left us an important revelation. The hard-won peace, peace is the best memory of the heroes and martyrs of. Senior Chinese military delegation of the DPRK visit,air jordan, will meet with the DPRK party and state leaders, talks with DPRK military leaders,hollister, and in-depth exchange of views on China-DPRK bilateral military relations and issues of common concern. These activities will promote the Sino-Korean mutual understanding and trust, deepen exchanges and cooperation play an active role,and do everything possible to conserve resources,abercrombie france. “At present, peace, development and cooperation has become an irresistible trend of the times the face of a variety of traditional and non-traditional security challenges become more apparent,diverse educational needs. Fifth, countries only join hands to strengthen cooperation to safeguard world peace and achieve common development.” Defense Qian Lihua, director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office said, “China unswervingly follow the road of peaceful development, advocating the practice of mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and collaboration of the new security concept, China is willing to work with other countries to safeguard the peace and stability of the region and the world to make unremitting efforts. “China and the DPRK army is a pioneer of the traditional friendship between the two countries, military ties are an important part of bilateral relations. Qian Lihua said that a positive attitude toward the further development of bilateral military relations between China and the DPRK,abercrombie pas cher, the Chinese army is willing to make joint efforts with the DPRK to enhance relations between the two militaries to a new level, relations between the two countries continue to comprehensive, in-depth development, safeguarding regional and world peace and stability and make new contributions.

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    ‘s Hospital of Yuhang District. Yuhang District People’s Hospital emergency room doctor said that the day before yesterday 10:30 to 10:40, the hospital has received between the two in a traffic accident in Hangzhou sea road girl. Which nearly one hour after the rescue of a girl declared dead, another sent have died, the two subsequently the Yuhang first funeral home away. Yuhang District People’s Hospital emergency room doctors,mulberry, two registered age is only 22 years old,hollister outlet, named as Kang Birong and Julie,louboutin. The driver has been controlled, according to informed sources, said the two girls from Sichuan Vocational College of Art. Them three days ago, arrived in Hangzhou to prepare trainee looking for work yesterday any help them to rent a good house in the urban areas,hollister paris, and help with moving things to Hangzhou to the two girls from Xiasha uncle and uncle. Uncle and the uncle was riding in the front, 34 meter away followed by a small office and two girls, two girls riding an electric car,mulberry outlet. Any small,air jordan pas cher, just after the Xiasha road Hanghai zebra crossing when he suddenly heard behind the sound of the collision, back to find the two girls lying on the ground. Just when everyone is busy saving lives,mulberry, small office and uncle returned to the scene of the accident, someone will be small and any electric vehicle, together with the electric car,louboutin pas cher, suitcase and a bag full stole. “But two girl’s possessions.” Here a small office could not help but spot crying along with the any of his uncle and other relatives also said with tears suitcase and packet two girls computer clothing and other things,hollister, unexpected accident has brought them great sorrow,abercrombie, stole the relics of the two girls did not expect someone fishing in troubled waters. According to the traffic police department communications,abercrombie france, and the driver of the vehicle has been controlled by the police, the accident is under investigation,mulberry outlet. (CCTV) Related articles: dysfunction Yang tried on suspicion of a traffic accident crime ‘s pet dog to take care of properly

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Pam Lafayette re-ordered to help you achieve this requires, in the event probably not investment recovery is impending, and Marnie offered different choices to present energy.Jerrika has based still living through Very being a likely werepanther breeder,michael kors outlet. Pam requests Sookie to cover Eric with the witches, as well as the female unwillingly realises. Sookie appointments Alcide,coach outlet, currently coping with Shreveport having Debbie, in partnership with requires he or she in order to family Eric on her behalf. Debbie tells Sookie the lady desires to produce amends regarding wanting to get rid of your ex. Andy, at the top of Vs ., purchases in the direction of an altercation employing Sam inside the lawn Merlotte’s. Portia Bellefleur will be popular for the erectile concept pertaining to Prices,coach outlet. Jessica confesses to be able to Hoyt that will she’s presented in an further girl and it glamours your boyfriend or girlfriend in negelecting in order to type that shopping. Jessica offers Arlene’s a baby your scary little girls that maintains arriving in their home. Lafayette stays on in the course of Fangtasia to plead with forgiveness by just Eric; Tara in conjunction with Jesus stick to your ex in order to find Pam scary him or her through the dungeon attic. Pam requires these kinds of for you to obtain Marnie, the particular witch go, to help Fangtasia inside of 1 day. Marnie executes just about any train for your characteristics so that you can posses her technique to make sure that the woman is usually an electric guitar affecting its electrical power. Jer wakes to get Gem sexual in addition to him or her, while additional women of all ages werepanthers tend to be seeing furthermore ready your change. Tommy forges this course that you defraud Maxine Hortenberry,hollister france. Claudine appears with Sookie’s house as well as shows he or she to go back on the fairy nation. Sookie refuses; Eric methods Claudine as well as cocktails they for you to perishing. Article Source: Report ArticleBadly WrittenOffensive ContentSpamBad Author LinksMis-spellingsBad FormattingBad Author PhotoGood Article! Related articles: Everything Sunny All the Time Always are usually captivated during emergency situations. Truly you will find the portrayal of the characters so genuine

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    Presently prostate issues advancement is becoming a a lot more and a lot more significant dilemma for men’s well being worldwide. Modest prostate dysfunctions can lead to much more hazardous disorders and even prostate cancer. By the official research info, prostate illnesses instances quantity has nearly doubled for the last 20 many Reduce alcohol intake – alcohol drinks neutralize each zinc and vitamin B6 (which performs for zinc absorption),louboutin.2. Ingest minimal excess fat level milk and take in lean meat dishes – some researchers think that saturated fats from dairy items and meats are variables growing the danger of prostate cancer development.three. Try to eat more soy – medical scientific tests exhibit that the increasing estrogen-to-testosterone ratio as a end result of getting older is one particular of the important elements that impacts terribly on the dimensions of prostate gland. At the very least two ounces of soy for each day will minimize estrogen amounts in your organism and reestablish optimal stability of the estrogen-to testosterone ratio that is acquiring imbalanced at adult males age of sixty and older. Prosperous of soy foods are: soy flour or powder, miso, tempeh, roasted soy nuts and tofu (soybean curd),chaussures louboutin.four. Improve your circulation – use Kegel exercising exercise sessions to improve a much better blood flow for your prostate and urogenital organs. To complete the Kegel exercise routine pull up all your muscle groups all around scrotum and anus, retain them strained and then release. 10 workout routines by 5-six exercises for each day will optimize the blood stream to your prostate gland tissue,hollister.five. Follow healthful diet. Try to eat far more fruits, berries and veggies to present your human body with necessary purely natural antioxidants and nutritional vitamins. Exclude from your diet program saturated fats,coach outlet online, sugars and cooked meals. Meals that contains high ranges of extra fat like meats or dairy goods can elevate testosterone ranges that can result in enlargement of prostate gland and irregular cells expansion,louboutin. Take in distinct greens, in particular like cabbage, brussels sprouts, sauerkraut,UA digital camo, broccoli and coleslaw. Consuming just 3 servings of greens per day can reduced the prostate cancer threat by up to forty five%!six. Improve Selenium consumption. Selenium is very essential to preserve your prostate healthy,hollister france. The meals that contains good ranges of Selenium are: eggs, cashews, brazil nuts, garlic, kelp, wheat germ, tuna,ralph lauren, herring and other shellfish and seafood, cashews,louboutin,and other information channels., onions and mushrooms, sesame and sunflower seeds, beef liver and kidney.7,michael kors outlet. Have two or more foods with oily fish weekly, these as wild salmon (do not take in farmed salmon which is currently being fed with artificial feed).eight. Enhance Zinc consumption,chaussures louboutin. Zinc usage in sum of fifteen mg for each day will help for right and balanced prostate performance. Exceptional Zinc sources are pumpkin seed in shell,michael kors outlet, oysters, nuts and beans.9. Two parts of tomato sauce for each week minimizes the possibility of prostate most cancers. Cooked tomatoes break down their cell walls, making it possible for your organism to absorb antioxidant lycopene from tomatoes,coach outlet, which is quite crucial for your body.10. Use nutritional supplementation. Take in a good quality multivitamin health supplement that contains the up coming microelements and vitamins to retain your prostate balanced: Vitamin A (twenty five,000 IU), Lycopene (10 mg), and Vitamin E (1,The actual release of a new sneaker design,two hundred IU).

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    For detailed snippets,hollister, read the at icoSnap that also displays photos of places to visit in Japan. Learn more about the and other areas of interest when you visit this website.Article Source: Author’s Resource Box Submitted : 2012-12-20 00:00:00Word Count : 529Popularity: Not RatedTags: kawaii blog , Harajuku fashion The best way to learn more about fads and wacky imports from Japan is to read a Kawaii blog. You will learn a lot about the different types of “squishies” and cell phone straps that are very trendy among teenagers. The mascots are soft and shaped like a baked product. It could resemble a character as well and are a version of the stress ball. These scented delights can be attached to a lanyard or a cell phone strap. n n Kawaii refers to anything cute and this includes cosmetics, handbags, clothing, etc. Nail painting is also a rage in Japan and teenagers like to have lacquered fingertips with nail art that is inspired by famous designers or prints,michael kors outlet. Japanese fans use the term to describe anything that is cute. The origin is of no consequence. The mascots may have large heads, big round eyes and have their own birthday,hollister france, name, likes and dislikes. They are for the most part deformed characters that defy the law of gravity in their appearances. The more exaggerated the proportions,chaussures louboutin, the more “kawai” the response that they get from the teenagers,chaussures louboutin. n n If you walk on the streets of Harajuku you will note various styles that are not part of the mainstream but people don these styles. For instance, Decora focuses on very bright colors such as baby pink and blue. They are normally worn as accessories, such as hair-clips in the shape of desserts, strawberries or bow charms,louboutin. Many teenagers can be seen wearing bright colored sock,ralph lauren, leg warmers and sporting a sanrio-type bag,louboutin.’ n n on the other uses pastel colors and the style is either Rococo fashion or Victoria,michael kors. Accessories for Mori and Gal are available in stores such as Paris kids, Wonder Rocket and Liz Lisa that can be seen in Harajuku Fashion Street. The other kawaii shops are Candy Stripper,coach outlet online, Closet Child and SBY Happy Room among others. Here you can get cosmetic items, monster/character themed accessories and punk-fun clothing. n n If you are planning to visit Japan,louboutin, there are many things you should read and know as it will make the trip more exciting,chaussures louboutin. If you are travelling with your teenage children,coach outlet, you will no doubt be tempted to visit the Harajuku fashion street and watch them go gaga over the kawaii collections in various shops. You will find certain areas where the teenagers hang out dressed in punk clothing trying to resemble their favorite rock starts. Each one tries to dress more outrageously than the other and wear shockingly bright baby pinks and blues. n n icoSnap is a reliable kawaii blog that gives information on the various things to see and purchase in Tokyo,louboutin. This includes food, restaurants, parks, museums and fashion styles that include clothing, cosmetics, bags and accessories that are kawaii or branded. It is written by a young girl called Jam who loves to travel to different parts of the world. She claims that Tokyo is one of the best cities in the world that she has travelled to and writes in detail about the Japanese culture. Author : Report ArticleBadly WrittenOffensive ContentSpamBad Author LinksMis-spellingsBad FormattingBad Author PhotoGood Article,coach outlet! How To Make The Most Of The Authentic Information From A Kawaii Blog Related articles: Article Source Premium Australian Wines For Australia And The World Social Networks and Blogs

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    The Steamers ended up safe,chaussures louboutin, durable and even easily maintained,michael kors. So killed the Stanley Machine? The Stanley Truck Company was started by twin friends Francis and Freelan Stanley,ralph lauren. The cars gained fame each model set the modern world land speed listing in 1906, covering one mile with 28. 2 seconds. The early Steamers enjoyed a compelling performance advantage across the primitive gasoline powered cars on the era. The Stanley brothers enjoyed a sterling reputation at that time for producing innovative product, both at a design and archaeologist standpoint. Then an important grievous error has been made: they fell fond of their product,coach outlet online. Steam was soon to generally be obsolete as a supply of power. Improved internal combustion concept made the gasoline-powered car or truck much cheaper versus the Stanley Steamer. By end of it is useful life throughout 1924 the Stanley Cleaner sold for $3950, even though the Ford Model L retailed for $500. The invention of this electric starter has been another heavy blow which the Stanley Steamer was not able to overcome,louboutin. Early internal combustion motor powered cars were started that has a hand crank,louboutin. The crank was initially notorious for leading to injury and made starting your car almost impossible for females. As the sales model to your automobile adjusted towards the realities of majority production the Stanley’ friends remained adherents of the costly steam built power train. Throughout desperation, seeking to prevent the sales move that their motors endured, they produced an marketing that sought towards instill fear and doubt for the safety of the interior combustion engine. This marketing campaign was one of many earliest examples about negative advertising and then the results were abysmal,coach outlet. “Power-Correctly Managed, Correctly Generated, Correctly Applied in the rear axle” surely falls off in history among the most cumbersome, dull,hollister france, forgettable branding statements or marketing slogans in recent history. The purpose of the ads was not to sell the key benefits of the Stanley Machine, but to transfuse doubt in consumers minds for the safety of the inner combustion engine,michael kors outlet. Because Stanley didn’t continually keep earlier than rapidly advancing auto-grade technology, the Company’s Cleaner cars were obsolete plus the firm closed a doors in 1924,louboutin. That is a classic example of what sort of market leader can certainly rapidly lose associate programs built up for that reason carefully over decades and quickly be pushed on the dust bin connected with history. Sad stories pertaining to products and Companies much like the Stanley Automobile Enterprise are commonplace. Virtually every industry and product or service category experiences such examples of churn, decline,chaussures louboutin, break down and new startups that comes to fill living space deserted by downed stars. Marketers should always assume that competitiveness is working non-stop to overcome any advantage that they might currently enjoy and are seeking to change their products through newer, fresher variations and technology. In order to be fearful on the unknown is way more than unwise, it will be stupid,coach outlet online! .Stanley Steamer is one of the largest carpet maintaining franchise opportunities in the marketplace. Many in this economy are looking into these kind of franchises to help solidify their economic futures,michael kors outlet. Information simple review in the franchise opportunity. A Stanley Cleaner franchise is just the area opportunities out there in regards to purchasing a carpet cleaners business of your. Related articles: which include authorities resources so don’t hesitate to search as many as you need. People management is undoubtedly the most complex

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    ‘s mother, Guihua nearly 40-minute presentation of the trial, recalled and Yao Yu from birth to the United States shortly before the 23-year-old life,abercrombie france, broke down in tears several times, and even crying on the table,hollister france. Finally, she appealed to the judge to severely punish the criminals, but also his daughter justice. Judge Richard Bu Hete after listening to Yao mother statement somber fully understand the loss of our daughter the whole family life has changed completely, he said, “no one can replace the pain of losing her daughter, the murderer must be given punishment,louboutin. Bu Hete judge eventually sentenced the murderer Carlos 22 years’ imprisonment,abercrombie france, will ensure that Carlos stayed in prison for 22 years, will not be released in advance. On the evening of May 16 last year, to the United States only two months, the 23-year-old Chinese female student Yao Yu in the busy neighborhood of the New York Chinese neighborhood in Flushing, Mexican man Carlos dragged into the back alleys,hollister, Carlos to a metal tube cruel percussion Yao Yu head 50 remaining,abercrombie, resulting in the death of Yao Yu,バーバリー 財布. This case triggered a huge impact on the Chinese community in New York and the nation,louboutin pas cher, the brutality of the murderer, and Yao Yu in the cold reality of busy blocks were killed and no one to help, but also aroused strong community response,hollister. Local Chinese,louboutin, overseas Chinese person in charge of Zhu Li Chong in Yao Yu case after organized “street neighborhood watch team,abercrombie, called on the Chinese solidarity, there are nearly 600 Chinese in New York to join this support team,バーバリー. Related articles: Desk physical education teacher indecent girls school leader Man suspected to have been wild Medical Fudge smear syrup itching cause hair los Men quarrel with his wife after drunk driving is a misdemean

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    ‘s live-in boyfriend Mr. Meng died of illness,hollister france, she was to inherit the legacy of Mr,hollister outlet. Meng, Mr. Meng’s brother the grounds that they did not apply for a marriage license and does not recognize its legal status. Recently,mulberry, Xicheng court to support the demands of Ms,mulberry. Yang. Ms. Yang said she and Mr,air jordan. Meng in 1990 the name of the husband and wife to live together and to organize a wedding. The meantime,mulberry outlet, Meng parent died, leaving real estate, deposits and other heritage. However, after the inheritance, Mr,hollister. Meng also died of illness. Ms. Yang believes himself and Mr. Meng is a fact that marriage should inherit the corresponding share boyfriend Heritage. Therefore, Ms. Yang prosecution of Mr,air jordan. Meng’s brother,hollister, to ask for the Heritage,6-year-old property disputes kill mother stabbed former daug. Trial,abercrombie, the defendant,mulberry outlet, Mr. Meng’s brother,louboutin, said the brother and plaintiff’s marital relationship is not recognized,Man steal beaten forced to swallow the lighter _ News _ new, “they married is not said to my family, my brother rarely make the obligation of supporting the elderly,” do not agree with the plaintiff inheritance. The court found that many people to testify in court,Members of the public to withdraw money to found counterfeit, Ms. Yang and Mr,abercrombie france. Meng handled in 1990,abercrombie, the wedding feast, and live together as husband and wife, in line with the fact that the elements of marriage. Mr. Meng’s death, Ms. Yang Mr. Meng’s share of the estate can be inherited.

  28. gdffrg19sa

    ‘s knife the matricide kill brother,mulberry, and the body abandoned in the wilderness. At 13:30 on the February 15, the Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court of intentional homicide of Sun Jianguo heard in public. Sun Jianguo said that he and his brother Sun Xingguo February 2010 to Shanghai from the field, engaged in the LPG reselling work together, in the course of doing business with Sun Xingguo and mother Lvgui Qin conflict Lvgui Qin repeatedly asked the Sun Jianguo back to my hometown in Henan Do not stay in Shanghai led astray by his brother. July 23, 2010 at 3 pm, Sun Jianguo brother and his mother rented accommodation, straight brother bedroom on the second floor in an attempt to communicate with his brother,abercrombie, to resolve their contradictions,air jordan. Period, because both sides are impatient temper, not only was not able to resolve conflicts, but a dispute escalated into fights. Brother picked up on the bed of a fruit knife, scratches Sun Jianguo, Sun Jianguo grabbed a fruit knife, stabbed its chin,abercrombie france. The brother then picked up a hammer, scissors and tried to resist, the two sides scuffle all the way from the second floor to the first floor living room. Mother Lvgui Qin rest on the first floor you hear the sound of fighting, out of the room and saw the Sun Jianguo brother was holding a hammer, she tried to stop but was the brother knocked to the ground,バーバリー 財布. Sun Jianguo turned to continue hitting until Sun Xingguo fall to the ground, and died. After that, the Sun Jianguo see mother gradually restore sanity, then with a hammer to crack down on their head and face until his death,hollister outlet. At 8:00 on the 23rd or so, Sun Jianguo, after in cleaned carcasses and room, leaving the scene of the crime. July 24, at 2 pm, Sun Jianguo,mulberry, brother and mother’s body with wire strapping, stuffed bags, drive to the Pudong New Area,ラルフローレン, the high-Dong upstream village at the green belt,mulberry outlet, the dead bodies to escape,louboutin pas cher. In the afternoon, Sun Jianguo Shanghai Public Security Bureau under criminal detention. Prosecutors believe Sun Jianguo, murder, due to family disputes caused by his brother Sun Xingguo and mother Lvgui Qin traumatic brain injury and death, heinous means extremely bad behavior, and the Sun Jianguo was found guilty of contract fraud was sentenced to five years,abercrombie, the commit crimes are repeat offenders should be severely punished. In the course of the trial,hollister, Sun Jianguo look tone is relatively stable, confessed to the crime. The final statement, had a calm look, seemed to be somewhat painful, he expressed remorse for their actions,hollister, are willing to accept the punishment. 16:30, Sun Jianguo intentional homicide end of a trial,バーバリー, the court will choose a sentencing date. (HU Yan Xinmin network Intern Sheng Qinglin) Related articles: Reported that the laptop computer can cause infertility expe Qingdao Institute of realistic dean of the girls drink fall dead at the grave de Suspects errand carriage bolted on the highway thr

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    ‘s outstanding high school graduates can receive two diplomas: In addition to the diploma issued by the City Board of Education, a school diploma homemade. Yesterday, on the first class school,isabel marant, “Chongqing Bashu Middle School high school diploma” conditions of access discussion paper with high freshmen “meet” the discussion paper specified, puppy love tendencies,hollister, and do not obey their parents, and will not sing the school song,hogan, homemade schools will not be able to get a diploma. Obtain a certificate must sing the school song “to go in order to lead the Bashu students with a comprehensive, personalized, healthy growth path, specially in Chongqing Bashu Middle School, Chongqing Luneng Bashu in school for three years of outstanding high school students, presented Chongqing Bashu Middle School high school diploma, the school raised in this discussion paper, this the homemade diploma will be awarded to outstanding graduates. Students in order to obtain this certificate, prerequisites, individual strengths, rejected the conditions composed. Which prerequisites include: to get City Board of Education has presented high school students in Chongqing diploma, all disciplines actively involved in school elective course and passing the examination, sports performance standards for each semester and “love school” is also a necessary condition for one. How to reflect you love school The schools given measure is to understand the motto, educational philosophy, the idea of ​​educating people and history, and a model practitioner of “good Yazhi will sing” Bashu in school song. With at least three individual strengths in the field of individual strengths,abercrombie pas cher, contains 10 standard,oakley, students need to have at least three. Standards related to academic level, organizational skills, comprehensive development, physical and aesthetic expertise, service awareness, community building, research literacy, technological literacy, independence and other specialties. Academic level, requires a love of learning, academic excellence, at least twice ranked before the whole school year 50% of the final exam and third year of “attending” exam. Organizational capacity, the requirement for colonel-level and above (including dormitory room long) title of outstanding student leaders. Physical and aesthetic expertise is required to participate in campus arts festival, the Festival of Sport (Games), was the fifth prize, or participate in social artistic level assessment to reach a higher level, or as Arts Festival colonel-level host concerts, art exhibitions and so on. Smoking and drinking will be rejected by one vote even reached the necessary conditions, and have at least three individual strengths, but if you do not obey their parents, or have puppy tendencies can not get school diploma homemade. The discussion paper there are five veto condition, students meet one, will be rejected by one vote. Including cheating on exams or participate in a comprehensive practical activities trickery “,” do not obey their parents, do not respect teachers “,” serious breach of school discipline school rules, by the level of field actions “, such as smoking, drinking behavior, luxury waste of such phenomena “,” puppy tendency or the opposite sex too dense, and the adverse impact. How do I get this certificate The school preliminary decision, students in the third year under the third week after the semester to submit proof of application and related conditions, each teacher first instance, the sign for approval; pay senior leader review, signature recognition; submit principals Council on principals signature recognized diploma. Of particular note is this diploma does not have the force of law, and does not affect the students to take the exam, nor as admitted based on the well-known universities Peking University Tsinghua school an honorary title awarded to outstanding graduates. Voice teacher: student can be modified granted on condition that this will be the first homemade by the school and the diploma awarded,hogan outlet, although it has also diploma, but in fact, for the students, school Honor awarded to outstanding students. “School curriculum Department Director Zhang Xuezhong said,toms outlet, the school hopes to lead the learning and development of students in high school for three years through this certificate. “Grades students may not be able to get school diploma, bad students, if the individual strengths highlighted, the same can get.” Said Zhang Xuezhong,mulberry, the students have to modify issued standard power, hoping in this way, Let children participate in school management. This diploma to obtain the conditions for the final baked layers of parents, principals, experts will discuss. The school will collect the views of the students on these standards, combined with the parents, the advice of experts, to eventually launch finalized. Students: these conditions do not ease of compliance for these conditions, the children held views on this The reporters found for this homemade diploma, students and more welcoming attitude,louboutin pas cher, only individual conditions “views”. “These conditions may seem harsh, but is not difficult to achieve.” Grade one girl Liu Zi Teng confident. She said the individual strengths of 10, three academic levels, service awareness, independence, she should be able to achieve. Because they often participate in social practice, has accumulated a lot of experience. Students Daichun Bo same 10 expertise on the academic level, organizational skills, sense of service and independence,air jordan, are able to meet the standards. The high school student Wang Qingyang said, “the opposite sex too dense” there is no clear standard, which requires her opposition,air jordan pas cher. Expert: will lead the students personality development courses theory expert, Southwest University doctoral tutor Sen expressed Certificates are awarded to schools to give students a lot of character makes sense. Help the school unique, leading the growth of students’ personality. However, as the honorary title of the schools for distribution to students, how to make students recognized, recognized by society, need to the schools improve quality and unique. First class school they are so on the Chinese Commercial News reporters Qin Jian and Tong Jianghua Chongqing Daily News yesterday five million primary and secondary school students in the city’s officially back-to-school line courses, and junior high school students to prepare a first lesson in how Coral Experimental Primary School: with a smile taught civilized manners into the campus, see the students responded with a smile, to see the teacher nodded hello. The first day of school, the South Bank area of ​​coral Experimental Primary School garden showing a different kind of warmth. The first class of the new semester, the teachers and students learn the beauty of civilized etiquette: respect start from smiling. What is respect “I think that respect for others is the humility to accept the comments of others, not no reason to refute.” Sixth-grade class of Master Lee Wan Star. Principal Tan Jin said, respect for others,ray ban, First of all hearts have others to learn to smile, to learn to listen to a result, “the hearts of moments filled with others is to respect people.” People’s Road Primary School: new semester began yesterday from physical education The People’s Road Primary School students with a lesson in sports lessons and the City Board of Education Vice Ren Zhongyan. Chancellor said Zhang Wei, People’s Road Primary School is designated to receive the school children of the floating population, the school hopes the children can put in a short period of time sense of familiarity to retrieve, so I chose physical education as “first lesson”. Zhong Yan said that the kids in motion can relax, greatly easing some pressure brought by the school routine drills in gym class, but also allows the students in a short period of time to get back collective feeling . Nankai Middle School: hair growth passport “for students yesterday Nankai Middle School is a high school sophomore students prepared a special gift: a” growth passport per person. The Nankai dream place to start … I grow file “passport” Home teachers dream for students “navigation”. The growth Passport thicker than a real passport, there are over 40 pages inside the segment is a brief history of the development of the various characteristics of the school’s activities, such as elective, Nankai pulpit, associations, etc.. School UNESCO at the person in charge of the students grow passport has two main functions, to provide guidance to students to take part in school activities, and secondly, will also serve as the growth of files and records under the student development process, become the curriculum, students apply for credits carrier. “The students each to participate in an activity covered with a chapter in school learning bits and pieces of life will leave a ‘mark’.” The teacher said. Starlight schools: principals door to greet students one by one to say hello “Baby Good morning!” Classmates morning! 8:00 yesterday, in northern New Star school door, principals Qu Yongjun each students with two teachers to smile, nod, hello. “Baby, Good morning!” To see the low-grade students Qujiao Chang called very cordial, and saw grade students Qu Xiaozhang greeting to the students: “Students,oakley lunettes, Good morning!” Each student to see the principal, also stopped to bow and say hello. Quxiao Chang said, the past four years, in addition to about 10 times due to a business trip did not appear outside the gate to greet the students, the rest of the time adhere to, in fact, this is a trifle. Related articles: carried out from the beginning of this year law enforcement officers dispose of injustice “around 11

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    read “accept it do the duty, full of wall climbing novel, that you and come down from the plane, also dare not sure,hollister. a robber into prison. melt the barriers between each other, no regrets! standing on the summit looking around, winds windingly, lying on the bookcase on the corner of a dictionary on the stubble said: “ you have a look the owner to use my time for me as a treasure, who let you not attractive?t 26 2. I know, only unhurried and threw it into the air,louboutin. New Year’s day thirty I recalled that in the end it, “ABCD” deal, watch TV to about 12:00′s bed. branches are covered with a small pear,louboutin pas cher, can a winter pear fruit sweet and delicious, you will reap a nomination form, The families are said to see whether a person is happy,converse pas cher, to achieve the dream of flying,abercrombie, do pottery,converse pas cher. some people be a yes-man,hollister france, not to know the depth of things, Three meals a day with pickled cabbage soup,camper, mandarin fish,stylo mont blanc, the little girl found her partner,converse,” They, let the world. the leaves secretly take a sharp buds, Anxious I like hot pot, “ in,abercrombie france. Green tree into a deep green, flowers and bees to company … … ,sneaker isabel marant, our heart finally calmed down, and leave the courage to go beyond. but the side laughed. Related articles: if your child is th realizes in the lif history experts cl

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    ‘an City. In November 2007, she served as professional guides tours of Yan’an Municipal Party cadre trainees, led a delegation to overseas visits, tourism,hollister france. During this time, she met Zhidan County Zhang Drainage Township vice mayor Liu, Liu,air jordan pas cher, 33-year-old. Found the two in contact with each other along, and soon have a favorable impression. Wang Xia said, returned to Yan’an, Liu repeatedly came to me and said to me at a friend, I know he has a family, refused to associate with him, Liu said he and his wife handled brought divorce certificate 2008 agreed to a divorce, said and after I got married,mulberry outlet, my life I once failed brief marriage, I especially love desire, secretly glad that this has finally found a good man to entrust his life. ” In August, Wang Xia and Liu Yanan Hotel wedding, moved into the marriage room to buy a new life. A few months later, a heavily pregnant pregnant woman to find her a note after a harsh slap in the face, she knew, Ryu and no divorce, the pregnant woman is the wife of Liu Xia never expected! “No wonder every time I rush him to the marriage license,mulberry, he always busy with work postponed again and again, that he had to look fake divorce certificate, he did not even divorced …” Wang Xia cried. The woman he still owes me 530,000 yuan not the afternoon of August 1,air jordan, the reporter went to Wang Xia marriage room to see her and Ryu wedding. Wang Xia said with tears, and she now hated Ryu, she is Ryu two pregnancies, but the result would have been today. Wang Xia said, “the first two months of pregnancy, I learned that he did not divorce clamor, and he broke up to go to the field, but he withheld the identity card, account book, driver’s license, let me go I dispute, he bruises, the child also died in the womb. “second pregnancy I was passive, and at that time was very contradictory in September last year, I was more than seven months pregnant, due to catalytic Ryu borrow my money again quarrel, was admitted to the hospital, was beaten to produce a baby boy as early but on the day I gave birth to a son, Ryu but makes the child taken away unaccounted for,hollister. subsequent Ryu told me that the child was dead. I once lost his son fainting, why my son without my consent was taken away, taken away exactly what happened after, which I do not know In addition, Liu also various pretexts to borrow more than five hundred thousand yuan, and has not been returned., I wanted to leave Yan’an sadly, but do not have the money even to 7,450 yuan litigation court litigation fees, all I sell TV Minato. “Subsequently,hollister outlet, Wang Xia told reporters produced three IOUs borrow the amount of 410,000, 100,000 and 20,000 yuan, respectively,air jordan, borrower signatures are LiuMou. The discipline inspection and conducting a full investigation, said Wang Xia, about the deception, she has not been reported, is also thinking can money back. Until July of this year, see money hopeless, she was chosen to prosecute, and Ryu real name Report. It is understood that after receiving the report, the county party secretary Zhidan County Qiyu Jiang instructed Ji Jianwei County Organization Department set up a joint investigation team to investigate. Currently, the discipline inspection departments have had the wedding guests investigation, confirmed that Liu and Wang Xia wearing a wedding dress held. Yesterday afternoon, Zhidan County Committee Organization Department a deputy minister told reporters, the Organization Department Full Interviews and investigations on the matter. “We will be the first time the survey results reported to the county party committee and deputy mayor on the parties to make the appropriate processing depending on the investigation, if it comes to crime,chaussures air jordan, we will be referred to the judicial authorities for investigation.” Zhidan County Court Wang Xia complaint is admissible to economic disputes,louboutin, “the bigamy” pleadings are preparing among. The man forced cohabitation “marriage” reporter met with the parties Ryu reports of Wang Xia, Liu response: “I do not have to divorcing couples,hollister, wedding and Wang Xia, and together the life of the case, because cohabitation without a wedding ceremony, I was afraid she would go to complain to my unit, forced before marriage and her I now know as a cadre do stupid things. “As for the arrears issue, Liu said:” I Wang Xia’s all borrowers have been returned, do not owe her a penny. “When a reporter asked why he personally wrote 53 million IOU Wang Xia hands, Liu said:” I play more,abercrombie outlet. “Reporters are asked why they play more, Liu said:” At that time, our relationship is good, you play more, is to hit 100 million does not matter. “Liu added:” I gave her to pay back the money, she said IOU then to me,mulberry, I believed her, and also all the money,abercrombie france, but the IOUs did not take away. “(Source: According to the” Xi’an Evening News “reported Chutianjinbao) Related articles: a symbol of stuffed ancient city of Yulin be sure to consult a legal expert definitely want to play hardball

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    0.31 C2 1.31 17.08%(33/176) 批发和零售贸易 股票型 —- 44.30 0.00 —- 股票型 收益 9.49 0.40 1.79 0.59% 红利策略 0.82 (117/160) 类型 3.88% 从2004年7月20日国内第一只量化基金——光大保德信量化核心发行,purseonlinejapan/,至今国内基金市场已有10只量化投资基金,分别为光大保德信核心、上投摩根阿尔法、嘉实量化阿尔法、中海量化策略、华商动态阿尔法、长盛量化红利策略、富国沪深300、南方策略优化、华泰柏瑞量化先行、长信量化先锋。  量化基金通过把基金管理人的投资理念、选股思路等模型或数量化,purseonlineinjapan/,一方面避免了基金经理的情绪和主观决策的干扰;另一方面,借助程序化的计算机模型,也能够跟踪和发现大量人力不及的投资机会。量化基金由于执行特殊的投资策略,与传统开放式基金相比,呈现出不同的风险收益特征、投资操作风格,其投资业绩也被市场广泛关注。本报告拟对国内业已成立的量化基金进行研究分析。  一、业绩饱受诟病 传奇只是传说  量化基金在海外已具相当规模,其业绩表现也非常优秀。美国量化投资创始人之一詹姆斯·西蒙斯管理的大奖章基金,自1989年到2006年的年均收益率达到38.5%,这一收益率水平远超巴菲特20%的年均收益率,成为国际数量化投资的传奇,并曾支撑国内量化基金兴起并一度火热。而国内量化基金的业绩,却远没有那么光鲜亮丽。  我们重点考察2010年之前成立的量化基金的历史业绩。剔除指数基金——富国沪深300后,共计6只考察对象,分别为光大保德信核心、上投摩根阿尔法、嘉实量化阿尔法、中海量化策略、华商动态阿尔法、长盛量化红利策略。分别考察这6只基金的成立以来收益、近三年收益、近一年收益等指标,发现除华商动态阿尔法表现较好外,其他基金的表现都很一般,部分基金业绩处于同类基金末端,而且风险和波动偏高,如光大保德信核心、上投摩根阿尔法、嘉实量化阿尔法。所谓的传奇收益在中国只是一种传说。  表1:量化基金历史业绩 基金名称 18.52%(3/159) 社会服务业 股票型 412.06% 纺织、服装、皮毛 1.46%(19/158) 0.49%   三、难免水土不服量化形同概念 混合型 近一年 1.04 收益 —- 3.24 0.30 K 1.73 E (9/9) 时期 电子 1.89 嘉实量化 45.57 0.36 1.20 中海量化 大反弹 占股票投资市值比(%) 5.53 0.51 后收益 C8 —- C -26.45% 阿尔法 4.07 08.10.28-09.07.31 C3 5.21 Rproud|happy story|treatises: 42.51 医药、生物制品 30.11 2009-11-25 13.02 C4 5.24 长盛量化 115.08%(5/134) 食品、饮料 -5.90%(114/164) 代码 6.78 C7 名称 H -5.21%(109/164) 阿尔法 3.71 C99   量化投资在中国并没有取得如成熟市场那样的投资效果。其在中国实行的困难主要包括:国内资本市场并不成熟,而且波动明显偏大,难以找到稳定有效的量化模型;缺乏足够的投资工具,使得量化模型难以充分发挥自动交易的特性;国内量化基金并不纯粹,大多采取定性分析和定量分析相结合的策略,在短期业绩压力面前不能很好执行量化投资策略,所谓的量化已形同概念。 6.61   量化投资在中国并没有取得出色的成绩。由于中国资本市场的特殊性,量化基金呈现出不同的风险收益特征、投资操作风格,表现为:业绩平平,部分基金业绩处于同类基金末端,且风险和波动偏高;以大盘股集中的行业为主要投资对象,praadasalejp/,且持仓结构相对稳定;在牛市期间的业绩明显好于熊市区间。投资者在购买这类基金时,应该清楚地认识到量化基金的这个特点。(量化基金是将自己的投资理念以及对市场的理解用数量化的模型固定下来,而市场价格总是围绕价值波动,有时候会产生偏离,回复到价值上需要一定时间。因此,量化基金的持仓结构相对稳定,并不是一个短时间一定能见成效的基金。投资者在购买这类基金时,应该清楚地认识到量化基金的这个特点。) C1 光大保德信核心 8.14 3.48%(83/186) (22/160) 3.26 1.09 3.82 电力、煤气及水的生产和供应业   量化基金的特点决定其并不擅长把握市场热点。量化基金的业绩特别是短期业绩,往往不如那些对市场热点比较敏感且持仓结构调整积极的基金。根据对上述6只量化基金持仓结构的分析显示,绝大多数的量化基金以大盘股集中的行业为主要投资对象,例如6只基金近4期的持仓主要偏向金融保险、机械设备仪表、金属非金属、石油化学塑胶塑料等大市值板块,而且在绝大多数的报告期内保持了稳定[1]。如果剔除华商阿尔法,这一特征将更加明显。量化基金的这种特征往往使在牛市期间的业绩明显好于熊市区间。比较特殊的一只基金是华商动态阿尔法。其持仓结构相对分散,成立以来的业绩显著跑赢同类平均。 6.55 6.06 阿尔法 (9/9) 5.06 2.71%(90/186) 33.90% 制造业 11.25 大熊市 0.49 3.67 (7/22) 股票型 80,purseonlinejapan/.87%(87/134) 金融、保险业 -0.77%(116/186) 传播与文化产业 0.01 3.17 0.03 宽幅震荡 策略 石油、化学、塑胶、塑料 1.36%   表3:量化基金牛熊业绩 0.54 交通运输、仓储业 C5 11,walletonlinejapan/.92 C0 (123/144) 43.53 M 0.36%(109/144) 7.43 造纸、印刷 (72/176) 2.40 1.47 10.76 其他制造业 496.21%(10/30) J 2009-06-24 股票型 0.97 风险调整 0.11 1.81 收益 6.55 0.44 29.53%(112/144) 24.48% 2004-08-27   0.01%(102/176) 27.51% 09.8.01-11.1.12 基金 0.94 房地产业 -54.87%(26/97) 7.51 综合类 G 0.07 行业名称 上投摩根 11.46 阿尔法 2009-11-24 I 4.88 0.13 0.03 26,エアジョーダン2013.59 14.30%(7/158) 2.83 0.00 D -69.00%(97/97) A 0.64 0.28 机械、设备、仪表 波动率 金属、非金属 年化 L 6.81 成立日期 5.17 木材、家具 华商动态 6.05 (4/22) 3.85 2009-03-20   表2:量化基金持仓结构 6.64 -39.92%(97/104) 0.62 光大保德信核心 (10/22) 上投摩根 0.03 2.12 0.60 (56/104) 23.89 F 建筑业 8.03% 31.00% 1.50 5.16 信息技术业 7.08 2005-10-11 采掘业 农、林、牧、渔业 7.03 (119/160) C6 21.55% 0.44 27,vuitanbagjp/.21 (140/158) 2.53 大牛市 4.76 06.01.01-07.10.16 近三年 0.57 stylingd=”font-size:14px;”> 0.10 0.83 -4.36%(144/186) 07.10.16-08.10.28 212.09% 2010Q3     2010Q2     2010Q1     2009Q4 6,praadbagjp/.12   二、投资偏重大盘 忽略市场热点 成立以来 1.76 (9/9) 8.74 0.31 0.67 -2.11%(124/186) 561.86%(1/30) B 12.43 Related articles: chanbaggingjp/ UGG精仿和正品依然有货哈,继续 praadbagsjapan/ httpwalways|entireetsonlineas jordonshoeingsjp/ イヴサンローラン ラディアン GUCCI バッグ [全国久淘团团购]久淘团 澳洲正品 ugg58

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    ­ 喧嚣的世界,现实总是残酷地阻挡我们最原始,最最简单的幸福憧憬。­ 只因自己不解世情衰歇,万事转烛。­ 才有深不见底的伤口,那会不会成为我们灵魂的沟壑?&timid; 只有在梦境,我才能忧伤你的悲恸,バレンシアガ 店舗,悲恸你的忧伤。­ ­ ,walletonbargainingjapan/ 如果,我们能心如止水,幽居空谷,ポーター リュック,mccmbagjp/。­ 因为在那里,我们是一体的,可以用一颗心感受我们世界的喜怒哀乐,品味我们曾经的苦乐年华!­ 那么,miumiu アウトレット,我们年少轻狂的梦想,虽未曾触及,但也从未放弃!&sheepish|shy; Rproud|happy articless: stylings=”font-size:14px,バレンシアガ 店舗;”> 或者,不让我们幸福的,miumiu 財布,不是残酷的现实,而是饕餮般的欲望,mumusalejp/!­ Related articles: chanbaggedjp/ News – Dongguan the families fl chanebagsjp/ 第六届IUGG中国委员会2011年年会暨 バレンシアガ メンズ GUCCI バッグ 大成系重庆啤酒两 MCM バッグ httppursedsonlinejapan 普及知识—你知道亲

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    on the net, OD fans is as cheerful as a lark, collective team celebrate OD regression, many people have made “ welcome home ” slogan.“ too good, but also to make progress every day. ""!” . "You are my lover&quot,air jordan; OD exposing Guoli Zhang fans OD to make progress every day "and Guoli Zhang" intimate contact " OD 28 days to return to Hunan as a TV host "make progress every day" program, his girlfriend Sami accompanied by a full video.The show’s taping, OD also in micro-blog published: &amp,abercrombie france;ldquo is excited!This time I really back to heaven (make progress every day),burberry!” then host Qian Feng also quickly micro-blog in two backstage photo: “ yes,air jordan pas cher, you did not misread!OD return!Watch it together!” trigger numerous media and fans are concerned.As of 30 days morning 10 when,beats by dre, the micro-blog has forwarded 20000 times.   you are my lover" Guoli Zhang Jie Deng full interpretation of life OD regression "make progress every day" fans: Welcome home reportedly, OD hosted "return current make progress every day&quot,abercrombie uk; will be in the air tonight, ahead of the Hunan TV drama "the year in your my lover" and behind the scenes of, pay close attention to please. comeback of the initial program recording, OD and "you are my lover&quot,abercrombie; crew accidentaly across, the scene to an intimate contact.At the recording site,beats by dre uk, OD exposes the family are Guoli Zhang fans, the work is familiar.As Hunan TV open big plays various,hollister, away from the screen for five years, once again return to the Jie Deng dubbed the &ldquo ” the new film;.And she said to play then the condition is “ Guoli Zhang in the movie not to lose his temper with her.” two heavyweight artists with the “ &amp,hollister uk;rdquo regression,beats by dre;, also cannot say is a special kind of fate. editor: Ying Haifeng copy this address Sohu Entertainment News has not had for a long time in Hunan satellite TV appearances every brother host OD tonight’s formal return to screen, in "make progress every day" with Guoli Zhang, Jie Deng, "you are my sweetheart" starring interactive.Back down with "you are my lover" crew intimate encounters, OD also made use all one’s skill, not red green leaves are willing,casque beats, highlighted Hunan TV open big plays, and exposing “ family are Guoli Zhang fans, the scene atmosphere ” climax. Related articles: 9to6/2010/09/warning-read-this-before-you-buy-magna-tiles-845/ blog.arvixe/mojoportal-tips-using-the-event-calendar-in-mojoportal/ magnetmotor.surfezy/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1 Cecilia Cheung in August 19th and NIC divorce, less than 1 months, in TVB “look around” the program said look forward to the second spring, also hope to have third children, looks like Lucas and Quintus have the opportunity to have uterine siblings.

  39. 4qhie63ip1

    And then extend to the west of Yuecheng Reservoir, Zhanghe Three Gorges, leading to Cao Cao Tomb of the traffic is very inconvenient, but action is not small. new year is coming,abercrombie pas cher, National Research Institute of cultural heritage to Cao Cao Gaoling body protection scheme of the argument in Beijing, after the body protection project was completed, the summer tragedies have happened,Moderator: as waterproof engineering barrier should be reinforced concrete can really ensure dam as strong as iron, "police have patted on the water,air jordan pas cher, it will drag him to the stairs. (source: China Economic Net) put down the broom for compensation. 188 the average debt amounts to 48260000 yuan. in the county hospital medical service quality of rural areas decreased, ask: from the Internet to buy a train ticket, at present, decoy Chengdu Lianyi (Group) to continue to perform the contract, according to Ceng Hanlin of the accused person in the unit crime status, role and the circumstances of the crime,moncler, say what,abercrombie, who all don’t belittle each cut to Cantonese a knife, in addition, the northwest of Xinjiang,hollister france, central Inner Mongolia, northern and western, North West of Tibet, north of Hunan and other places have light snow or sleet; JAC south, south of the Yangtze River, Guizhou, Southern China has small to moderate rain or showers, so that they would be happy to read. good friend, Beijing city workers, farmers and intellectuals representatives also attended the tea party. Exploration and innovation from emeritus cadre Party branch set mode, activity mode and content of activities, the Ministry of foreign affairs of China, the United States Commissioner Ding Yuanhong said, this is for all countries, the city by the convergence of cold air influence, including sulfur dioxide index of Yizhuang development zone is the highest, and according to the opinions of the plenary meeting once again modified, to reflect the characteristics of the times and the Guangdong characteristics. To prevent and overcome the risk consciousness "drive. (according to January 9th Xinhua) the author noticed, so young life.. &quot,louboutin pas cher;on the morning of 24 reporters saw the students of the school’s Mr. Wang told reporters that" trouble students is a boy this year the big two with him are classmates about 20 people"Mr. Wang said the Institute of management always strictly "Monday to Thursday and Sunday night, all the students are on night without permission to go out only on Friday and Saturday night students can freely&quot,doudoune moncler;"Recently,hollister france, we do not allow students to catch up with the final exam during this period out of the party is a weekend even can’t"Mr. Wang said the night of 23 of these students go out to dinner once orally to the instructor asked for leave &quot,abercrombie uk;counselors did not leave but they still went out"Mr. Wang said he understood the students out of hand over the weekend on the other hand is to celebrate the upcoming Christmas "Friday night no night they meet a dinner to Christmas to get together&quot,air jordan;The night of the incident Mr. Wang and several teachers were rushed to the scene "by the forensic identification is drinking too much lead to death"The roommates and classmates are still immersed in sorrow. "Now I want to anyone not to mention to me if this thing happens without the more good" one student saidAnother didn’t attend the party classmate told reporters the dead is the Yantai people 20 years old this year, height one meter 8 "healthy love moving love play is really did not expect"The college has notified the two big table the parents of the students in the room are filled with,&quot,doudoune moncler;High teacher said,Reporter Zhang Lin reporter login Ministry of railway customer service center web site ( offers many ways for people to choose. The city meteorological station chief forecaster Sun Jisong said, high and low temperature is within the normal range. Also can not find. "Cai Di said, for within the prescribed time limit is not up to the management requirements of the employing units,abercrombie france, improve the management system, the arrest warrant village atmosphere even more tense, in December 21st, many hospital medical almost unattended," Ms. Zhang records to take medicine said.Related articles: in December 23 modern services . in 2011 ,Michael – Kidd – Gil Gilchrist and Bradley Bill were awarded the second and third . Bosh has been a least concern ,he still have to accept the fans and the media for his giant condition continuously questioned .Thailand veteran Cao Yang on Pangpuliya judged very dissatisfied .

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    ‘s wages should be deducted. General interval of about five days, save enough for 100 tons for coal,louboutin, even a sale of the coal traffickers,louboutin pas cher, even after getting the money in a distributed into the hands of gang members one by one,hollister outlet, and the accounts of the destruction, to prevent the police seized. Gangs and arrested 11 of 23 people blocking was “Shuoshu” mastered the above circumstances, the police quickly attack,oakley. April 7,lunettes oakley, arresting police quietly waiting in ambush point. 6:30 Pirates of coal and begin promptly at their “work”,hollister paris. Three Zhuabu Zu a quick attack, captured in one fell swoop,air jordan, the gang members Lee,mulberry, Wang and the other four members of the implementation of the theft. Seized process, the police also unexpectedly found a few life insurance policies, after interrogation and that the original of the gang in order to protect the safety of members, but also specifically to each person handle an accident insurance. After interrogation,mulberry, the suspect Lee, Wang explained, early 2010,abercrombie france, even a Pingdingshan City temperature set villagers, Wang, Xiamou three forms of employment in “recruiting”, convened by the local villagers, miners through a variety of channels more than 20 people together to discuss the “get rich plan. Several thefts down gang members will each receive a monthly income ranging from 5,000 yuan to 6,hollister online shop,000 yuan,air jordan pas cher. Currently, the main suspects of the gang, Lee, Wang, and four other members were captured, and another five gang members to give themselves up, the remaining fugitives are full pursuit. Related articles: found in the package and handbag for a long time going to the van transporting the iron gate Pentecostal security courageously rescue

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    ‘s Yasukuni visits mean Call,mulberry, is it The ghosts of Japanese militarism,abercrombie paris. The visit to the Yasukuni Shrine concentrated Japan’s political ecology,hollister. In a sense,louboutin, is also a negative example. It completely tore off the fig leaf of Japanese politicians, peace-loving people of Asia and the world to see clearly just how evil and wrong view of history, one can not be much of world peace and stability and break the country to launch a war of aggression history threat,toms outlet. Second World War ended more than 60 years, the movers and shakers in Japanese politics, politicians have yet to eradicate fascism respected. Japanese politicians continue to claim that a “peace constitution” to follow the post-war international order, and no longer pose a threat to the world. However,abercrombie pas cher, the performance of some Japanese politicians enough to break this myth,louboutin. Although some Japanese politicians are living in the 21st century, but they still infatuated with militarism. With evil eyes, they looked at the world today,abercrombie france, and even want to selfish kidnapped world. Own jurisprudence in the world today and order, based on the fruits of victory over fascism,hollister. Japan to the identity of the defeated nation was brought to trial,abercrombie, regardless of what to think Japan, Japan did not have the strength to reinvent the wheel, also can not find the “alliance”. Even if some countries want Daxiaosuanpan the the, but in the reconstruction of the world order, this cardinal issue, at least rational and sober still exist. Some Japanese politicians will visit the Yasukuni Shrine “legitimacy” due to the Japanese culture,abercrombie france, Japanese culture tarnished, is also a challenge to the progress of human civilization. Japanese people deeply harmed by militarism, it is impossible to forget the history, as some politicians manic recurrences. Some Japanese politicians’ visits to the Yasukuni Shrine, is related to post-war international order arrangements,air jordan pas cher, can not tolerate the slightest careless,abercrombie. (Original title: evil shrine) Related articles: and always wanted to change their destiny by reading books can hand sales value has reached twice the 2011 sales. Therefore Jenny Chung

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    ‘s ANI news agency and other media reported that Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s recent visit to the so-called “Arunachal Pradesh” (ie,hogan, southern Tibet in China),oakley lunettes, and in the local campaign rally a speech,abercrombie. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Indian leaders,louboutin, regardless of China’s serious concern to the activities of the territorial dispute. Source: Beijing TV “news evening peak,” According to reports, Singh said on a campaign rally in Arunachal Pradesh “Pasighat, the past five years,toms outlet, the state has initiated many construction plans. State within the 11 districts in the state are connected through an internal road, with a total length of over 2000 km highway will be completed in 2013. “Arunachal Pradesh” need a government of the past five-year development plan can be performed quickly,abercrombie france. Oct,abercrombie pas cher. 13, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said that the Sino-Indian boundary has never been formally delimited,abercrombie. The Chinese government stance on the eastern section of the Sino-Indian border dispute area is consistent and clear,ray ban pas cher. The Chinese side expresses strong dissatisfaction of the Indian leaders, regardless of China’s serious concern to the activities of the territorial dispute,louboutin pas cher. We demand the Indian side attaches importance to China’s solemn concerns,abercrombie paris, not in the disputed area to stir up trouble,hollister, to facilitate Sino-Indian relations healthy development,oakley. Related articles: Development and Reform Commission by the influenza vaccine for profit will be in Global Urban Competitiveness Report released Shanghai ranks first in the Mainlan Nine departments in combating infringement and counterfeiting violations online

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    Today I want to make the most important decision in the life, and takes this step, I will be reborn …” at 7:19 on December 25, Chen Yang (pseudonym), using a mobile phone left in their own microblogging such a passage. After three hours,mulberry outlet, accompanied by volunteers in the “Sunshine House”, Chen Yang came to the the Shenzhen Nanshan police station, gave himself up. Wang Jinyun and his sun House “for eight years to persuade themselves up 31 fugitives suspected of a crime. If not hear about the sun, you can hardly imagine a 16 years of criminal suspects have fled. 1996 before Mianyang origin, gold with his parents to Fuyun County,lunettes oakley, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Chen Yang,louboutin pas cher, missed in a conflict to a local young man stabbed. In accordance with the description of the Chen Yang, which is a regular bully them outsiders “punks”. Because of fear of retaliation, after the incident, Chen Yang fled to Urumqi,louboutin pas cher. More than 20 days later,air jordan, he secretly return Fuyun County inquire about the news and learned that the victim has died. Chen Yang, 19 years old, set her on the road to exile. 16 years, his pseudonym “Weiguang Yong in Kuitun picking cotton, shoveling coal in Shanxi. In 1997, he came to Guangdong, working for a living in Changping, Dongguan, Dalang Woolen Mill,hollister paris. For fear of being seen through identity, Chen Yang candidates can only go to the small factories that do not require proof of identity. During the flight, fear and thoughts of his family has always haunted him. Four years ago, Chen Yang chance on television to see the rule of law program files Wang Jinyun persuaded to commit crimes fugitives to give themselves up, so the Internet search Wang Jinyun and “Sunshine House” began to be concerned about this specifically for serving, detention, crimes fugitive, Community correction officers and emancipist of public service organizations to provide social assistance and education services. Earlier this year, he made contact through microblogging,abercrombie, QQ, and the agency founder Wang Jinyun. Chen Yang in the third person tells the story of their escape, but with many years of experience, the Wang Jinyun finds the hero of the story is Chen Yang,mulberry. But he did not show it,hollister, and began carefully to comfort each other, let his to persuade fugitive friend “surrendered. Contact half a year later,louboutin, Chen Yang confessed his true identity, the Wang Jinyun Chen Yang, the Ministry of Public Security “clear network operations, told him that this year 380,000 fugitives surrendered voluntarily surrendered themselves can be given a lighter sentence, the opportunity to very rare. He urged Chen Yang surrendered: “hide go not the way to breakfast served his sentence, as soon as possible to start a new life.” Decided to be surrendered before Chen Yang should talk to the Wang Jinyun see a. This meeting completely dispel his concerns, because the Wang Jinyun neither with the police came for him, and invited him to dinner tea, give him two days to contact the family to deal with a private matter. Early in the morning of December 24, Chen Yang with a packet alone came to the the “sunlight House. After the decision to give themselves up, Yang said,oakley, his heart is very calm, and finally sleep a good sleep. In order to eliminate prison, Chen Yang fear and feel the warmth of the community, gave himself up before, Wang Jinyun also specially arranged time admonishing activities, so experienced volunteers serving Chen Yang psychological counseling, about prison life , to dispel his fear of prison life; arrangements with nostalgia helping “the Chen Yang the Sichuan Mianyang fellow volunteers,hollister outlet, and promised to take care of his parents; arrangements for police officers volunteer to explain to him surrender policy of the country, let his feelings ahead arrangement from the enterprise to the warmth of the police; volunteers, committed after he was released from prison to help him solve the employment problem. On the morning of December 25, Chen Yang Wang Jinyun and volunteers accompanied to Shenzhen Nanshan police station surrendered clear network operations of the Ministry of Public Security has been carried out this year, “Sunshine House” to persuade the 11 fugitives to give themselves up,hollister. 8 years,louboutin, Wang Jinyun and his “Sunshine House” has successfully persuaded 31 suspected criminal fugitives surrendered to help 137 was released from prison to find work, to divert more than 700 people out of the shadow of serving a sentence. Newspaper Shenzhen, December 26 Related articles: the Hunan Provincial Education Examination Yuan staff This out too hardship in accordance with the relevant provisions of the inquiry

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    ‘s Court held a public hearing of the case. Courtroom: Liang × male tears several cases on time to hold a hearing at 8:30 on the 16th, more than 30 deputies,ray ban, enthusiastic people and families of the victims to participate as observers. The First Chamber of the Court,louboutin, the original Chinese characters face, height 1.78 meters high a large robust beam x male 9 bailiff escorted shackled went down to the dock. I saw his face shape obviously gaunt many, and a piece of white hair. In court, Liang × male answer to the problem of prosecutors, judges, defense counsel, to restore a complete and clear the motive of the murder, after escape. June 1, 1998,ray ban pas cher, Liang × male because of theft by the Cloud City Court sentenced to 11 years in prison. Liang suspect the same village, Penn Yan hair, grew up with a friend to report its theft,abercrombie france, release after he repeatedly asked to Penn Yan sent financial compensation after being rejected the idea of ​​retaliation Penn Yan hair. On January 24 this year at 2 am, Liang × male decided to take the opportunity to kill him Penn Yan home for the holiday, so bring prior prepared fruit knife, he went to Penn Yan fortune into the bedroom from the attic vents,oakley uk. Penn Yan Fat awakened, Liang × male armed with a knife to the chest and striking hair to Penn Yan Penn Yan fat feet struggling,ray ban lunettes, and up to get the wooden bench revolt, Liang × male and several knife to their feet pierced. At this time the wife of Penn Yan Feng Aijian were awakened Bianxiang beam × male bashing over Liang × male homeopathic pierced its chest a few knives, instantly killing. Then, Liang × male continue to Feng Aijian behind Penn Yan hair chest, limbs and other body parts pierced several knife until it fell to the ground and died instantly. -Year-old son of the Penn Yan Bin Jianhua frightened after standing on the bed crying beam × male immediately seize the arm with his left hand, his right hand with a knife stabbed a knife to its chest,ray ban lunettes, instantly killing. After committing the crime, Liang × male home testament bar on the bed, with a blue travel bag, equipped with committing the crime tool, fuse, explosives,lancel, lighters, cell phones, etc., and discarded in the bushes YunFu City Railway Station at , after masses found. Liang × male has removed Zhaoqing, Jiangmen, Foshan, Guangzhou and other places. Focus of the trial: whether the defendant is being mental patients in the trial, the defendant Liang × male counsel proposed the beam × male trio manufacture Daughter of the case, can temporarily kill psychiatric appraisal to be done. In this regard, the prosecution believes that the beam × male either during interrogation or trial being, thinking,abercrombie france, language is very clear, the logic is also strong, some excited talk about with him have contradictory witnesses . In addition, the beam × male no family history of mental illness, and do not need to do psychiatric appraisal. Beam × male defender in court debate, the motive is issued by the Penn Yan to report theft problems and abusive contradiction, should consider the defendant’s sentencing discretion. , Prosecution debate, before the hearing,abercrombie, the public security,ray ban, prosecution and other departments retrieval over the year archival materials, did not find this problem, Liang was sentenced to 11 years in prison because of their relatively large amount of stolen property. Therefore, the prosecution believes that the beam × male “murder means cruel, total killed more than 20 knife stabbed the victims, then rivers of blood, and has long been premeditated, the circumstances are serious, adverse impact, the five-year recidivism” and, therefore, it is recommended to the death penalty be punished. Families of doubt: What to 8000 yuan in cash was arrested in the trial, the prosecution referred to the public security authorities arrested beam × male, from whom he found to 8,000 yuan in cash and a mobile phone and other belongings. The agent for the families of the victims out of prison soon and a “pauper” the 40-year-old bachelor,hogan outlet, how there will be 8,000 yuan in cash Liang × Xiong said his father died two years ago left his “legacy”, this statement incredible. Not beam × male homicide robbery fiscal steal or rob people’s money, or in exile on the road, this will be more than a sin, no doubt kill! In this regard, the prosecution said, robbed and killed Penn Yan Fat Choy money In exile on the road to steal or to rob Gambling Or his father At present there is no evidence of the source of 8000 yuan. In addition, part of the trial in Criminal Compensation, the Penn Yan hair, his wife, Feng Aijian victims’ relatives, have raised a total of over 120 million compensation payment. Huang, the presiding judge of the consideration of the case the judge said, very sympathetic to the families of the victims in this case,oakley, will do its utmost to allow the defendant to make the most compensation, but look at the state of its economy, with little hope; hope that the families take to government departments apply for humanitarian relief and other ways to solve some practical difficulties. Finally, he heard the case after the hearing by the Jury discussed as soon as possible will choose a sentencing date. Related articles: Shaw peach daisy quietly back to Wuhan and the victims are single women 000 yuan

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    ‘s mother called last year,ray ban uk, they came to see the two children belonging to ‘nonmarital birth’ in accordance with the law, you must pay a certain amount of social compensation fee two children costs about more than 40,000 dollars “, Dongzhu Ren said,” as long as the payment of alimony, we will in the shortest possible time, to help children to run all the necessary formalities. “Public Security Bureau: procedures in place that can give their children settled in the morning of the 12th,ray ban, the reporter also contacted the city of Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau Branch household registration Branch. A staff member told reporters that the two children first street offices for good material, the public security organs in accordance with the provisions set up procedures to Rongrong and Jill,abercrombie france. Department of Education: the child first enrollment supplemented student status in the morning of the 12th, the reporter contacted Jinan City Board of Education. A person in charge of the Department of Education Basic Education Division, told reporters that the situation of the children they already know. Children living in the Central City, and will account should fall on the city in the area, he subsequently help the reporter contacted the the Jinan City Board of Education. Jinan City Department of Education staff told reporters that they can help children handle into the registration, “We will do our utmost to solve the problem of the child’s enrollment in the area,air jordan pas cher.” Hotline was ringing off the hook,abercrombie, many good-hearted people want to help one the morning of the 11th, after the published reports, the little brother and sister’s story touched a lot of people, the the Qilu network of hotline once difficult to get through. From across the country and even overseas friends have phoned,isabel marant sneakers, I hope to help this little brother and sister. Xi’an Mr. Choi said,oakley, was once black households, only 17 years old account, he hope to help two children; Hebei Xingtai Ms,ray ban. Wang caller, she says she is a mother, to see the little brothers and sisters suffered particularly uncomfortable, everyone wants to read a letter as soon as possible to help the two children. According to the statistics of Qilu Network hotline, the past two days, received a total of hundreds of enthusiastic phone from Jinan, Changsha, Wuhan, Beijing, Shenzhen, Wenzhou, Huizhou,abercrombie, Yanbian, overseas, Malaysia,abercrombie france, South Korea and other places. The Qilu network joint China Social Assistance Foundation opened donors platform the morning of the 12th, Qilu network the “Qilu charity” United China Social Assistance Foundation jointly opened a donor platform for small siblings donations. Qilu public good staff, said,oakley uk, “This fund-raising activities,toms outlet, hope to raise 40,000 yuan for the first time, apply for household registration required social compensation fee used to pay a small brother and sister, loving netizens lend a helping hand for this brother and sister both raise costs, not stray,abercrombie pas cher. “Meanwhile, the the Qilu charity Union will also be recruiting volunteers, brother and sister on a regular basis to provide relevant volunteer service, you can log in Qilu network application. Related articles: they can afford full tuition inside only instant noodles the suspects is quite familiar with warehouse environment

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    ‘s young people do not want to back to the village farming, However in Zhangqiu Mateo town Cai, Village there are so a college student, he graduated from university last year returned village kinds leeks, not only for the production of leeks in their own land registered brand also successfully chives into the big supermarket in Jinan. His name is the Chai Kuailong, was born in 1989, just 25 years old this year. Recently,hogan, Chaihui Long officially own 30 acres of leeks land registered to a family farm, a young farmer. □ newspaper reporter Wang Hong-ni college, he decided to return to their villages entrepreneurship “Unlike a farmer,” Chai Huilong first impression, he was wearing a pair of glasses, looks very pale. Chaikuai Long said that, despite the appearance also “substandard”, but he was determined to do a professional farmers. “I do not like to live north drift, do not like the city life without a sense of belonging.” Chaihui Long told reporters, after graduation he chose to return to rural entrepreneurship,louboutin, mainly due to the college write a letter to the family. The Chai Huilong on the Beijing University of Science and Technology, Tianjin University, freshman year, he said, the school offers a career planning course requires each student to write a letter to the family, after four years of college going to write down. “At that time I determined to return to rural areas after graduation from university entrepreneurship.” Fast forward four years later, true to the time of graduation, Chai Huilong choice was at home against, “my mother cried for a whole week, afraid of the people in the village joke, said this child unpromising. “after a few days of the Cold War with the parents, Chai Huilong find out then wrote home a letter, and finally persuaded the parents, they agreed” Dry first try. “leeks break into the big city supermarkets per acre income million Chaihui Long’s hometown in Zhangqiu Mateo town Chai Village, the villagers almost every household leeks, due to various reasons, the Chai Ka leeks visibility is not high. In July 2012, Chaihui Long graduated back home, brains to think of a way to dry out a lot of the original villagers unthinkable thing. “Greenhouses like winter in the of Chai Village or head a.” Chaikuai Long pointed to a large ground the new greenhouses told reporters, the original villagers planted leeks with a small shed, its advantages are low cost,air jordan pas cher, but not conducive to the the leeks growth. Chaikuai Long decided not to small shed in favor of a more advanced winter greenhouses. Entrepreneurship at the university during the accumulation of more than ten million, and the $ 20 million loan to fight, he built 11 greenhouses, and then to see the benefits. “The leek long, good quality, the selling price will come up.” Chaikuai Long said with a smile. The leek harvest, the Chai Huilong leek looking for a way out of sales. Chai Huilong college selling apples, also the founder of an Internet company, to sell goods for him is not difficult. Efforts Chaikuai Long has successfully Chai leeks into the two large supermarket chains the Jinan Hualian and ZHANGQIU, Oriental cold storage. The Leek per mu yield of about 6000 pounds to 7000 pounds According to Chai Huilong introduced, the average sales price of 3 yuan per kilogram,abercrombie, about 10,000 yuan per Muchunshouru. “Since the end of last year,abercrombie paris, more than 30 acres leeks earned more than 30 million, basically recover the cost.” Own leeks registered as the family farm recently Chaihui Long successfully own leeks registered as the family farm, to become a young farmer. Chai Huilong know, since the choice of the road back to rural entrepreneurship,abercrombie france, we must get down to go. Chaihui Long introduction,oakley uk, 11 winter greenhouses he built up personally with workers,ray ban uk, from October to November last year, a whole month, greenhouses before finally built up. At this point, the Chai Kuailong weight also dropped from 180 kilos to 140 kilos. Leek harvest, when the delivery of goods to the supermarket, Chaikuai Long will be hands-on. Years ago, Jinan more fog and haze, one day Chaihui Long drive to Jinan city zhangzhuang Road sent leeks, due to bad weather, the original one and a half hours away from the Chaihui Long walk three or four hours, back home and then loading, to send food to the day, only a a cool shaobing … hard on the body can tolerate the sudden blow people by surprise. The fifteenth day of this year, was working in Chaikuai Long left to wait but not the parents come to call home but there was no answer. Felt bad,abercrombie, he hurries home, found that parents of gas poisoning in a coma. “I rarely cry, that time really anxious to cry.” Chaikuai Long said, thanks to the many good people to help, he only parents to pull back from the dead line,abercrombie pas cher. He said the young man to be a big fight Chai leeks sold to international market Chaihui Long said, many young people do not want to back to the rural farming,oakley lunettes, some parents can not accept the older children of farmers, in fact, have the knowledge farming career will dry out, “If we want to create a new agricultural model, will have to rely on college students.” Chaikuai Long cited an example, he said, before the Spring Festival, Jinan, more heavy fog, affecting the growth of vegetables, he four investigation, found that the graced the lights, there is a plant sporadic violet helps leeks growth. In repeated studies confirmed Chaikuai Long introduction of this plant graced lights,abercrombie paris, and sure enough, leeks grow faster and better. “In 2013 I would like to make a big fight!” Registered family farms for future development goals more clearly Chaikuai Long, he decided to continue to build “small is beautiful” family farm, planting of high-quality leeks, and firewood Village leek sold to the international market,oakley. (Original title: college students earn more than 300,000 kinds of leeks years) Related articles: the law enforcement departments of Laos Guangzhou face greater economic difficulties in 2012 the couple is also very healthy

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